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    https://github.com/domob1812/bitaddress.org https://github.com/domob1812/WalletGenerator.net these are the ones afaik
  2. I'm not sure there is 3 million. The coins have already been distributed and propbably it's those who dumped recently It's probable that poloniex works like most other exchanges in that coins deposited are swapped to a cold storage address.. i'm guess that is the biggest number on the huc distribuytion list, i think was 500k... only guessing tho
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    close enough. from the Xaya side, we are: pretty much all that, although from the Treat Fighter side Mike at tricky fast are working on that. I believe Daniel did 2 paper wallet additions to 2 currently available paper wallet generators. I think they are in his github. Just needs someone to host them if you are interested. This is what we are currently working on.: Taurion -front end and extra features in the backend Xayaships - Xaya game channels version of battleships for an example to game devs. Electrum Wallet (with name functionality)- will be used for android wallets, trezor etc and for the relay method of gaming on xaya. Relay Service for Taurion / SME (basically just running both those daemons on some VPS for now, combined with electrum wallet means no need to sync - enabling mobile games etc..). Website Overhauls - more clean, faster and no longer made for an ICO... bas is working on this now. Taurion Teaser video - currently in progress atm. Taurion Stories - Ryan is stacking these up for the lore and back story. Soccer Manager Backend - helping were possible with this.. Getting ready to release Xaya Electron 1.2 (which includes XID dapp by default - if on linux you can just run it seperately) - we need to create a Linux Electron build (and mac) as well soon. Should just work though. Thats'pretty much the focus atm
  4. You can also use the same method for invisibility.. so people don't know where you are. e.g. you enable your "cloaking device" in Taurion, and then all your moves are encrypted (you are invisible).. it may last something like 100 blocks. If you don't reveal the key before 100 blocks you automatically die.
  5. yeh you can but you will be unlikely to get any blocks unless you have a lot of USBs you can merge mine with pretty much all sha256 coins afaik. for example - namecoin once had more Hash power mining than bitcoin itself, because most mining bitcoin and bitcoin cash and others were also mining namecoin.
  6. It seems f2pool had some technical stuff they were doing. One advantage of the dual algo is blocks continue to come in As @domobsaid we are working on getting more pools to merge mine.
  7. Forgot to add character groupings (as shown in the video)
  8. Hello Hello. Latest progress: If you didn't see we are starting to release some of the Lore and backstory for Taurion: https://medium.com/@XAYA/taurion-graduation-day-320641a8d1e2 Some more Taurion info here: https://medium.com/@XAYA/forging-a-decentralised-mmo-763fc4856eeb https://medium.com/@XAYA/taurion-youll-need-a-map-2dbff1b11dd9 - Backend Updates: Create Mulitple Characters at once (instead of 1 at a time) - not implemented in front end yet. Fame Computation As well as kill tracking (global decentralised leaderboard [cannot be faked]), you receive fame for kills - sometimes. The fame system works like so: Your name/account starts with 100 fame points. If you kill someone you take 100 of his fame points (unless he/she has 0 fame points because already killed) you then have 200 fame points. If you get to 1000 fame points you get to the next rank, e.g. Hunter Andy If you get to 2000 fame points you get to the next rank, e.g. Slayer Andy Once you are a slayer you can only get fame points from someone who is a hunter, slayer or the rank above. You can only get fame points from someone with a rank the same, below or above. Players with a high rank will find it difficult to get fame Fame is only cosmetic - but it shows you are "pretty good" at killing. It's possible but gets difficult the higher rank you are, to cheat and farm fame from alts.. but, this is all visible, so other players will know you are lame. It may be the fame system is slightly altered so that you get more fame from someone of a higher rank and less from someone lower. Attack Damage increased for start vehicles - so combat is faster for open alpha test/comp Weapon 1 which has a range of 1 hex now does 5 to 30 dmg per block Weapon 2 which has a range of 10 hex now does 1 to 20 dmg per block. lots of unit tests etc etc done also. Increase base Vehicle speeds to 3 hex per block. Prizes when prospecting for the upcoming Demo the follow prizes have been set (luck of the draw when prospecting): Gold, 2 available, 1/100000 Chance Silver, 50, 1/4000 Chance Bronze, 2000, 1/100 chance Prizes are still being decided on - may be chi or maybe in-game items. Front End Updates The New UI has been added to the Unreal frontend - still some tweaks to be added. The chat system now works Using XID with your human readible, cryptographically secure xaya account name, this will securely authenticate and log you on to the Xaya (temporary) XMPP server. This alone is worthy of being it's own project itself, and projects are actually running ICOs with this feature alone.... You will automatically join 2 channels Xaya and Taurion. Buildings have been resized and foundation textures changed (these are not currently in the gamestate so are just cosmetic). Each faction now has a unique starter vehicle (temp assets for now). performance improvements and lots of other stuff added. Music Tracks Added Sound Effects for selection (familiar oldschool RTS...) Check video here - excuse the names in the UI list - they have been transfered to their owners but are not yet filtered in the frontend.
  9. hi, you should only have gotten a confirmation email when you subscribed, and that you need to confirm it. did you confirm it? if not, check your spam folder
  10. wonder what a 2070 desktop version is probably 1080ti used would be best value?
  11. Hi Christian, There should be no need to do KYC. If we start adding in judges and admins it sort of moves way from being a decentralised autonomous trust-less game with the "freedom" style approach that bitcoin and currencies bring to the table. There should not be any scams - possibly some flaw might appear that is missed but that can be patched through a hard fork and if it was indeed a scam, then the majority will use the updated version. But what do you mean by scammed? Currently to prevent things like selling a player to yourself if you own another team there is transfer fees, minimum transfer fee amount, and blind bidding (may change), and being able to only sell 2 players a season. When shareholders propose a manager there is planned to be multiple role options: the p/name that is to be manager wages (from 0+ ) for the manager (maybe he accepts no pay because he is a shareholder as well) whether the manager can buy players at will whether the manager can sell players at will how long contract (if applicable) maybe more and this can be changed and player sales blocked by shareholders proposing that they can't sell players at will and it being accepted. 3-4 days delay is a good amount.
  12. I think costs inside the game have not been ironed out yet. Basics are that it will probably be very cheap to get minimal shares in a team.
  13. It's 10%, but looking back there is no mention of that (the chimaera page seems to be deleted and deindexed). 10% is the number we have internally. I can also see some articles saying 1 chi for 1 SMC - it will probably be more than that. but either way, it's 10%.
  14. We have sent 20k to Darkclaw for the data work he has been doing - from the boutny pot
  15. if you have nvidia, you will some how need to get them to add in the patch for mining neoscrypt-xaya with bsod. i've never used hiveos We may potentially be changing the neoscrypt xaya algo to a more compatible one in the near future..
  16. something like that yes. If we got near that number then chi would probably be very expensive... we can also of course make the price lower if it gets more expensive.
  17. Hey guys and gals, If you didn't see our previous update, check here (this thread will be locked, please create another thread). All these changes are in the gamestate / consensus of all other players - fully decentralised and provably fair (no servers/p2p). Update on Taurion Progress.. This is the backend changes (blockchain consensus gamestate etc) : Implemented Regions The near 70,000,000 tile map has now been split into near 700,000 regions (some of which are not accessible due to mountains/obstacles). Regions will allow prospectors / explorers to prospect. In the full game, regions can have Buildings, turrets, resources to mine and more Implemented Prospecting into the gamestate It's now possible to prospect regions In the full game it will allow a player to prospect a region and after X amount of blocks they will discover: Amount/type of minerals available for mining Whether or not a building can be built there a very rare chance of finding an ancient artefact artefacts can be reverse engineered with a small chance of creating a "blueprint" that can be used for construction vehicles or equipment or other assets. an untouched prospected region can be prospected again if left untouched for X amount of blocks. In the current form it provides a random chance of 3 tier of prizes for an upcoming demo/test (more information coming soon). Player Spawns changed The 3 factions will now spawn away from each other, and spawn within an area of 100x100 hexes Player Obstacles Players can now not stack on top of other players. If a player is moving and reaches another player he will stop. if a player obstacle is in the way, but the player obstacle is moving (in another direction), the player will carry on when the path is clear (if this happens within 10 blocks). Remove Character names initially you could create a name (a xaya name) and then create characters (with names). But, we realized people are going to be controlling many characters and naming them will just turn into "dklfhsldfghsdlf". So characters are just id's under a name. Kill Tracking System Anyone taking part in a "kill" is tracked in the gamestate so that they receive prestige/fame points. this will be expanded up at a later time and will be used in the demo/competition. Front End Updates: Regions as per previous have been added Removed character names for creation Improved performance changed controls (more like standard games like Total war in combat view etc) add amount of chi you have in wallet allow setting connection info in settings Added a different vehicle for each faction (so there are 3 vehicles to tell them apart) Implemented Placement of buildings added a technique to place buildings on uneven ground (foundations do not have the correct textures and buildings will be bigger) These are not in the gamestate/blockchain - yet Other Art / Graphics Initial UI Design is being skinned Faction Logos Website should be going live soon.
  18. The total amount of coins not know yet but whether its 10000000 or 100000000000000000 probably is just cosmetic. Share distribution : it should be some sort of bidding / auction - but that has not been finalised. It's being built as a normal manager game first for testing (and beta testing) and the shares feature will be added last.
  19. Hey. Just to add to Alex's reply - SM Elite has only 620 teams to manage so there isn't room for 100000 managers (although they could be share holders in clubs). It's more of an exclusive style game with totally different mechanics rather than a replacement.
  20. not yet. There are a few steps before it can be nailed down
  21. You will need CHI to buy SME coins. We are in the initial design phase of an app to securely / decentralised allow trading of SME coins and CHI (and also Taurion coins)
  22. Hey.. I removed your reply to create a new thread. I've been working with the guys at Soccer Manager. This is a different sort of game than a 1 player management game. There are only 620 teams. If you wish (and can afford) you could be a 51% shareholder and assign yourself to be manager. Then you are pretty much playing a MMO Soccer Manager game. but you of course need to stay afloat - if you need extra money and dont have it, someone might buy into your club, and you become a minority share holder. This is a Blockchain / crypto currency game - it's pretty much all about money. If you are winning, you will be gaining crypto currency, if you are losing, you will be losing money. A manager can have different roles depending on what is assigned. Currently when you assign a manager (even if you assign yourself) - you need to select the roles.. A Shareholder can propose: account name of new manager - which is stored in the xaya blockchain and is unique to a player/account wages - how many soccer manager coins he gets a week buy players - without shareholders permission sell players - without shareholders permission contract length (if applicable) When a proposal is made, 51% of the voters need to accept it for it to happen. Then the "Manager" needs to accept the "job offer", as maybe he is the manager of another club. Managers have full control over tactics, player selection etc like you describe, but noting that, if you are doing bad, you may get sacked by the shareholders (other players).
  23. You will have received an email from support before it was closed to submit some information to a form. If you email support@xaya.io someone can help you
  24. ask away (in a new thread ) the first beta won't have all the features afaik
  25. oh ok, 3300kh/s total thought that was per card
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