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  1. Basically first person to guess a number gets the prize. Oh look, my original guess, very first post besides the OP. You don't get the prize if I win Neither do you You won't get it either. You think it's a split? Get outta here. Stop stealing my guess >.> You don't get no prize.
  2. Reposting for the growth engine points. Same as before, 5,500.
  3. Oof, nearly full pantry. Look at all the candy though!
  4. I think you might be in trouble. Rare Lady Charlotte The Honey-Striker Moveset: Bubble Trouble x1 Chilling Blow x1 Sugar Rush x2 Sugar Shield x1 Toffee Tripper x2 Requirements: Cinnamon Ball x50 PBCup x50 Peppermint x30 Ring Pop x40 Toffee Chunk x30 Common Sacrifice x1
  5. So to confirm, all 3 links are updated to the current version? Also, another suggestion, claim all button for expedition.
  6. Suggestion btw, if it hasn't already been suggested and/or is currently in the works. Allow users to get rid of recipes they can't use/don't want for extra candy/crystals. I'm currently sitting at #1 in the tournament, my roster is full, and I'm nearly full on recipes. Don't want to lose prestige with the tournament currently running to make room.
  7. Is there a way to mine without an SM3.0 compatible card? Such as an 870?
  8. Occasionally gets stuck on "Registering" on tournaments. Also gets the random "Leave" button on tournaments you're not entered into.
  9. I find $100 to $250 to be my yearly average for games only. More if you count in app/game purchases.
  10. Definitely have to say PC and iOS. PC Master race, but for mobile, iOS is currently leading the gaming market. At least until the ASUS ROG Phone comes out.
  11. Personally I prefer RP only because you can pretend to be someone you're not, live other lives, etc. so games like Fallout are right up my alley.
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