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  1. Konohime

    Interest in mmo Pokemon-like game on Xaya

    -> Awesome, is a daily login rewards is possible ? -> When you say like pokement, you mean the concept of Water is better than Fire, Electricity better than Water, etc. ? With the energy card you have to link to your summoned pokement to be able to attack ? (yes I really loved the Pokement TCG ^^) -> What do you mean ? I know it's just the draft, but this idea is brillant !
  2. Konohime

    Xaya-Gaming.net Main Site Launch *BACK ONLINE*

    ok np i'm not in a rush, i'm just curious. I'll reload it time to time to see, until then I have some Treats Fighters to deal with ^^ thanks for the reply !
  3. Konohime

    Step-by-Step: Windows+Nvidia GPU for mining

    Actually I manage to mine some with my 850M Nvidia card and started playing the game thanks again for this useful tuto, I wanted to spread it by writing a tuto with it, does it bother you ? i'll keep myself inform here for this pool, things could get easier ^^
  4. Konohime

    Xaya-Gaming.net Main Site Launch *BACK ONLINE*

    is this website alive ? I can't find it anywhere...
  5. Konohime

    Step-by-Step: Windows+Nvidia GPU for mining

    thank you so much for this tuto ! Sorry to ask this silly question, but it means it will mine directly in my game wallet ?
  6. Konohime

    What is your favourite platform for games?

    on computer, I don't like console that much... And IOS recently
  7. Hello, I'm a pitty trader, so the day I heard some video game could bring me some crypto, I started to search for new projects, new Dapps, new games... and I found you weeks ago, keeping myself inform of the news around, and waiting for the Holy Graal : a MMORPG based on the blockchain. Sometimes I write article (in french, my english isn't perfect at all...) about stuff that interesting me :) I'm part of the Block Decentral communauty, and an Eos Knight player :) Also, i'm trying to mine some XAYA but so far, I didn't manage to mine anything. So I guess, I'm going to cheat to earn some, and buy it :D Nice to meet you all
  8. Konohime

    What video game genre is your favourite?

    Role Playing, but particulary MMORPG :)