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  1. As I have found out, CHI has been listed on the CITEX exhange- the trade volume seems to be a bit lower than on liquid- I think it's good for the prize of our coin, that it's tradable on a new exchange now! And I also think that other exchanges will adopt our coin too soon, as the outlook for the future of the CHI coin is brilliant- any exchange who adopts this coin will make big profit, I think! They only need a bit more patience than BITMESH, and they can make good money!
  2. yes, if this game has such a great potential, maybe, it could be clever to buy some sme coins as well (in addition to the chi that I'm hodling)... do you know when the ICO for the SME coins starts?
  3. so, first division clubs are currently valued at about 1 to 1,5 BTC- and this, although the game has not even started- when this game runs, then 10 BTC for a good 1st division club is not really unrealistic, I think
  4. Maybe, that guy was just a troll (there are not many people yet who are willing to invest 10BTC in a small cap coin like CHI).... not yet- BUT... what do you think, a virtual football club can be worth? In my opinion, ONE such club can get a much higher market value than 10 BTC! And there are 600 football clubs that you can buy!! So, if the creators of SME make a good and fair game with no bugs and no space for nasty tricks, then a 10 BTC investment in CHI will not even be one of the biggest!
  5. So, done! Now the potential thief perhaps can get my USB- stick- and I wish him a lot of fun with this stick- as my CHI are on a new address now . Ok, he/she still has a useful USB stick then, when he finds it, where he can save some funny cat vidoes or other stuff if he wants! And: Thanks for the instruction @tyKiwanuka! Kind Regards, Chris
  6. yes, you are right! Furthermore, I was clever enough not to save the password on the stick, but maybe, I was stupid enough to keep an unencrypted version still saved there. I don't think it got stolen- as I remember, I wanted to hide it somewhere and just don't find it anymore. But as you said, I'll better remove the headache by making a new wallet... and btw, yes, I'm German-speaking... Greetings from Austria!
  7. Thank you ver much! But one question remains: How can someone have access to addresses that were created after the backup? So the wallet. dat file contains a seed for current and future private keys? Fortunately, I was clever enough not to put my secret password on the USB stick- but to be 100 percently safe, maybe I should do what you suggested me...
  8. And: are the private keys saved with password encryption, when I make a backup??
  9. Hello! I made a backup of my wallet and saved it to a USB stick. Unfortunately, I lost this stick somewhere... so I want to create a new address and transfer all my coins to that new address to make sure, noone can steal my coins when he finds my USB stick somewhere. Now my question: When I create a new address with the same wallet installation on my computer, does a potential thief have access to the coins in the new address somehow, when he has the stick with the old backup, or are my coins safe then? Does the backup contain a seed, where he can generate a set of private keys from (where new addresses are already included) , or are all new private keys generated independently? Regards, Chris
  10. you use a cryptocurrency called soccer manager coins, this cryptocurrency can be traded against Chi, Chi can be traded against Bitcoin and Bitcoin can be traded against REAL MONEY.. so in the end, you need real money for this game- most players are shareholders for a club or agents for the soccer players... there are only 640 soccermanagers in the whole game- 1 for every team... but thousands of players will be shareholders of the club's or player's shares... and as I see, the price for buying CHI coins is still very cheap- so you can buy them cheap now or expensive later when everyone wants to get coins for the game (but this is just my opinion)...
  11. ok, that sounds good- so you will always need Chi to pay transaction fees... with Ethereum, there is the problem that the miners of an ethereum-based token can also be paid in the token that runs on the Eth blockchain (with new protocols different from erc20) and not in Eth as this happens with Erc20 coins... so there will be less need for Eth then- could the same problem arise with chi? That a new game comes with a new coin where you have a different protocol that uses this coin to pay the miners instead of Chi? Or does the Xaya- blockchain prevent this?
  12. I've heard that in games that run in game channels, you will need an own cryptocurrency (the specific game currency) to buy things in this gameand you can change virtual items into that specific game currency, this is SME Coins for soccer manager e. g.. You would not be able to program games for which you use CHI directly (this should be the case for games that run in game channels) (Can there be games that run outside of a channel that use CHI directly as currency?) . Of course, you need CHI to buy the specific game currency... now my questions: will it be possible for a crypto exchange to adopt the specific game currency, (such as SME coins), so that you don't need CHI anymore in these games? Or can this be prevented somehow? (this would be bad for the price of CHI because if it's not vital for gameplay, there will be less demand)... And which other use cases for CHI will exist in the future?
  13. ok... so you sold 100chi and liquid showed 200 volume- so the trading volume displayed there is manipulated? Didn't know that... do they double every transaction or only some randomly picked transactions?
  14. hm... the resolution if the posted picture is not very high, so I can't read any numbers there. So it really shows double of the actual volume? Why that? Is this a bug or do they want to pretend a higher volume by doing so? Can anyone confirm that? I never realized this on liquid. com!
  15. yes, this is what you can call a jackpot on liquid! imagine how much 800k could be worth when all the games are online and working....
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