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  1. Thanks - let me try and figure it out as you say with a small test. You have to be pretty hardcore to want to play this SoccerManagerCrypto!! Just hope it's worth the wait!
  2. This will be a good opportunity for me to try and make a transaction with the CHI. If there are any links that could assist, I'd be grateful to be shown them. Many thanks!
  3. That's really kind - thanks for sharing this. Do you know if I convert CHI does that impact the bonus Legend which was the incentive for signing up early?
  4. What happens to the CHI we bought about a year ago now to play this game? How can we convert that back to BTC/ETH or fiat to be doing something else with it whilst we wait?
  5. Thanks Alex! I've been waiting patiently since day 1 so really hope to get an invite. I have no idea where or how to access my CHI its been so long - so will need some help on this. Do you think we are talking weeks or months for the next stage?
  6. Ok - thanks... then the message is a bit misleading as it says 'please check your email account now' which suggests you should now have received something else. But if it's all good then, I'll just be patient!
  7. Yes - checked - nothing. I keep looping back to what you see on the image.
  8. Hi - great to see this is moving along. I signed up for the Beta but didn't receive an email yet. Should I have done?
  9. Thanks for sharing the new images - looking good. A bit disappointing to learn that getting involved at the earliest opportunity (buying CHI) but this won't count for anything unless I use a computer with Windows to play it. What is the latest forecast on launch date?
  10. So did I read this correct that when this does come out it will only be on Windows? How to play on a Mac or Chromebook? What is the new launch ETA?
  11. So - sorry, might sound like a dumb question. Now we have the CHI - how do we go about reserving our names etc. What do we do next?
  12. Thanks - first amount received. I'll work out how to set up the other addresses.
  13. Ce7cL3LU1uF9wBENhHptKLGhpKRSbL2Ltv How can I create a seperate address on the same computer for my partner who also signed up?
  14. Hi, Think this one is me! chi1q7m68x074fqp0s3k0jk7ns7qlylf4wm3h2ngzec YNWA
  15. Hi Ryan, I've been following one of the Crypto forums that talks about the CHI and then SMC in-game currency. Can't wait for the launch and see which Legends are included in this version. As more information becomes available, I hope to get more involved and look forward to being an active member of the Community. Good luck with everything on the lead up to the launch!
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