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  1. Are you starting xayad manually in a terminal window? You can just start it with the "-daemon" flag, then it detaches immediately and you can close the terminal. Or you can use "xayad &", which has the same effect (and also works with the Qt).
  2. domob

    Xaya Rich List

    The RPC shows the actual amount of coins in circulation, by going through the UTXO set. So it would show if people created coins out of thin air.
  3. Also if you are on GNU/Linux, probably you can just install "libprotobuf-dev" and "protobuf-compiler" through your package manager. At least on Debian Stretch that works perfectly for me.
  4. Yes sure, you need to set those "-zmq..." arguments. What I meant is that it doesn't matter what ports you choose in them, as games should detect that automatically.
  5. Even if the ports are different then games should still work fine - they should not use fixed ports but call "getzmqnotifications" to find out which ports to connect. libxayagame-based games do that - I don't know about TreatFighter. But I think we mentioned "getzmqnotifications" in some discussions with Trickyfast, so I think they also do it.
  6. ZMQ is automatically compiled in if found, but the notifications need to be enabled at runtime. You need to pass flags like "-zmqpubgameblocks=tcp://" for that; this is the flag needed for other games like Taurion and SME, I don't actually know exactly which notifications you need for Treat Fighter. You can run "getzmqnotifications" to see which ones are enabled at runtime. The trackedgames options can be modified at runtime using the "trackedgames" RPC method, so games can automatically enable/disable themselves as needed. Again, I know for sure that Taurion and SME do this (as well as other libxayagame-based games), but I don't know about Treat Fighter.
  7. -rpcwallet is for specifying the wallet with xaya-cli. To load it with xayad or in xaya.conf, the option is just -wallet=game.dat.
  8. In fact, that is actually the default mode for libxayagame. You don't need any threading for it at all - if you use it in the simplest way, it basically gives you an RPC server that maintains and provides the game state. All that threading stuff is only needed if you want to run that in addition to your frontend in the same binary (so that you can run the RPC server on one thread and query it from another).
  9. If you want just the backend directly in C++, so no Unity/frontend/C#, then you can actually just look at the Mover code itself in the libxayagame repository. It is not as simple as a game could possibly be, but I think it should be fairly easy to use as a template and for reading some code.
  10. Perhaps the transaction was not shown as "unconfirmed" but "conflicted" in the wallet (because the input coins were invalid anyway, either as orphaned mining rewards or double spent coins). In that case, you do see the transaction in your wallet, but the coins are not actually allocated. Still it is nice that you were able to clean it up! I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get as many coins as you thought, though.
  11. The Huntercoin snapshot was done based on balances on the blockchain. If your coins were on Poloniex, then they were likely moved (by Poloniex) from your deposit address to some of their internal wallets, and their wallet addresses are where the snapshot CHI have been sent. It was said at the time and many times since then - the only way to really control your coins and be sure to get your CHI was to hold the Huntercoin yourself. With coins held on Poloniex, it is up to them to distribute the CHI. So far they always promised to do that, but we have no control over if/when they really do it. The best you can do is to open a support ticket with them and ask about it - the CHI have been sent to their addresses already quite some time ago, so they just need to distribute them now.
  12. No, unfortunatley the txid is not enough - I need the full raw transaction. You can get it by sending "gettransaction TXID" with xaya-cli or the Qt console. Alternatively, you can copy it from the transaction list of the Qt wallet.
  13. Indeed, the wallet keeps track of transactions made even if they have never confirmed on the blockchain. There are two possible solutions for getting your funds released: If the spent coins are valid on the correct chain (because you didn't spend any coins mined on the wrong fork), then you can just attempt to resubmit your transaction to get it confirmed on the real chain now. For that, you need to obtain the transaction's hex data (e.g. through the transaction list in the Qt wallet or the "gettransaction" command) and then submit it with "submitrawtransaction" (or post it here and I can do that for you). Alternatively, you can indeed make your wallet forget every stored transaction and just resync to what is in the blockchain. To do that, start xayad or the Qt wallet with "-zapwallettxes=2".
  14. Yes, that is exactly right.
  15. Very interesting! Since this was presumably a big miner or pool, it would be interesting to see whether those coins were from Neoscrypt, SHA-256d or both types of blocks. Do you know that?
  16. Thanks for the update and following up with them! After reading all those stories, I'm glad I only had about 20% of my Huntercoin at Poloniex at the time of the snapshot - so at least for the remaining 80%, I was already able to claim the corresponding CHI.
  17. That second output stores OP_RETURN data. Why the miner does it seems not clear to me either, though.
  18. domob

    Xaya bug?

    Interesting - especially the failed assertion in the first debug log, that should not happen (or it means that your data is corrupted somehow). The code there is the same for Bitcoin, though, so likely this is an upstream issue. (It could also be caused by some interference with other Namecoin/Xaya changes, but I think that's unlikely.) Can you reproduce this reliably, or did it just happen once?
  19. Yeah, using some other device is probably best. However, you might be able to sync there if you use the pruning option (e.g. "-prune=500"). I have no idea how much space you will need with that.
  20. 1. I think it is 15-20 GiB 2. Do you mean syncing? It is relatively slow due to the game-state computations, but that heavily depends on your hardware (disk vs SSD and how powerful your CPU is). 3. The core daemon can be built just like Bitcoin Core and Xaya. I've never built / used the Unity one myself, so don't know about that. 4. Just take latest HEAD from that repository.
  21. domob

    Price Drop

    I don't think that I can speak "for the team", nor is that my expertise (which is blockchain development and the technical side of Xaya). From my point of view, it would be great to have a higher price - I do hold some CHI personally, and also of course the team is the biggest single holder with the reserved 10% company coins. But I think it is definitely more important for the project at large and also for the long-term price to concentrate on building out the platform as well as cool games for it, rather than concentrating on the market price and trying to pump that. Xaya is not a copycat coin that we want to pump for a quick money grab, but a technological vision we want to realise. That is what the ICO participants gave us money for.
  22. No, not really. That seems not too far off, though, so I guess it is just due to fluctuations in the hash rate or something like that.
  23. If I see it correctly, your method works off the current difficulty only. The method used in the RPC actually calculates the hash rate over a previous period of time, based on the individual difficulty values of the blocks (e.g., it handles changes of the difficulty over time). There is no particular reason why I did it that way, except that this is also how upstream Bitcoin works - except that I had to extend the logic to handle multi-algo correctly.
  24. I can also vouch for Bisq - used it for BTC / fiat trades myself some time ago. As far as I understand, it is easy to get listed there as an alt, but then you get delisted if there is not enough volume. So I don't know if it is worth the effort right now or if it would just get delisted again.
  25. Currently it is still in a private repository while it is being built, but it will be made public with the release of SMC.
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