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  1. please, add "pause" in the end and run 1 more time
  2. So... Recently I've bought RTX 2080 for testing (Palit PA-RTX2080 Gaming Pro OC 8G (NE62080S20P2-180A)) GPU-Z said, that it has Micron memory My wallet: CPT7gBRQa5cjYYS2mxosaPUbGpyN2A4jTb All donations are welcome (I wanna buy 2080ti for testing) my . bat file: miner.exe -a neoscrypt-xaya -o stratum+tcp://eu.bsod.pw:2534 -u CPT7gBRQa5cjYYS2mxosaPUbGpyN2A4jTb -p x -i 21 Hashrates: Stock: PL 100 Core clock + 100 1950 hashes Effective: PL 89 Core Clock + 100 1840 hashes ALL HASHRATES ARE FOR -i 21 (the best performance intensity)
  3. Hi! Recently I've asking several times in telegram group about RTX 2060 hashrate, but no one answers, so... I've bought it yesterday and made some tests. Palit GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming Pro [NE62060018J9-1062A] GPU-Z said that it have Micron memory, but nevermind because neoscrypt didn't depend on memory Started miner from: https://github.com/xaya/ccminer/releases/tag/v0.1. Hashrate was about 950 kh/s and I was upset, because videocard for 350$ gives double p106-100 hashrate BUT Please look closer to this .bat file: miner.exe -a neoscrypt-xaya -o stratum+tcp://eu.bsod.pw:2534 -u CcPsfZsg5taU7kBaqvWm3thN5SDAyaUfBp -p x -i 21 I've started to play with intensity and it gives me about 1170kh/s Adding +150 to core clock gives extra 100kh/s and 1260-1290kh/s total P.S. I want to test all RTX-series (2070-2080ti) and donates are welcome: CcPsfZsg5taU7kBaqvWm3thN5SDAyaUfBp
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