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  1. There has been a hardfork and you need to upgrade to 1.4.1: https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases You will get prompted to pre-download the blockchain, where you can choose YES, if you like. It saves a lot of time with syncing. In case you didn't know, this forum is retired and the main communication platform is Discord now. Feel free to join: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  2. There never was a Chimaera forum for all I know. If you have an Electron password, you must have downloaded the wallet at least once and encrypted it. Please consider coming to Discord for further help, this forum is not actively supported no more: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  3. In your first screenshot it looked already fine when it said "rescanning" and this can indeed take some time^^ This forum is not active anymore, if you want, you can join the Discord: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  4. Download the latest wallet version (1.4.1) here: https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases While installing you will get prompted to pre-download the chain, click YES. Thats all basically and your wallet should work again. Please consider joining Discord for any further questions: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  5. Please come to Discord and provide some screenshots if possible: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  6. Most likely your wallet wasn't fully synced before you made the transaction. Just let the wallet until it's fully synced, your tx should get confirmed then sooner or later as well. For more and faster support, you can join the Xaya Discord: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  7. Yes, just wait, it can take a bit
  8. Looks like it's syncing, no ?
  9. Hi there. You might want to join the Xaya Discord channel, there is a bit more action than here https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  10. See this thread for your question: https://forum.xaya.io/topic/1186-does-elite-cost-money/ You might also want to join the Discord: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  11. No KYC for withdrawals up to 0.5 BTC/day.
  12. A 1% share in a first division SME team found in Taurion competition was bought for $100 by another player.
  13. I think it was just someone trolling tbh.
  14. https://forum.xaya.io/topic/1186-does-elite-cost-money/?tab=comments#comment-10763
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