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  1. If I see it correctly, your method works off the current difficulty only. The method used in the RPC actually calculates the hash rate over a previous period of time, based on the individual difficulty values of the blocks (e.g., it handles changes of the difficulty over time). There is no particular reason why I did it that way, except that this is also how upstream Bitcoin works - except that I had to extend the logic to handle multi-algo correctly.
  2. domob

    CHi for sale (no KYC)

    I can also vouch for Bisq - used it for BTC / fiat trades myself some time ago. As far as I understand, it is easy to get listed there as an alt, but then you get delisted if there is not enough volume. So I don't know if it is worth the effort right now or if it would just get delisted again.
  3. domob

    About Soccer Manager Crypto

    Currently it is still in a private repository while it is being built, but it will be made public with the release of SMC.
  4. domob

    About Soccer Manager Crypto

    In addition to what @snailbrain already said, note that the platform-dependence will only be for the front-end / UI. The backend, which runs the actual game on the blockchain, will be free software and cross-platform (being developed actually on GNU/Linux) from the start. That means that at least technical users and developers interested in building something in the ecosystem will be able to make use of it immediately if they want.
  5. Yes exactly, "getinfo" should be replaced with "getnetworkinfo", " getmininginfo" and "getwalletinfo". "listaccounts" should be replaced with "listlabels", and "getaccountaddress" with "getnewaddress". Not sure why the pool would need "move" at all, accounting in the Bitcoin wallet has been deprecated for a very long time (and never really worked actually).
  6. domob

    Xaya-Mining-Pool - 1% fee - Stratum

    Well - you can certainly build blocks yourself and submit them right now if you follow the specs. The only reason why you need the fork is because apparently the current restriction of "nonce for the actual header has to be zero" is in conflict with how the Stratum protocol works; but I may be wrong here.
  7. domob

    Xaya-Mining-Pool - 1% fee - Stratum

    I think you can use "getwork". It will return you a work that corresponds exactly to this "fake block header" you need to solve. So as long as you get your pool miners to solve the work somehow (as an ordinary Bitcoin block header, basically, except of course with Neoscrypt), you can submit it afterwards. However, if you use "getwork", then I think you won't be able to get the real block header / pass it as coinbase transaction to the pool miners. I don't know enough about Stratum to tell whether or not that is a problem. I think the miners that I talked to previously planned to call "getblocktemplate" and build the block header as well as the PoW data and stuff themselves, so they have full control over it. As far as I know, that will at least after the fork work for sure.
  8. domob

    Xaya-Mining-Pool - 1% fee - Stratum

    Thanks for your work on this! Again, as I understood the discussion with other miners originally, you seem to be on a wrong path here. For Xaya Neoscrypt mining, there is a "fake block header" that has the actual PoW and commits to the real Xaya block header through the Merkle root field. So your Stratum miner would never even see the real Xaya block header (with the things you quoted above), it would only work on that fake header. The real Xaya block header would be seen by it like a coinbase transaction, which is also linked to the block header through the Merkle root field. And that's where the extra nonce comes in: For Bitcoin mining, the extra nonce is part of the coinbase transaction - so the Stratum protocol requires some field in that data (which for Xaya is the real Xaya block header) that the miner is allowed to change. And after the fork, it will be the nonce value. Then all should work.
  9. domob

    Xaya-Mining-Pool - 1% fee - Stratum

    Yeah, the way I understood the explanation originally is that the Stratum miner needs to be given a template of the "coinbase tx" plus an offset in it where it is allowed to adjust the extra nonce. In the case of Xaya, the "coinbase tx" is instead the actual Xaya block header, while the "fake block header" that the miner works on is part of the PoW data. That structure apparently works with Stratum, except that there needs to be a place for the "fake extra nonce" in the real Xaya block header - which is where the fork comes in, as it will allow using the "nonce" field in the block header for just that. But perhaps there is another way to do this - as I said, I've never really looked into the "hardcore mining stuff".
  10. domob

    Xaya-Mining-Pool - 1% fee - Stratum

    Interesting ... when I was talking to somer other miners, they said that the Stratum protocol needs to have some field for the "extra nonce" that it is allowed to change and that's not part of the mined PoW block header but the coinbase tx (for Bitcoin) or the "actual" block header (for Xaya). For Neoscrypt you don't really need an extra nonce, but the protocol still requires it - so how did you solve that? Or is my understanding just wrong, as I don't know much about Stratum or mining myself?
  11. domob

    Xaya-Mining-Pool - 1% fee - Stratum

    Great news! Did that work even though the presumable Stratum-incompatibility will only be fixed after the hard fork activation in a few days?
  12. domob

    98% of HUC coins haven't moved

    Nice analysis (keep them coming)! I think it is expected that many HUC holders may not have moved over to Xaya yet or perhaps are no longer in the blockchain space at all (if their HUC were from an early time). But I think that also those who are interested in Xaya do not really have an incentive to move coins immediately - perhaps most of them are just hodling. Personally, I moved one of the outputs I received from the airdrop (for my HUC) into a different wallet and used it to play some TreatFighter during the open beta phase. The other outputs I received are untouched (but imported in my wallet), and will likely stay untouched for a long time. Probably many others will act like that as well.
  13. domob

    Xaya Rich List

    The address you pointed out is not the one for bounties, but the one used to pay the 1.5% advisor coins from the ICO. All of them have now been paid. The bounty address is chi1qzpeqgsgcw7q9hrysa89d5u7z56wgs3sg5aj6an. That one, the company funds address holding 7 million and the one holding 2.4 million coins for remaining presale participants are the only ones left for "official company business" from the top ones.
  14. domob

    Hard-Fork - Update before Block 440,000

    I'm not aware of a distribution graph, but yes, CHI block rewards are halved every four years (4.2 million blocks) just as in Bitcoin.
  15. domob

    Hard-Fork - Update before Block 440,000

    xaya-hash computes the PoW hash of a block header for the two algorithms that Xaya uses. This is mainly used for regression testing and has probably no real use for end users; perhaps some developers might find it useful, too. xaya-tx is a command-line utility that can construct and manipulate raw transactions. It is, roughly speaking, a more light-weight alternative to RPC commands like createrawtransaction that can be used without downloading the blockchain. I've used it myself from time to time, but this is certainly also only useful for developers or advanced users. What other files are you interested in?