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  1. CMC got back to me asking about all these project related questions. I think Bitmesh should be listed on CMC first though before I answer.
  2. Any word on getting Bitmesh on CMC? If they get on there then there is no reason CHI would not be listed on CMC as well
  3. Two exchanges = Coinmarketcap listing I have made the submission to them.
  4. Price tripled to 1300 satoshi. Good start! On to 13,000 satoshi. Still only 2.4 million dollar market cap. I am looking for 500 million to 1 billion. Similar to other game coins that reached these levels early 2018. Xaya and CHI will be the premier game coin project to date obviously. Blowing away all previous attempts. Hopefully we see a strong market for Bitcoin going into the year with the halving coming. Combine that with the hoarding of CHI and release of new projects using Xaya. It will compound the market cap of CHI if we see these two things at the same time. Which I think we will into 2020. As a limited resource there are only so many CHI, and if you have speculators on one side, and token users on the other using CHI as a real utility then these two forces will also compound on top of each other. Pretty exciting.... And we can all contribute by buying, using, and mining CHI!
  5. Mysterious. Any theories ?
  6. My gut feeling is they are going to list it at some point. If they are going through the trouble to distribute the coins, and deal with the wallet, then why not list an amazing project at the same time. They just listed another coin recently so it may just be a matter of time. I have requested twice to them to list it and I will again.
  7. Yoyodyne

    Xaya Rich List

    I am siphoning coins from Liquid to my wallet (one of them at least ... ) 😜 Been watching Liquid cold wallet regularly drop in size. Looks like whoever is mining is holding as well. 😜
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