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  1. you could just run it as a daemon, and stop it with xaya-cli stop, and restart it and to monitor you could just open a terminal window and type (or maybe have a button) tail -f ~/.xaya/debug.log that's afaik exactly same when it prints everything to the screen. you can leave that terminal window open all the time (even if xayad stops or starts it will carry on showing the latest of the log)
  2. for solo mining, normal neoscrypt should work - stock ccminer works fine solo mining with neoscrypt. for a pool with stratum it needs to be modified.
  3. thanks it's ok now, there is an rpc which telkls you: { "height": 664650, "bestblock": "2ecd8dc08f00344b5b4ee1c28d590633dc5e9eff07cec8c826afa5e00778351b", "transactions": 112095, "txouts": 141166, "bogosize": 11719001, "hash_serialized_2": "ab9ec3b8765f6a094132edd9919e2a4ddc8aa6e02b50d0aca7c1575216dee8d9", "disk_size": 10849015, "amount": { "coins": 47682538.19437246, "names": 71.34000000, "total": 47682609.53437246 } }
  4. @DarkClaw did you have the formula somewhere for circulating supply to save me working it out? it's so we can provide the current number to coingecko (also coin market cap want that later as well).
  5. Brill thanks for testing. Will get Ryan to fix this. sending you 2.5k coins as well
  6. i think that should be fine. you probably only needed to just do the ldconfig rather than the sudo make install and other stuff. Thanks for testing.. so you now have libxayagame library installed?
  7. After doing this: cd ~/ wget https://github.com/protocolbuffers/protobuf/releases/download/v3.7.0-rc.3/protobuf-cpp-3.7.0-rc-3.zip unzip protobuf-cpp-3.7.0-rc-3.zip cd ~/protobuf-cpp-3.7.0-rc-3 ./configure make sudo make install try sudo ldconfig
  8. xxx@xxx:/usr/src/gtest$ export GTEST_CFLAGS="/usr/src/gtest" xxx@xxx:/usr/src/gtest$ export GTEST_LIBS="/usr/src/gtest" type those to again and then check echo $GTEST_CFLAGS should work but wont survive reboot
  9. Hey. If you type echo $GTEST_CFLAGS and echo $GTEST_LIBS what's it say? try reboot too
  10. yeh you can put them in the conf file. yeh if everyone uses those default ports, everything should work fine
  11. Hey. These are the options you should run xayad with: -rpcuser=user -rpcpassword=password -wallet=game.dat -server=1 -rpcallowip= -zmqpubhashtx=tcp:// -zmqpubhashblock=tcp:// -zmqpubrawblock=tcp:// -zmqpubrawtx=tcp:// -zmqpubgameblocks=tcp://
  12. Hi mate. Not this is just because no one was mining on testnet - so i needed to get the blocks moving (could have used regtest though).
  13. you could yes. The game state could only process some move if it received some fee with a tx or the game could take the "game coins" for a fee also in TF, you van buy crystals for CHI.
  14. Another update: We are still working on "real" blockchain games at the moment, and they are coming..... Soccer Manager Crypto > Soccer Manager Elite We are still working with Soccer Manager to get out the beta. So unfortunately you still need to wait. The game design has changed massively and it's going to be really exciting. It's also being rebranded - and the new name for the game is: Soccer Manager Elite. A bit of unreleased information - The Game will only allow up to 300 Managers of the teams... BUT... the game is still playable by 10000s+. We are hoping to get some information out how this works as soon as we are able. For now - patience is required There will be no other game like this. ProjectX > Taurion We've been working full blast on our in house full on MMO and more information can be found out about it here Please check it out. We are really excited about it (about playing it..) - So much information hasn't yet been released in that post but it's going to be amazing. Treatfighter Tricky Fast are keeping everyone updated whilst working on UI fixes and are hoping for a release of the first blockchain game on XAYA. You can keep up to date on the Treat Fighter forum section. XayaID XID We've finished the first implementation of XayaID. You can read the readme here > https://github.com/xaya/xid In a nutshell - his allows for the creation of secure IDs on XAYA to login to websites, games, chat systems and more. We have already implemented this into ejabard opensource XMPP server. https://www.ejabberd.im/ This will allow for secure real-time chat (and other things like trading and more..) in and out of games using your XayaID. It will also allow for encrypted end to end chat using Xaya's blockchain for security and human readable names along with the scalability of XMPP. You will know that the person you are talking to IS that player and with encryption, your plotting and plannings won't be eaves dropped.. Group, faction, global chats.. ejabberd is used by large players in the gaming space, such as CCP for their chat system in Eve Online. Documentation We've updated the XAYA Docs / Tutorials - > https://github.com/xaya/xaya_tutorials/wiki Keep an eye on this thread for more updates.
  15. Our first post on our upcoming title. We've been hard at work on our in-house MMO. And it's going to blow your socks off.. a True Blockchain Game. This is what we see as real blockchain gaming, decentralised worlds. Although we are early in development, what we have now is already orders of magnitude more complex, more decentralised and imo more interesting than any other blockchain games out there (not including Huntercoin). Think of Taurion as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation that have been heavily discussed in the past, only this encompasses an entire game universe that runs totally autonomous and is unstoppable. The basics of the Decentralised Autonomous World - Taurion. A Persistent Sandbox MMO Massive Autonomous World with no servers. Cannot be shut down. Prospecting / Mining - Human Mining - Earn Crypto / Assets by playing - (truely decentralised and provably fair asset aquisition) Strategy / Social / Alliances / Betrayal / Reputation Factions Trading / Market Place Building Crafting Transporting Hiring / Escorting Exploring Combat Training Vehicles lots more How best to describe it? As mentioned in previous posts - CIV / Eve / Elite / Dune 2 / Huntercoin / - except on a planet.. Taurion will also integrate XayaID XID Xaya ID is a dapp that runs on XAYA that will allow secure and trustless chat and communication in games based on XAYA, as well as many other none gaming use cases. - Where are we at now? (will update this when needed) 3rd March: Base Map Completed A Base Map has been designed that consists of approximately 64 million hexagonal tiles. (~8000x~8000). Dependant on Vehicles movement speed (light vehicles are fast, heavy vehicles slow, and also some upgrades will increase/decrease speed), it could take from 1 day to months to traverse the entire map. This map has it's own obstacle layer that is not walk-able. It has been integrated into the backend code base (it's part of the Game State Processor). Graphically tweaks and areas will be added to the map over time. Character Creation Base character creation has been implemented into the GSP and Front end You can now create a XAYA name inside the game (e.g. p/snailbrain) You can now create a Character registered to a name and select it's faction. Choose between 1 of 3 factions (red, green and blue for now) Costs 5 Testnet CHI Character spawns on the map Vehicle Movement Vehicle movement is implemented into the GSP and Frontend The game-state code supports movement of speeds from 0.001 tiles per block to 10+. In the testing version, this is fixed.. Speed in released game will depend on: Vehicle Type Vehicle Addons Player Skill levels Vehicle Debuffs (being slowed) Ground type (swampy? hard? Sand?) Computes shortest path / Avoids obstacles Vehicles in videos are placeholders for now.. Combat / HP / Shield / Regen - All tracked in the gamestate of the game. Basic Base Combat implemented in GSP (backend) and Frontend. Each Vehicle attacks the closest enemy (other factions atm) - this computation alone would be too costly in other platforms (in a decentralised autonomous way). Each Vehicle does damage to the other vehicle each block. In released version, damage is based on: Weapons Damage Resistance against type of weapon used against some small amount of luck (dice roll) Vehicle speed, complexity, - a massive battle vehicle will have a hard time hitting a tiny fast vehicle, but if it does hit, it will do enormous dmg. Each Vehicle has Armour Health Points (shown in red) Each Vehicle has Shield Health Points (shown in blue) Shield HP regenerates over time. When vehicle dies, that character is removed from the gameworld (for now). We are happy to answer any questions thus far https://taurion.io
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