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  1. Sort of on-subject but - is it still impossible for me to rent Nicehash to mine CHI?
  2. Looks like many of the sell orders (asks) were either sold or pulled. There used to be large sell walls in a few spots going up to 2000 sats. Now way less. Seems like only 350k CHI left for sale from where we are now at 250 sats all the way to 2500 (10x!). Wow. Looks good! Somewhere above that is another 380k. I remember when total asks was way over 1 million. Now it's only 680k.
  3. Umm that is literally genius.
  4. 2nd highest volume day for CHI since launch a year ago on Liquid. Price hit 213 satoshi after sitting at 150 for awhile. Looks like 200k bought (factoring 2x volume Liquid bug) 24h Volume 394,930.53 CHI Some decent buy walls have built up as well.
  5. On Liquid -- Looks like the line at 1000 satoshi is becoming a bit better defended. And there are not many coins to go through at this rate to reach 2000 satoshi. About 200k coins. Maybe by the end of April we will reach the wall at 0.00002000! Total asks are about to fall under 1 million coins soon possibly. At 1,030,000.
  6. Just offhand I checked the top 100 address and see that only 2 of them have "possibly" sold some of their coins on Liquid (moving coins to Liquid). So 98% are holding. Good guess on my part...
  7. Can you run a quick script and see how many CHI wallets have ever moved their coins? Seem like 98% of those have never moved coins since the ICO distribution and/or bounties. With this we could see the current total coins that might be available on the market at the moment.
  8. So about how many people can "play" SME at the most? Not including shareholders. I am not a player of Soccer Manager so I am not sure how to put it. If say only 10,000 people can play then what would be the solution if 100,000 want to play? Just add more teams?
  9. Nice Any word on total supply number of SME coins? Or specs of SME coin?
  10. Thanks for the re-post in the right thread :). Yes, I am wondering how the currencies will integrate and interact. Also, are the Xaya ICO participants still getting an equal amount of SMC coins on launch?
  11. Amazing! I would like to know how will CHI (the native currency of Xaya) be incorporated into the game? What roll will it play in Soccer Manager Elite? And how will the "Soccer Manager Coin" tie in with CHI and/or SME? Just wondering how the currencies of both projects will be used in the system. Thanks!
  12. Would be interesting to know if Tristan put it in the contract when he sold Poloniex to Circle to settle certain tasks. And to know if this was one of them or not. I would assume based on their backpedaling that it's not. But you never know. Seems strange they would agree to do it and then not. Maybe Poloniex is struggling to stay afloat? I was a major trader there for years and stopped awhile ago. I would have been wiling to trade there again but they seem all screwed up these days on their morals and direction. They just ignored me even though I basically helped build their infrastructure with my fees. So kinda lame to ask for one favor and get ignored after years of support. That's my take right now. I would be willing to pursue them on social media and elsewhere. I likely will this summer if it's not resolved. It's a small stack of CHI for me there but like sorji said -- Principle. -- Although I will add that I will be spending more time trading and buying more CHI, promoting Xaya, and helping out where I can than focusing on some lost and confused exchange.
  13. I think it is because most of those coins are in Poloniex's hands waiting to be sent out? I know I am waiting for Polo to send mine (Although it is a small part of my holdings in CHI). Wasn't HUC also listed at Bittrex as well? Cryptsy was already gone when airdrop happened I think. I also noticed very few large CHI holders have moved any CHI at all. Holding...
  14. Thanks for your hard work! Seems like a vast majority have never sold any coins. I see a few addresses are accumulating a lot.
  15. CMC got back to me asking about all these project related questions. I think Bitmesh should be listed on CMC first though before I answer.
  16. Any word on getting Bitmesh on CMC? If they get on there then there is no reason CHI would not be listed on CMC as well
  17. Two exchanges = Coinmarketcap listing I have made the submission to them.
  18. Price tripled to 1300 satoshi. Good start! On to 13,000 satoshi. Still only 2.4 million dollar market cap. I am looking for 500 million to 1 billion. Similar to other game coins that reached these levels early 2018. Xaya and CHI will be the premier game coin project to date obviously. Blowing away all previous attempts. Hopefully we see a strong market for Bitcoin going into the year with the halving coming. Combine that with the hoarding of CHI and release of new projects using Xaya. It will compound the market cap of CHI if we see these two things at the same time. Which I think we will into 2020. As a limited resource there are only so many CHI, and if you have speculators on one side, and token users on the other using CHI as a real utility then these two forces will also compound on top of each other. Pretty exciting.... And we can all contribute by buying, using, and mining CHI!
  19. Mysterious. Any theories ?
  20. My gut feeling is they are going to list it at some point. If they are going through the trouble to distribute the coins, and deal with the wallet, then why not list an amazing project at the same time. They just listed another coin recently so it may just be a matter of time. I have requested twice to them to list it and I will again.
  21. Yoyodyne

    Xaya Rich List

    I am siphoning coins from Liquid to my wallet (one of them at least ... ) Been watching Liquid cold wallet regularly drop in size. Looks like whoever is mining is holding as well.
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