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  1. So there is no real mining options in the qt client?
  2. soo downloaded the 1.1 qt client running fine:) but whats the xaya-hash.exe file/do? also the rest of files in the zip file do for that matter? i know what the xaya-cli.exe does.. the rest? Icon
  3. So you are saying you know for a fact f2pool is running a xaya qt wallet and is merged mining this coin? Cause the last time i looked i didn't see a payout address for this coin.. :(. Just because someone is mining btc doesn't mean they are merge mining.
  4. ah i should had remembered that from HUC so know any mining pools that are merged mining cli? Icon Did you F2pool back on board?
  5. also who is keeping this network secure solo miners only? icon
  6. didn't know if anyone is mining and finding blocks, basically is it worth mining at these prices? Thanks Icon
  7. Icon

    which wallet to use?

    so basically they are the same.. you have 2 wallets cold storage/game wallet to xfser funds into play a game instead of like the qt wallet all funds in 1 account? Can both be used to play games off of qt & electron qt? Icon
  8. so question, the xaya electron wallet has a folder called valut.dat and the qt version doesn't guess there not compatible? Can i use the qt to play games with seeing it has only wallet.dat file? I tried to copy the vault.dat folder into the qt data folder and it did not have a receive address Thanks Icon
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