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  1. I'm still getting used to XAYA environment so i'm probably missing something, but I can't understand what...

    Is it possibile to track more than a game on a xayad node?

    I added a game on the node with the RPC

    xaya-cli trackedgames add mygame

    Done that, ZMQ notifications like game-block-attack json mygame started flowing down correctly.

    I could also see moves after

    xaya-cli -rpcuser=user -rpcpassword=password -regtest name_update "p/cymon" '{"g":{"mygame":{"m":"moving"}}}'

    Problem is, if I add a second game

    xaya-cli tracked games add secondgame

    And try a move

    xaya-cli -rpcuser=user -rpcpassword=password -regtest name_update "p/cymon" '{"g":{"secondgame":{"m":"movemove"}}}'

    I see the move still on a game-block-attack json mygame notification.

    I thought that the only needed configuration for a correct notification flow was turning up the tracking on the node and match the gameID in the g JSON node...

    I'm working just in regtest for now, is it possible that the test environment is not able to manage more games?


    Thanks for the support!



  2. Hi,

    i'm pretty new to Xaya developement but to help myself with it I decided to setup a little docker with all the needed features.

    Here you can find the dockerfile and the few scripts I used in it:


    The docker will give you a xaya-core installation and all the needed libraries to compile your games using C++. Most of the work is just copy&paste from tutorials but if you find looking through compilation scripts annoying it could be of some help 🙂

    Once started, the ubuntu has also a xayad daemon running (regtest environment, but easily configurable).

    I'm sharing this to be of some help, but also for your feedback, the project is still ongoing  😉




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