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  1. perfect is fine, thank you very much for the support
  2. do not need to do anything with the 1.1.1a update?
  3. I already did, I have the new 1.1.1a wallet, should I start with that or just delete the old chain and start?
  4. already save the files and disable antivirus / firewall, also download the new portfolio 1.1.1a
  5. I am very lost, it is very necessary to take that step so as not to lose the portfolios?
  6. but I can not find those files, inside the xaya files I can not find them
  7. When I erase the chain, are my wallets created eliminated?
  8. Can I do all that with those 2 buttons?
  9. it's fine I'm already downloading it, but I can not find the caperta that you say
  10. just when I start the program, 10sec passes and I get that error, someone tells me how to fix it?
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