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  1. Case: the new version of the problem is that the account does not recognize the same wallet account case. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-1UJfosITb0vffMfZBEWFoiat-BJWrLB Case a 【 a purse: account (bbc), account (BBC) login will identify for the BBC. The BBC.] error Scenario b [wallet purse 2: account (Abc), three (abc), wallet from Abc identifies two login for Abc." Error has been solved, because the installed UnrealEngine4.22, normal after unloading. 《Situation : login account(Acoloss), the following error window will appear. The original master account name: acolossTest account name: Acoloss》 Error has been solved, because the installed UnrealEngine4.22, normal after unloading. Note: because I don't have a second language, so are using Google translation, to facilitate understanding, please test by yourself.
  2. That is the problem? Be a fixed horizontal scroll? Or increase the option to click on the name.
  3. Warning: please be sure to backup the original purse (game. Dat) (vault. Dat) (default wallet). Don't trust to a stranger remote or agent operation (must know the meaning of steps) Can try to scan before operation command (rescan) Case: applicable case (balance does not display or cannot be used) QT wallet has three wallet file: (game. Dat) (vault. Dat) (default wallet) The default address C:\Users\.....\AppData\Roaming\xaya Need to use the command: unlock password (walletpassphrase) To scan (- rescan) The private key export (dumpprivkey) The private key import (importprivkey) List the unused output (listunspent) Steps: 1, to confirm that have backup wallet. 2, lost balance confirmation place purse ((game. Dat) (vault. Dat) (default wallet).) 3, open the wallet QT choose file > open my wallet, "choose disappear balance wallet. FIG. 3 4, QT wallet decryption corner options wallet "balance of the purse.FIG. 3 5, May disappear, find balance of address: (1) find the transaction records through explorer website (recommended). https://explorer.xaya.io/ (2, through the QT wallet "send" inputs (need to set the output control option) FIG. 1 FIG. 2 (3, choose QT wallet "window" the console using the command listunspent (confirm the upper left corner of the purse)FIG. 4 FIG. 5 FIG. 6 6, in the console operation: if encryption, decryption, please (walletpassphrase < password > < time >) 7, in the console operation: the private key export (dumpprivkey public address) FIG. 7 8, (1, in the upper left corner to choose another purse in the console (recommended)) (2) close the wallet, delete the old purse, reopen the QT, open a new purse) 9, in the console operation: the private key import (importprivkey < > of the private key) step 7 to save the private key. After import automatically rescanning blocks, waiting for complete. FIG. 8 10, the balance should be shown correctly. Check whether use. FIG. 1 FIG. 2 FIG. 3 FIG. 4 FIG. 5 FIG. 6 FIG. 7 FIG. 8
  4. Conclusion: the new version up to limit the movement of the 500 steps Case: unit path, after arrive here coordinates, unable to move forward, the wrong color. P/liquid {" g ": {" tn" : {" c ": {" 811" : {" wp ": [{" x" : - 3793, "y" : 542}, {" x ": - 3743," y ": 642}, {" x" : - 3666, "y" : 742}, {" x ": - 3653," y ": 755}]}}}}} I just met my interesting situation reflects to this, also is the same problem two computers. May these problems are just my personal problem, others can't meet. This version (August 9: Taurion - DreamBuild)
  5. My every transaction, different currencies CHI LTC. I know another friend is the same problem. Others I don't know, you can have a try. This state is normal, other exchanges have same way to brush.
  6. Exact number should be 450 k, or 900 k. trading is concentrated in the 0:43:06, is one-time sell trade.
  7. Sorry the picture is not clear, this is the performance of the BBS. The best answer is you try it yourself. Many sites are in the amount of brush. Trading volumes. Robot trading and so on.
  8. I'm in with the facts, has always been the case, now I'm even verify for you again. The same to other currency, the entire site is twice as much.
  9. Case: when you enter the game, through the keyboard TAB bring up a large map, click on the left upper corner of the map and in the top right corner of the smallest area, this will lead to the game down. I have two computers, the same problem. Don't know other players have such problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YN8TcrU0hg&feature=youtu.be
  10. The hunter game gold will refresh. (Taurion) when prospecting end will refresh or like beta now occupied, can't again exploration. I don't think so is the surface mine exploration, so there will be (n. mine) ,just like the grand canyon in the game, you can see the shining of the ore. As for prehistoric relics should be the only coordinates, not refresh in situ. You can imagine the appearance of the world is (n. mine).
  11. You error estimate, the actual only 400 k. Trading site shows are doubled. If you are trading.
  12. Game account panel (players and names) unable to call up. Case: 1.on the left side of the panel, click on the first, can eradicate (players and names), can't click restore. (quick than any other on the left side of the panel of buttons missing out function) Only by setting the panel UI option out. 2.Ranking panel lack recall function. Click on the left side of the panel can't disappear.
  13. Case: XAYA - Electron TAB my name, because I registered account for p/g/the name of up to 254 characters, so the WALLET cannot display name, all will be on the right side of the scroll bar at the bottom of the last one, but the scroll bar only when you are in my name slip won't come to the end of the list, you can see the results only in the final account transfer option box. Hope to be able to let the reader understand the pictures. My name there is no limit to the display area size, resulting in more than character and the height of the screen, the user name will not display in the bottom of the scroll bar, at the same time display name. The same problem also appears in the game when logging. 1, normal short user name registered. 2, super long character registered user name
  14. 由于这是一个新游戏,新世界,新星球,这是正确的星球,球是一个坚实的球体,麦哲伦环游世界,为什么有新的地图边界?或将自动扩展和衍生。贴近现实或飞向未来。正式游戏客户希望提供。
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