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  1. Thanks for following up. To rephrase, if our team deems it appropriate in the future, we'll be happy to investigate reopening this case. Let us know if you have any further questions.
  2. Fuck them. I'm done. They scammed us. I didn't withdraw - this is my bad. Not your keys, not your coins. A lesson learned.
  3. Another ticket: Support answer: Wtf is wrong with them?
  4. Maybe it is for the better... Another explanation for such a long delay is that they are waiting for Xaya to be developed some games on to list CHI on the exchange (I can't seem to find any other reason). Polo is a large exchange so they only add matured coins/tokens.
  5. I created another ticket, they say "Thanks for reaching out. Our team is still working on making these coins available to the rightful owners, and will have an update as soon as possible." I asked what's taking so long are they running into some issues and maybe I can help, the answer was " Thanks for following up. There are no issues at present; our team is simply working on the rollout. We appreciate your support and offer! "
  6. Seems like this question is still one of the few unanswered. I wounder why...
  7. There was hardfork in December then Xmas and holidays. Now what? There's no excuses left. If they don't do that in 10 days I see absolutely no reason in it.
  8. Two weeks more and I haven't been reached. Has anyone?
  9. The only explanation is that they are waiting for the hardfork to occur just not to mess up with withdrawals.
  10. It's been a month. Have you tried to reach Cryptopia? It's a good exchange that should list CHI. This at lest is unprofessional from Poloniex. I've heard of people waiting for Polo to reply in tickets for months.
  11. That's what I'd wanted to hear. I thought Polonex had forgotten about us. Also, I think a small exchange like Cryptopia will gladly accept CHI.
  12. Is it? They said they would. So they just have to. Ok, well, then are there any plans to have CHI traded on another exchange? Listing on CMC is de-facto a must have for coins. If a coin is not listed there for many people it doesn't exist.
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