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  1. ... or what about a "top 250 club" ? Then I could be a member as well... 😂
  2. yes, you are right- didn't keep this in mind after reading through the paper- it's quite complex stuff but of course interesting how such problems can be solved... Game channels are a good solution to implement blockchain games- they seem to be a similar concept as the payment channels for the lightening network in bitcoin.
  3. ok, so you used a server to be able to test the game... in a decentralized game, you will need to do a lot of cryptographics- but if it works, it's better than a client server app, because you don't need to ask the question whether the server can be trusted or not.
  4. @domob I just read your article about battleships on github... isn't there still the possibility that if Bob wins the game (and should be rewarded with Chi from Alice), then Alice could prevent the message "Alice lost" from being sent to the xaya network from her local computer... Bob will of course send the message "I won" to the blockchain... how do you solve this dispute then? Is this done by the xaya main chain?
  5. @casp0or: so you still need a neutral server as a third party in your example... but then it's not fully decentralized, and you still have to trust the server that he is fair. Or did I undertand something wrong here?
  6. ah ok, then games where you don't have all the information of the game should be possible to implement for a blockchain somehow- and you are already using this technique- that was my question. Your feature for XAYA sounds interesting- you can make yourself visible again on a different location and the opponent is completely unprepared! I'm looking forward to more games coming out for the XAYA- platform, then CHI price and volume should get better as well...
  7. yes, it is... I must admit, I just had to google the term "mental poker" and found something about it on wikipaedia... because it's quite a time ago that I did some programming- I'm quite out of my subject (computer science), but still interested. So this is a known cryptographic problem and not something just I thought about. And for most known problems there is a known solution... maybe something with multiple key cryptography in this case, where every node has its key and only all keys together can decrypt the hidden information- but it's quite complex though. And of course, only information may be decrypted that is confirmed for decryption by the blockchain! But it's quite complex though... This problem is not a problem of Xaya, it's a problem in all blockchain games on any chain!
  8. ok, so there will also be information (the real position of the traps in your example) that stays in the local computer of the player and is not published on the blockchain... this information should be stored safely of course- and in the best case encrypted! But it might be hard to implement a game where it's important that the players don't know the map before they discovered it, e. g. because there are treasures hidden on a map and you should not know the position of that treasures... poker would also be hard to implement because- how can the blockchain give out the cards secretly without the player's nodes knowing which cards are out already and which remained in the stack... for such games it still needs classic client- server applications, where sensitive data is securely stored in a server. But you are right, at least sensitive information that one player should know and noone else, can be treated safely by using salted hashes. Information that noone should know, only the game itself, might get a challenge though! But perhaps someone can find a well working solution for that problem as well...
  9. Hello! I don't know much about blockchain game programming- only have some experience with c/c++... but I'm interested in this subject and would like to understand how it works. So my question about that: A blockchain game needs to know the position of every unit on a map- the players units and the enemy units, so that it can compute whether 2 units come close enough for a fight. So every node, I think, needs to have this information, although not all information should displayed for the player. Because in every game, there is information that the player is not allowed to have. This would be the information about the position of enemy units, or parts of the map that he has not discovered yet... so how can you prevent that this information is extraced from the node by someone with advanced computer skills. The blockchain prevents changing the game state to your favour... can it also prevent someone to write a 'cheating tool' that shows you all enemy units on the map? Is there a simple answer to this question or does this fact mean you can only implement blockchain games, where every player is allowed to have all the information of the whole game, like chess or risk, where you can see all your own and all the enemy units? Perhaps I ask this question because I don't understand how blockchain gaming works in detail, and there is an easy answer to this question... Regards, Chris
  10. So, this project is making progress... nice! ☺️ When will Taurion be likely to be released?
  11. yes, sorry for asking so many questions... I think perhaps some of them can't be answered before the start of sme.. but at the moment, i'm thinking about buying shares of such a soccer club- and before there are some points I have to know... I'm very curious about this all and how it will work and so I have made some thoghts about it....
  12. Yes, that's true- it will reduce the risk... the players who invest, will also get some shares from the club and have voting rights then- But of course, I would additionally recommend making KYC compulsory for soccer manager Elite and maybe introducing some "trusted" players, who can act as "judges" or "admins" in this virtual world economy, where you can complain about unfair players. If one provably commits a scam, he should be banned from the game for lifetime! Of course, it's not easy to prevent all the things that could go wrong.... To make it easier for the shareholders to prevent being scammed- every action that costs money for the club, should be delayed for e.g. 3-4 days (and can be undone, if it's not in the interest of the shareholders). Then, all players have enough time to decide whether they agree with the actions taken by their manager... I don't know which of these suggestions have already been implemented by the team of soccer manager, this game is completely new and unprecedented- very exciting, but there are a lot of thoughts that have to be made that everything will work well... but I think, they'll find ways to make things work!
  13. I'm very curious about this game- but I still have some concerns: This game will deal with real money- how can it be prevented there that e.g. 2 (or more) managers play together to take money from their investors and put it into their own pockets? There could be situations like this: Manager A, who holds the majority of shares in his club, could play together with Manager B of an other club... Then, Manager B makes a fund raise for his club- many investors come and give their coins to club B. Now he has a lot of money, and with the money from the shareholders, he could buy a player from Club A... not a good player, one of the worst of course, but for the prize of all the money, the investors gave him. Now the money is inside of Club A. Of course, the shares of Club A will literally explode when they get so much money for a bad player. Then Manager A sells his shares, A and B share the profit they have stolen from the investors and they say thank you and good bye! It's also possible that a group of sahreholders could team up to commit this kind of scam- so who can you trust in this game? In real life, such a manager would be pulled before court and go into jail for several years- Can a player, who behaves ike this, be pulled to court in real life- because he betrayed other people with real money? How can such scenarios be prevented in Soccer Manager Elite?.... if a feature is added that allows betting on virtual football games, you can imagine that this could become even worse- there are of course lots of fraudulent activities in real life soccer too, wich could become a problem in the virtual world as well... or are there well working strategies to prevent this?
  14. ok, thank you! I read that somewhere in a forum as I remember... I'm looking forward to soccer manager elite coming out. There has never been anything similar! I'm glad to have invested here... it was worth every cent! xaya can grow for a huge factor I think! Great project!
  15. how much sme coins there are in total, is not only cosmetic... not for the ICO participants at least. During the ICO, they said that all partucipants will get the same amount in sme, as they bought in CHI... if there are as many Sme coins as Chi, we can double our value that we bought, which would be very good for us of course!... but if there are about 1 trillion sme coins, our bonus will be worth only a few cents... or is there a fixed percentage that is reserved for the Ico participants of xaya?
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