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  1. This is the error i got for your reference.
  2. I tried running this command - " xayad -rpcport=8396 -rpcuser=user -rpcpassword=password " 17:09:04 Method not found (code -32601) - Got this error
  3. Hi, I am working on blockchain game development. I came across Xaya when i am looking for realtime multiplayer game concepts. So i want to try developing some games to understand the environment and benefits of using Xaya for my games. I gone through your tutorial and installed Xaya wallet in my Macbook pro from your official GitHub repository. But i couldn't proceed further without xaya cli installed on my machines. I tried giving Xayad commands on my macbook terminal and also xaya wallet console also. But i always getting same error method not found. Even tried downloading a zip and tar versions and going to wallet folder and try running commands, no progress on that too. I googled it for 2 days and i couldn't find any helpful articles or answers. Can you help me to getting started with xaya game development.
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