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  1. No, I didn't as it said not to pre download if doing an update. I have installed the wallet on another PC and my backup does work (phew!) so should be simple from here, I can reinstall without fear! Many thanks guys, much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for that, I've done the update but now Daemon says version 0 and still not syncing. When I followed that link I just downloaded and installed the exe, do I need the other two 'assets' also? I disabled all my firewalls when trying to update. Thanks
  3. Hi, haven't been on in a while and went to update the blockchain on my version 1.0.2 wallet. It was happily updating till it got stuck at 355936/440000. I have created a backup of my vault wallet but not sure if it was synced at the time, will a backup still work if it wasn't synced? Thanks in advance, debug and pic of wallet attached debug.log
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