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  1. you need to use this miner > https://github.com/xaya/ccminer/releases/tag/v0.1 with neoscrypt-xaya algo also you have selected a pool there, if you are solo mining you will need to put as your url
  2. could the missing 40 chi be that they are locked in names? (each name has 0.1 chi locked in it), or is it 0.01 chi, forgot
  3. yes i would do tickets again. I've messaged support but no response yet
  4. even though all vehicles are the same, combat is quite complex. When we add different vehicle setups in the full game it will be even more interesting. good fun
  5. snailbrain

    Will buy chi

    the discord trading channel is probably the best place
  6. Some interesting data you could probably get from the Taurion GSP if you wanted too.
  7. yes, i wouldn't bother copying the cookie file tbh, because it changes each time you start the wallet. easiest thing to do is just create the xaya.conf file in the folder were the cookie is, and put Rpcuser = youuserRpcpassword = youpassword and change in taurion to that user and pass in connection settings
  8. you should keep contacting their support.
  9. you can hold "CTRL" key and do another waypoint after 500 so you can do jumps if needed.
  10. Hey. We have a few ideas for bots. 1. A bot could play and eventually be better than a human and dominate the entire game... the problem with this is he will then have no one to sell his items to. So he wants more players so his items are more valuable. and, secondly, there is "upkeep", so if a bot decides to take over the map to hurt the game on purpose, it will cost him $$$ to do so, every day. The more he controls, the more expensive it will be, and the less people he will have to buy his stuff. 2. We also will make combat more complex than it is now so it wont be very simple for a bot to dominate - think "go". 3. We aim to add some form of reputation system which works based on your "own friends" ratings of people. So it's hard to "trick" with sybil attacks. This means bots can be sort of "ousted" by other players, and it's there job to fuck them up. we also have some other tricks which we'll reveal at a later time.
  11. we hope to expand the map at some future time. Originally we envisioned and infinitely expanding map, but this would be more complex for the front end so we have kept it static but very massive for now.
  12. snailbrain


    are you talking about a different game?
  13. This XayaShips bounty is now closed and someone is attempting to develop it
  14. This XayaShips bounty is now closed and someone is attempting to develop it
  15. if you are running commands in the xaya-qt console you can just put getblockchaininfo xaya-cli is a seperate executable that you run at the command line
  16. AWESOME matey.. I'm thinking of filling up my 19 gpu rig.. I want to check if i can get around the GPU limits by running multiple VMs on Unraid (passing through 8 gpus per vm) - so i can run 19 gpus without having to buy those funny ones
  17. added unity front end bounty for Xayaships
  18. We are looking for someone to build the front end for Xayaships in Unity. Although this is something we can do ourselves we'd like to try to get the community involved. This should be great experience for understanding how games work on Xaya and also game channels themselves. We have created the art - so in all it should be splicing the graphics, connecting to the daemon(s) (xaya and xayaships daemon) and managing the lobby. All communication is done by json rpc and the backend code (executable) will already be written/ready. In all it should not be a too difficult of a job. Here are some of the screens..
  19. Xaya Ships is the first implementation of Game Channels on the Xaya platform. It's purpose is to serve as a template for developers to build their own games around game channels. You can read about the game here: https://github.com/xaya/libxayagame/tree/master/ships It is still in development.
  20. are you able to run the QT wallet? I dont see the error in the image, can you send again
  21. Short update - upcoming public tech demo/competition.. and more
  22. Soccer Manager Elite is a MMO. It's not replacing any of the other SM games.
  23. just make a start.bat file ccminer(whateverexe_called) -a neoscrypt-xaya -o stratum+tcp://eu.bsod.pw:2534 -u wallet -p x change wallet to your chi address.. should be good to go
  24. snailbrain

    Xaya faucet

    we could do with doing one. probably one that gives them a name + tiny amount of chi + they have to do a captcha + probably confirm an email (so they are on the newsletter mailing list too, unless they usubscribe). We could use 100k from the bounty pot which should cover over 1 million people easily... It obviously has to be rate limited and monitored. We were going to do it ourselves but happy for someone else to do.. needs to be robust.
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