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  1. I think the Mods are going to have a full time job here with all the random threads and silly questions popping up all over the place after the beta email yesterday.
  2. That's interesting. Does that mean that anyone with some know how could open up other worlds with a fully separate economy away from what the Gore's are running? Snailbrain, are you familiar with the current game SM Worlds game at all fella? Just curious as it tends to be yourself giving most of the updates in here thats all.
  3. Guys, who's going to be the main driving force behind keeping this up to date and running smoothly with patches and updates? If its the Xaya team we should be fine, if its the Gore brothers I think this will be in trouble judging by how they've neglected the SM Worlds side of the game for years. Doesn't inspire confidence in me to part with any more money that's for sure.
  4. Ok thanks for this. Its very different to the way it was described previously, so thats thrown me somewhat. Some initial questions as they come to me and apologies if these have been covered elsewhere, just point me towards the thread if so... So the 620 teams, is this just while under Beta, and more worlds will open further down the line (each with their own 620 teams or so), or is 620 teams all there ever will be and anyone wanting to get involved later will need to become a shareholder? If a team has a manger who's doing well, but then a bigger shareholder comes in and buys 51% of the club, can they then sack the manager and install themselves? If a manager is taking a salary, does that go into his personal funds that he can convert into real cash? Can the manager instead use his salary to help the team? It sounds like a lot of emphasis is put on short term success, so how's that likely to work out for us long term strategic thinkers who eschew short term gains for long terms goals? Using SM Worlds as an example, I always play the long game and look to pick up promising youth that are improving rather than short term better players on the decline. Is this likely to be a complete paradigm shift or will there be flexibility to run a club this way? Stadium size has been mentioned, what about other facilities for improving players. This leads directly onto my next question actually... Since Sm has the legal right to use real players names and teams in SM core, will that also be the case here or will we see made up names and clubs? How will players develop? Is it based on real world performance as it is now, or will teams need to develop their youth inside of the game by playing/training them? I think thats all i can think of right now. Thanks.
  5. This needs more explaining i think. Does this mean a manager is not actually in control of his team and is at the mercy of other shareholders? What power does a manger actually hold? What if they want to buy a player and the shareholders say no? I'm assuming they'll be in charge of tactics and player selection, but the buying, selling and scouting is the part that has always interested me most about SM Worlds. That doesn't sound like a management game so much as a committee they way its described above.
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