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  1. sorji

    Xaya-Mining-Pool - 1% fee - Stratum

    seems the xaya pool is hard to setup, I check with BSOD, they are also on progress & waiting xaya devs response
  2. sorji

    Will buy CHI at .005 mBTC/CHI

    Although i did not buy coin for exchange, for some hoder/supportor, that doesn't means free. i sell out all the huc after snapshot, the only reason i keep huc is wait for transit to CHI
  3. Hi @casp0or I find the hashrate in your web is not match with the xaya console, so we have wrong earning by using th mining calculator
  4. sorji

    Will buy CHI at .005 mBTC/CHI

    NMC is listing in below exchange I‘m the holder of huntercoin before snapshot, finally we got the 0.23338CHI/HUC compare to the 3 CHI/HUC, that's 13X gap/lost who buy the huntercoin for exchange the CHI if HUC = 0.003 mBTC then CHI = 0.039 mBTC(13x) also cost of sold coin (ICO participants) CHI = 0.01095 mBTC(31308092/(304.6btc+798ETH)) so no matter how we calculate, 0.005mBTC/CHI is a good deal
  5. sorji

    Xaya-Mining-Pool - 1% fee - Stratum

    Well know that u will be the 1st place to get 20K CHI pool setup reward. Come On. My friend and I still unable to sort the issue, i can use your pool for mining.
  6. sorji

    Will buy CHI at .005 mBTC/CHI

    Base on current sell wave on liquid, most like miner who solo most of the coin is cashing out those days. it will change soon when pool ready, when the AMD rig can join the mining, they will not get the most share anymore. no reason that namecoin=0.00019911/huntercoin=0.00000333, and CHI only 0.00000463(2019-01-14 03:42 UTC) Hope you can collect the CHI for your bid.
  7. sorji

    Xaya seen on TradingView news feed

    Xaya been added in icoholder as telegram posted yesterday: https://icoholder.com/en/companies/xaya-15323 I also vote and sutmit the xaya in b. today in China, but the team ask me to paid 2 ETH for Liquid Exchange API update,it's pending as below with uncomplete infomation: https://b.today/coin/xaya/
  8. sorji

    Poloniex HUC snapshot & coinmarketcap.com

    The xaya team can submit the poloniex asset listing form at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pdWOE6sP4MDAZmEIHSQEIQY30xIpWJmf_ZxCZqh_Gvw/viewform?edit_requested=true Here is the latest recap news from the poloniex team https://medium.com/circle-blog/circle-2018-accomplishments-and-2019-themes-a58706d4d33e
  9. After go through the codes of the mining pool, we believe the pool can not work without 4 key functions, below is their names, parameters and description. @snailbrain @domob
  10. sorji

    Happy new year to Xaya team & ALL

    Andy give me clear answer in bitcointalk, just FYI-- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1784048.1540
  11. sorji

    Add new exchange?

    Chinese exchange like Binance/OKex/Huobi Pro is the most trust platform ppl buy and sell in China. AFAIK, they also won't simply accpet the XAYA listing, get listed means huge buying power to xaya u can see only a few buying order in liquid, most of the dump are collected by me and my friend KYC and local janpanese unable to trade the altcoin is big impact.
  12. Happy new year to Xaya team & ALL We are dying for the news about: 1. In house game/Soccer manager crypto announcement 2. A working GPU mining pool /about the F2pool add the xaya neoscrypt mining 3. Poloniex CHI distrubtion(the team should able to help ask the poloniex deliver the coin, but not about exchange listing) BR.
  13. sorji

    Having dramas with Electron v1.1 and CCMINER

    Perhaps we should request a workable mining pool
  14. sorji

    Xaya-Mining-Pool - 1% fee - Stratum

    @casp0or have u get the bug fixed? we should suggest ryan to put the bounty for thoes who setup pool😁
  15. sorji

    Bounty Ideas

    suggest + bounty for setup mining pool top3