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  1. tyKiwanuka

    Apply to List in bitmesh

    To be listed on Binance for free is a huge task imo and Xaya isn't there yet, so applying now is a bit too early. When there are more games and a bigger community, then it might be worth a try. For now there is just not a lot to show for and volume on Liquid is low, but when things will pick up, I am sure the team will consider doing an application to Binance.
  2. tyKiwanuka

    [HOW TO] Backup Wallets

    👉 Download the 1.1.1a version of the wallet: https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases/tag/1.1.1a. 👉 Install that version. 👉Go to settings afterwards and hit the "delete chain" button. 👉Wait for your wallet to fully sync. ✋ You won't lose your CHI, don't worry. ✋ If you haven't done so already in the past, you should do a backup with your old wallet version first though just to be safe. Store those backup files on external drives and not only on your computer. 🤙 If you backed your wallet up already in the past, just do those steps mentioned above.
  3. tyKiwanuka

    lost transactions

    This thread might be of some help to you: https://forum.xaya.io/topic/411-can-i-recover-chi-sent-but-not-processed/
  4. tyKiwanuka

    New to the car community!

    Hello, welcome to Xaya, nice to have you here 😎
  5. tyKiwanuka


    You have to download the 1.1.1a wallet version and delete the chain afterwards in settings and let your wallet sync from scratch then. With the correct wallet.dat from game wallet, your 16 CHI will be back.
  6. tyKiwanuka

    Xaya Wallet Ver 1.1.1 Stuck sync

    Yes, it's a necessary step with 1.1.1a version.
  7. tyKiwanuka

    Can I recover CHI sent but not processed?

    You can use the wallet.dat file from QT in Electron and vice versa. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1784048.msg49622528#msg49622528 Scroll a bit up there for file locations.
  8. tyKiwanuka

    Xaya Wallet Ver 1.1.1 Stuck sync

    With 1.1.1a version and having deleted the chain ?
  9. tyKiwanuka

    Can I recover CHI sent but not processed?

    Did you send those CHI after the hardfork with an old wallet version ?
  10. tyKiwanuka

    Xaya Wallet Ver 1.1.1 Stuck sync

    You need version 1.1.1a of the wallet: https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases/tag/1.1.1a Install that version and afterwards go to settings and click "delete chain". Your wallet will resync from scratch then. I'll move this thread to support as this is Huntercoin support section 😉
  11. tyKiwanuka


    It worked in the past, you got some rewards from Refereum campaign already: https://explorer.xaya.io/address/CRa1ZYfTVqH6LGaEpXdaCbFuxtyyCUu6ez
  12. tyKiwanuka

    Apply to List in bitmesh

    Is there any listing fee ? If yes, do you know how much it is ?
  13. tyKiwanuka

    error when starting xaya wallet

    No, after 1.1.1a is installed, you just have to delete the chain and the wallet will resync from scratch then. This takes some time depending on your computer.
  14. tyKiwanuka

    error when starting xaya wallet

    When you have your backups made then delete the chain, yes.
  15. tyKiwanuka

    error when starting xaya wallet

    Then do a manual backup like I described here: https://forum.xaya.io/topic/405-error-when-starting-xaya-wallet/?tab=comments#comment-8848
  16. tyKiwanuka

    error when starting xaya wallet

    Choose "Escritorio".
  17. tyKiwanuka

    error when starting xaya wallet

    That error you get while backing up is because you didn't choose a location. When that window pops up after hitting backup button, you have to choose a location - choose desktop on the left hand.
  18. tyKiwanuka

    error when starting xaya wallet

    Then shut your wallet down and copy those wallet.dat files from here (you were there already in the screenshot above): C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Xaya\wallets\game.dat\wallet.dat C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Xaya\wallets\vault.dat\wallet.dat to your desktop first. Rename those files to something meaningful (f.e. gamebackupJanuary2019 & vaultbackupJanuary2019) and don't mix them up. Put them on an USB stick or external hard drive. I think your firewall/anti-virus is causing some problems, so shut both down temporarily. Afterwards delete the chain and wait.
  19. tyKiwanuka

    error when starting xaya wallet

    1. Use the "Wallet backup" button. Save those files on external drives and not only your computer. 2. Hit the "Delete Chain" button and wait for your wallet to start syncing agian. Normally you don't need to backup your wallets with this update, but since you seem to not having done so in the past, you should do it asap.
  20. tyKiwanuka

    Date Forecast

    I guess Soccer Manager team doesn't know themselves or they would have given an exact date😉 I personally think, that it will be in February only as there are always delays in crypto. And it will only be closed beta, not launch or release of the game. I think there will be an open beta after the closed beta as well and then afterwards the public release will happen. Depending on how many bugs are found and how critical they are, it could all take some time.
  21. tyKiwanuka

    Can't import Key Huntercoin

  22. tyKiwanuka


    No, that is not possible. If you don't remember the password and are not able to brute force it, the CHI in that wallet are lost (or not accessible anymore to be precise).
  23. tyKiwanuka

    Прогресс блокво

    Yes, the rewards haven't been sent yet, just wait 😉
  24. tyKiwanuka

    Прогресс блокво

    The wallet gets all its information from the wallet.dat files in :\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Xaya\wallets\game.dat\wallet.dat C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Xaya\wallets\vault.dat\wallet.dat Those wallet.dat files remain untouched when you update to a new version of the wallet. So if you, for example, install the Xaya wallet on a new computer, you just have to put your (backed up) wallet.dat files in the respective folders on the new computer and have "your" wallet back on that computer.
  25. tyKiwanuka

    My question on bounty reward allocation

    No, per participant = per user. With Growth Engine campaign all users/participants collect points and that puts them in a certain tier. You were in the highest tier, which is Elite. All persons in one tier will share the CHI that is allocated to that tier among them. Below are the numbers of users in the tiers for stage 1 for example: Elite: (the top) 100 users Diamond: 482 users Gold: 431 users Silver: 1519 users Bronze: 28,000 users Rewards for stage 2 were sent on December 14th.

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