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  1. Hi, I hope someone here can clarify something that I've been unable to determine with any certainty from the various sources of documentation around Xaya, the community, the wiki, the white papers, none of them seem to provide a definitive answer to my question, or if they do the information is pretty well buried and I've been unable to surface it. In the white paper (English) there is a chart on page 20, Table 1, where the speed is identified as "Realtime" for Xaya. Yet in the wiki tutorial, First Steps, it states... I infer from that information that moving is a turn based event, where there is a delay of 30 seconds or so before the move of one player in the game space is transferred into the blockchain, and thence onto the other players. Is this correct? If so, this is not what I would refer to as realtime, so is in conflict with the other statement in the white paper. Very keen to understand if Xaya is suitable for a real realtime MMO experience, or if the nature of the blockchain based implementation, while innovative and I'm sure incredibly powerful in other aspects, precludes the possibility of a truly realtime experience. Sincerely Paul Gregory
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