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  1. check the Reminder mail from poloniex that they to Spin Out of Circle should we start to resubmit the ticket for query and also possible to apply to listing
  2. @casp0or any progress about the xaya pool?
  3. I get less payout at Strange Neoscrypt Behavior period
  4. Liquid double count the trade volume, we report it before. I dont think they will "fix" it. that's why cmc have Adjusted/Reported volume to rank the exchange.
  5. poloniex comes with new owner? i doubt i might possible lost my airdrop coin.
  6. vary easy and helpful tool, i use a few minutes to register 1000# name, great job @Ryan
  7. ~ Opeyum box HunterX in restricted area when AFK, so that HunterX wont be able to company with liquidX ~HunterX get assisit from Holddoor to open a way out ~HunterX fail to attack Skywalkerx when he afk, it talk to long to reach him and fight,2h’s early move will make this succeed ~SkywalkerX company Opeyum which have more units, take the advance of numbers and win the fight finally Still we can find many funs in fight
  8. sorji

    Wallet not syncing

    The latest build is 1.2.4, the old one not work now,just install not need to uninstall old build https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases
  9. The battle end with Ehprati win! Final result: Start:17:21 End: 0:17
  10. Topic update: GTX 980: 668 kH/s@85TDP + 155 core(Founder Edition)
  11. Finally i put all the rigs in my mining room with very good air/temperature condition。next step will get some rtx20xx.. but will put it in midterm invest。
  12. WoW I spend half an year to continuously collect CHI, this lucky man buy huge amout of CHI within one single order unbelievable but it's true
  13. Replace the 48CM exhaust to 80CM(22000/h),no warri about the heat any more。
  14. Topic update: RTX 2080: 1840 kH/s@89TDP + 100 core(Palit Micron memor'y)x Refere link:
  15. Finish Electricity upgrade this weekend. 1*200amp breaker+3*63amp breaker
  16. new Electricity contract to 0.06911€ now, we all know that there still have many miners use more cheaper energy from hydropower around
  17. Electricity upgrade recently(can use maximum 70kw) and airflow optimization for my small xaya farm。
  18. sorji

    Xaya faucet

    I‘ m giving away free CHI to my community who wanna to test taurion。 Also i found a solution and under discuss with my partner with leagal issue in China。 An Online store for small amount trade by using wechat payment, here is some process & screenshoot : 1.buyer add shopping cart and xaya address is required 2. buyer pay the bill to store(escrow) 3. seller send the xaya manually to bill address 4. buyer receive the xaya and confirm the deal 5. seller recive the money from store(escrow)
  19. Date: 2019-06-26 Source: Mytoken Highlight: BTC hit $12000+
  20. find a calculate mistake, hashrate for sha 256d is 4EH , so 1000TH reward should be 5.42 coin/days? 1EH=1000PH=1000TH
  21. sorji

    Mining on RTX 2060

    Have u got 1660ti to test
  22. My bad, I upgrad to new 0.16 fail to load, but come back to 0.13 is working, nice to see have some ppl still playing huntercoin
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