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  1. You maybe downloaded the blockchain when upgrading, although your wallet was already fully synced before (?). Try this: Delete the chain in the Electron wallet. To do so, click the Settings tab then the DELETE CHAIN button Install the Electron wallet again During the install when prompted to download the chain, choose YES
  2. Maybe the tauriond.exe is blocked by your firewall/antivirus. Try to create an exception for it.
  3. If you are not invited to the alpha/beta this will still take some time. Release of the full game is aimed for end of the year only.
  4. If you are careless with your online banking details, the bank will not refund nothing Same goes for crypto - if you are careless, you will lose your coins/token. If you take care, it is safe. Don't think that you have to pay fortunes of money to play SME and gamble with that kind of money. If you are a manager, you just need a few pennies to cover transaction costs. 100 CHI would cost around $3 for now. With 100 CHI you can play a VERY long time. And, as I said, you get a wage as a manager. If you are a good manager, you will easily make money by playing SME. The communication from SM team can be improved, yes, I agree.
  5. Why so negative ? You aren't obliged to play the game, just move on, if you don't like it. So why bother about a poorly run game ? There are enough other games you can play. You can also lose money, if someone hacks into your online banking......so you better not use any money at all. You are not gambling on any currency in the end. You don't need to be an agent or shareholder. You can be a manager, where you have to spend only very few money paying for transaction fees. On the other hand, as a manager, you will get a wage, which you can convert back to real money, if you like. Just wait for the game to be released and see, maybe you will like it in the end You seem to know next to nothing about cryptocurrencies, so save your judgement for later.
  6. No, of course not You can buy fractions of a Bitcoin as well, like 0,001 Bitcoin, which would be around £8 then.
  7. You need to have real money, with which you buy Bitcoin first. Those Bitcoins you exchange for CHI at a cryptocurrency exchange afterwards. That is all, because afaik the shares for clubs are paid/traded with CHI. If not, you would have to exchange your CHI for Soccer Manager Coins inside the game.
  8. Yes, they delisted all low volume coins.
  9. I interpreted adamgud's post as a more funny/sarcastic one. Afaik he is long time supporter of Xaya/HUC, so he knows the team as honest, reliable, fair and not trying to make money on the back of the community. I am no dev btw and not part of Xaya team, just helping out a bit
  10. Maybe someone who doesn't follow the development. Maybe he also needs money badly for real life things or wants to buy another crypto that is even more promising than XAYA There could be lots of reasons.
  11. It wasn't from the team, their address is untouched. And if they somehow are forced in the near future to sell some of their CHI, they will do (or try to do) it OTC.
  12. tyKiwanuka

    HUC delisted

    Not listed on any exchanges for now, so you would have to find someone in private/OTC.
  13. There are no player or clubs names in the game that we will distribute. It will be distributed as a vanilla game, instead you will see player_ids and Club_id. However we have made a facility in the client that we will distirbute that allows any users to upload their own UGC (user generated content). We have made a community area though where users can share the packs (xml files which link player ids with ids they like) they make with each other, so users don't have to spend time making their own from scratch and among themselves they can vote the best pack - the SME client will load the top rated pack for them as their starting pack but they can change that, choose a different pack or make their own.....can even share their own if they make one. From the wiki only non-licence related related data is retrieved
  14. tyKiwanuka


    So far nothing has been revealed regarding that and I personally don't have any idea what could be the cost.
  15. No date yet, but should happen soon
  16. You can be manager, shareholder and agent all at once. And you can change that of course. You can freely buy and sell your shares in a club or player. If you are 51%+ shareholder in a club, you can install yourself as a manager, without the possibility of being sacked (unless you sack yourself and hire another manager). If you are not 51+% shareholder or have no shares at all, shareholders of a club have to assign you as a manager.
  17. You can sign up for the beta here: https://soccermanagerelite.com/ Game play mechanics are here: https://soccermanagerelite.com/gameplay/
  18. No, that's not possible, it's two different chains.
  19. tyKiwanuka

    Xaya faucet

    Not sure, if there is any plan for a faucet from the team, but I am giving away some test CHi in Discord to people who want to test the wallet and/or games. In general people can and could always ask for some CHI in Telegram, Forums, Discord etc. and then will get sent some CHI.
  20. Your balance should show up at some point during the syncing process. It depends in what block your CHI transactions are. If they are in block 300,000 for example, you will see your balance when your wallet is synced up to block 300,000.
  21. I was never a big fan of telegram for exactly the reasons you point out. Valuable information gets lost pretty fast and those really interested in the tech and possiblities won't bother discussing something there between lambo memes and wallet problems. Moving to Discord is a step in the right direction therefore already. Here you at least have dedicated channels for all kinds of talk. Regarding mirroring the chats, I think it's a good idea. I have no idea how this works though and if it would be possible to only mirror valuable information and cut all the chit-chat out ?
  22. Forums are a dying medium of communication imo. Most of the younger people - and that is the majority in crypto space - are used to a more chat-ish and fast communication than a forum can give you. That said, there isn't that much discussion going on in Discord/Telegram for the moment as well. Everyone is waiting for Taurion/SME and the average crypto people are not that tech-savvy to be interested in the underlying tech, let alone being able to discuss it. Now you could argue, that bitcointalk is pretty popular for the old-school medium that a forum is, but take away the bounties and you would lose 80% of traffic there as well.
  23. There are some screenshot on the website: https://soccermanagerelite.com/ A short introduction of the game can be found here: https://forum.xaya.io/topic/511-welcome-the-soccer-manager-elite-forum/
  24. No, you will have to buy shares. You can be a manager without having any shares though. Regarding your other question - I don't know how far away mobile version is, but for the start, if you only have Android, this is bad news for you unfortunately, yes.
  25. tyKiwanuka


    No, your power depends on the percentage of shares you have. If you have 50%+ of shares, you can decide on your own for example.
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