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  1. Thanks, yes this is resolved. My mistake for being impatient and not waiting to sync to the current block.
  2. Hi, I'm experiencing a problem with my XAYA QT wallet. I purchased CHI in the ICO and successfully transferred it into my XAYA QT wallet when it became available. I then attempted to transfer the CHI from the QT wallet into my CHI wallet on the liquid exchange. It has not reached the liquid wallet and the balance on my QT wallet shows as zero. The transfer has been logged on the transactions tab within the QT wallet. These are the details of the transaction : Status: 0/unconfirmed, in memory pool Date: 19/1/19 12:25 To: liquid CWU1DL3fyApcB4hi4FNTmH36u8fgp2eRCd Debit: -8671.07980800 CHI Transaction fee: -0.00019200 CHI Net amount: -8671.08000000 CHI Transaction ID: ba68796125f0fc622db77bb39d89ee92b8a8f7efef54808e5bf1f33e919f3531 Transaction total size: 192 bytes Transaction virtual size: 192 bytes Output index: 0 When I use the XAYA explorer it shows that the CHI is still in my XAYA QT wallet but when I launch my QT wallet the balance is zero I made the transaction with an earlier version of the QT wallet. Yesterday I updated to the latest version and synchronized with the network but I still have the same issue. I'm unsure what else I can try. Any insights or help is greatly appreciated
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