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  1. snailbrain

    CHI Chimaera---->Xaya

    please can you post your chi address or pm me and send your email
  2. snailbrain

    Bounty : Translation of Electron Wallet

    For those that were confirmed to receive CHI for translation of the wallet - This has been sent 32k CHI in total (16x 2k) We are still looking for Korean Translation. (and that is all).
  3. snailbrain

    Poloniex HUC snapshot & coinmarketcap.com

    regarding Poloniex. We have distributed the coins to HUC/CHI addresses. Poloniex are working on it and will get round to it ASAP. to make them go faster you could try to open some support tickets
  4. snailbrain

    Poloniex HUC snapshot & coinmarketcap.com

    short answer is - CHI will be on other exchanges...
  5. snailbrain

    Upcoming Hard-Fork - Information

    estimate we'll set it for 5 or 6 weeks from now. but testnet has been forked if you use the master branch, so you can test on there for now if needed
  6. snailbrain

    Bounty : Translation of Electron Wallet

    not long, next week hopefully
  7. snailbrain

    Upcoming Hard-Fork - Information

    Hello Everyone. as already planned - there will be a hard-fork coming soon that will: The nonce values of main block headers no longer need to be zero (this allows/fixes the issue for mining pools with statum). The block intervals are changed and made algorithm-dependent: Neoscrypt targets 40s and SHA-256d two minutes after the fork (for an average that is still 30s per block). The block rewards are increased to 10 CHI on testnet and mainnet after the fork. For testnet, that is the (arbitrary) value we will use. For mainnet, the value will be changed when the actual fork height becomes known, so that we can calculate the correct value. Testnet has now been forked - so anyone interested in setting up a pool for Neoscrypt can test on there if needed. Once we set the mainnet values we will update this post. Unless you want to test you don't need to do anything at this stage. https://github.com/xaya/xaya/commit/f31f6a378e185256ea13cc929910d30c83916b8f
  8. snailbrain

    Block Explorer Live

    Official Explorer here (still under development): https://explorer.xaya.io/ Darkclaw Explorer here: https://www.xaya-gaming.net/
  9. snailbrain

    XAYA CHI Sale Over - Distribution...

    Unsold coins have been burnt (or burned) xaya-cli gettxoutsetinfo 46701335.69674000 txID> f79b55965de852b41673e279c36b6386df25feca8dd649dd5d48c79db7b26296
  10. For this fork we won't be changing the Neoscrypt mining algo but we may consider it for some future fork.
  11. snailbrain

    Mining XAYA - Information Thread

    10 was a random number whenever we mentioned it - but we are working on the hardfork code at the moment
  12. snailbrain

    XAYA CHI Sale Over - Distribution...

    There was also an airdrop for 120k ish coins to Liquid users who had Qash. This uses up the bounty campaign and reserved 250k pretty much. but we'll report on this in detail in the near future.
  13. snailbrain

    Huntercoin Snapshot - Numbers

    still waiting for poloniex to implement I also sent you a PM
  14. is it? won't be long. We are working on it now. Of course there needs to be some runway to allow people to update.