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  1. I think, the main game should be a puzzle game. Have a look at "World of Goo". It's will probably not be possible to create fun to play levels randomly or at least it will be very difficult. It may be possible to create some kind of strategy game levels randomly, that could be fun to play, where you have to fight some enemies. But random levels should not be the reason of the online part of the game anyway, but building levels oneself and publishing (similar to mario maker) The problem is probably, that it's difficult to prevent spamming bad or unfinishable levels, and storing these on the blockchain is not a good idea. I should look more about how this works exactly.
  2. I'm currently working on a game, inspired by "world of goo". You can control balls and use balls to build something by connecting them. Here a small demo: https://imgur.com/5W8QO2A I'm not sure yet, how to deal with online, and also thought about using cryptocurrency based platforms like Ardor or this. First, I have to tell, which online features will be needed in my game. It will be possible to play the game in multiplayer mode. Normally not that many players (2, 3, 4 maybe). In some cases it may even be useful to have a few hundred of players (for example multiple persons live on different planets and have to fight each other and build spaceships using balls). Input has to be sent multiple times per second, since it contains real time physics simulation. So for this part, using a blockchain will not work. It may be possible to store the state of the game every few seconds in the blockchain, so when the games desynchronize (when everyone calculates the whole game) for some reason, the last valid state can be reloaded, but this also won't be a good solution. For matching up with other players, the blockchain may be a useful way to store the data. The communication will be over UDP or TCP directly to the other player. The game will also include a powerful level editor, so it would be cool to be able to share these levels. The levels could be stored in blockchain and user ratings. There have to be reasons to play levels of other people, so getting money for creating or playing levels, seems like a good idea. But I'm not sure yet, what you should be able to do with the money. Maybe promoting own levels or buying special balls/levels/editor features? (which could all be used anyway with small hacks) I'd also like to have some mechanisms for players to find good levels easily. But I don't think, such a platform will help there much (or will it?) Do you think, it's reasonable to use such a platform in my case and are my thoughts for use cases?
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