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  1. tyKiwanuka


    The first competition finished on Oct 15th: https://medium.com/@XAYA/claim-your-taurion-prizes-7534b40981ff Now the team is working towards the next competition, which will have more gameplay, while people can continue test-playing without a competition running: Andy - xaya.io, [16.10.19 16:31] we'll release a tech demo again with lowered cost to test, just 1 chi, and add the new features one by one Andy - xaya.io, [16.10.19 16:32] such as mining, inventory, killing and stealing stuff, they wil be bext
  2. tyKiwanuka


    28/38 rounds played in closed alpha. SMC coins will only be tradeable/purchaseable when the game is released afaik. It's best to join Discord to keep track with the progression, although there is little information too Some quotes from Discord: snailbrain10/04/2019 when this season finishes we'll be looking at inviting people then snailbrain10/17/2019 there has been several fixes, and some more bugs to fix too snailbrainYesterday at 6:00 PM no, it won't be december no updates yet, still in closed alpha atm
  3. These are not new ones, but I'll add them nevertheless, as they are a pretty good read imo: https://blog.blockchaingaming.com/overviews/xaya/ https://www.castlecrypto.gg/xaya-blockchain-gaming-platform-review/
  4. In general, you don't need to pre-download the blockchain, if your wallet was fully synced before (like in the last days). Only those that are far behind with syncing, should pre-download, because it saves a lot of time. The pre-downloaded blockchain starts somewhere around block 1,050,000 iirc, but with a recently fully synced wallet, you should already be at 1,210,000+ - so no point in downloading a chain that is behind the one you already have on your computer Great that it works for you now
  5. Did you download the blockchain when asked during the installation process ? If not, uninstall the wallet and install it again. When asked, if you want to download the blockchain, click YES and see if it works then. There has been a hard fork at block 440,000, thats why old wallet versions don't work no more.
  6. There is 0.01 CHI stuck in every name registered, maybe it's that (?).
  7. You maybe downloaded the blockchain when upgrading, although your wallet was already fully synced before (?). Try this: Delete the chain in the Electron wallet. To do so, click the Settings tab then the DELETE CHAIN button Install the Electron wallet again During the install when prompted to download the chain, choose YES
  8. Maybe the tauriond.exe is blocked by your firewall/antivirus. Try to create an exception for it.
  9. If you are not invited to the alpha/beta this will still take some time. Release of the full game is aimed for end of the year only.
  10. If you are careless with your online banking details, the bank will not refund nothing Same goes for crypto - if you are careless, you will lose your coins/token. If you take care, it is safe. Don't think that you have to pay fortunes of money to play SME and gamble with that kind of money. If you are a manager, you just need a few pennies to cover transaction costs. 100 CHI would cost around $3 for now. With 100 CHI you can play a VERY long time. And, as I said, you get a wage as a manager. If you are a good manager, you will easily make money by playing SME. The communication from SM team can be improved, yes, I agree.
  11. Why so negative ? You aren't obliged to play the game, just move on, if you don't like it. So why bother about a poorly run game ? There are enough other games you can play. You can also lose money, if someone hacks into your online banking......so you better not use any money at all. You are not gambling on any currency in the end. You don't need to be an agent or shareholder. You can be a manager, where you have to spend only very few money paying for transaction fees. On the other hand, as a manager, you will get a wage, which you can convert back to real money, if you like. Just wait for the game to be released and see, maybe you will like it in the end You seem to know next to nothing about cryptocurrencies, so save your judgement for later.
  12. No, of course not You can buy fractions of a Bitcoin as well, like 0,001 Bitcoin, which would be around £8 then.
  13. You need to have real money, with which you buy Bitcoin first. Those Bitcoins you exchange for CHI at a cryptocurrency exchange afterwards. That is all, because afaik the shares for clubs are paid/traded with CHI. If not, you would have to exchange your CHI for Soccer Manager Coins inside the game.
  14. Yes, they delisted all low volume coins.
  15. I interpreted adamgud's post as a more funny/sarcastic one. Afaik he is long time supporter of Xaya/HUC, so he knows the team as honest, reliable, fair and not trying to make money on the back of the community. I am no dev btw and not part of Xaya team, just helping out a bit
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