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  1. I think CHI is massively undervalued. I think initially it made sense to maybe a bit low key whilst developing a strategy. Now we've got to the point where to get more interest the price needs to grow. A higher price gets engagement and generates interest.
  2. Hi, I had the same issue and reinstalled and deleted chain. Should I be able to see my balance while its syncing? Showing as 0.
  3. I agree. Just doesn't seem much in the way of word of mouth either. I'm in for the long term. I actually invested in Holo too plus xrp. Nothing else I've come across with true utility and scale potential.
  4. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on price? I see the money I put in as an investment and will hang around for the long term investment but it doesn't seem like the team are doing much to promote the project. Adoption = Success and I can't see that happening without the visibility and public perception. That includes at least appearing to be concerned with the drop in value post launch on liquid.
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