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  1. Seems not much participators concern about the change, let's setup a timeline for moving forward. Thanks
  2. check with bitmesh just now, they are not yet get listed
  3. Date: 2019-03-17 Source: Mytoken Highlight: BTC move up to $4000 & slight drop again *change the view from CNY to USD
  4. Date: 2019-03-14 Source: Mytoken Highlight: 461k volume in huntercoin
  5. sorji

    Ban in telegram...

    They thought u spam, no worry, i got banned by mistake twice。 They will unbanned u and allow u to post again。 So your are from PolisPay?I'm not quite understand about polispay
  6. Client installation: 1. All in One - Huntercore v0.13 + Unity3d 1.22+ Pruned Chain - 500mb 2. the latest release of Huntercoin Core(Huntercore 0.16.0) After full patch and sync, the Unity3d no show any hunter in map and fail to create the hunter
  7. Just How Much Money Have People Made with Huntercoin? https://medium.com/@XAYA/just-how-much-money-have-people-made-with-huntercoin-7c7336f5ac04 First of all, what is Huntercoin? Huntercoin was the world’s first blockchain and decentralised strategy MMO game (if we ignore Satoshi Dice and some other gambling games that used Bitcoin, but didn’t run on the blockchain itself). At the time it was released in February 2014, every other altcoin was a clone of Bitcoin with only small parameter changes. Apart from Namecoin, Huntercoin was the only other innovative project at the time. Huntercoin received no funding and was developed as an experiment to test how well a blockchain network could handle 10s of thousands of players moving around a map in a decentralised blockchain world. The game mechanics were not thought through and support was only destined for 1 year. In Huntercoin the main objective is to collect coins on a map and kill other players. The coins collected and banked in the game appear in your wallet just like bitcoin. The entire history of the game world and where those coins came from are stored forever in a provably fair, decentralised game universe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q41RW6bxpM4 So, just how much have people made?
  8. I will check with thireteen if they get listed
  9. TY, CMC require exchange have at least 2 month active trade volume. Per check with bitmesh, they are qualified and already submit to be listed, am i wrong or miss something?
  10. sorji

    Xaya Rich List

    base on current price, it will be easy to be top 100.
  11. I think u also can get the bounty if get either linux/windows miner working。 @snailbrain
  12. As the xaya is not the normal neoscrypt algo, without modify version, they won't work, i test all amd miner before.
  13. do u use the modified version by domob, it should be work at BSOD. but still need test and verify. https://github.com/xaya/nsgminer/tree/xayaswab
  14. i have no idea to build the miner. i check with the nsgminer dev, he give me feedback as below: #646 Quote from: sorji077 on February 22, 2019, 01:02:59 PM @ghostlander can u share the instructions file for windows build: Native WIN32 build instructions: see windows-build.txt They were obsolete, so I removed them. There is nothing special for MinGW. Have never tried MSVC with it.
  15. Date: 2019-03-10 Source: Mytoken Highlight: xaya is listing in bitmesh with BTC&USDT
  16. notyet, they are setup with windows and i put them at oldhouse hundred miles away with remote control。 so i need windows build for testing。
  17. Here is my AMD vaga setup, would happly if we get AMD miner sort。
  18. No workable AMD miner yet, the bounty still pending someone to collect. Also Andy already help to ping the Claymore for NeoScrypt AMD GPU Miner update, but seems he is offline for a few month. ================================================================================================= XAYA Core Bounties : AMDMining Software: build nsgminer for windows > 2000 CHI - https://github.com/xaya/nsgminer
  19. The explorer shows gaming is working, I use new install all in one client and unity 3D, full synced, but not work, don't know the reason
  20. I make a testing in huntercoin those days, no one join to play,that might be something wrong with creat new hunter. what i though it's just for pump and sell.
  21. Date: 2019-02-28 Source: Mytoken Highlight: xaya volume in liquid is more than huc volume in poloniex
  22. Date: 2019-02-26 Source: Mytoken Highlight: 134k huc volume
  23. latest ticket submit & response Hi, Thanks for following up. As mentioned, our team is working on this matter and will have an update as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience in the meantime. Best, Poloniex Support Team
  24. Date: 2019-02-24 Source: Mytoken
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