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  1. tyKiwanuka

    Прогресс блокво

    Yes, the rewards haven't been sent yet, just wait 😉
  2. tyKiwanuka

    Прогресс блокво

    The wallet gets all its information from the wallet.dat files in :\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Xaya\wallets\game.dat\wallet.dat C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Xaya\wallets\vault.dat\wallet.dat Those wallet.dat files remain untouched when you update to a new version of the wallet. So if you, for example, install the Xaya wallet on a new computer, you just have to put your (backed up) wallet.dat files in the respective folders on the new computer and have "your" wallet back on that computer.
  3. tyKiwanuka

    My question on bounty reward allocation

    No, per participant = per user. With Growth Engine campaign all users/participants collect points and that puts them in a certain tier. You were in the highest tier, which is Elite. All persons in one tier will share the CHI that is allocated to that tier among them. Below are the numbers of users in the tiers for stage 1 for example: Elite: (the top) 100 users Diamond: 482 users Gold: 431 users Silver: 1519 users Bronze: 28,000 users Rewards for stage 2 were sent on December 14th.
  4. tyKiwanuka

    Прогресс блокво

    Yes, the 1.1.1 version: https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases
  5. tyKiwanuka

    My question on bounty reward allocation

    It's fair, yes. There were thousands of participants and 300k allocated to the whole stage, so you can't expect to get millions of CHI. All Elite members were getting the same rewards. Payouts for GE campaign in the past: Stage 1 (300k CHI): Tier payout Elite: 800 CHI per participant Diamond: 188 CHI per participant Gold: 85 CHI per participant Silver: 25.6 CHI per participant Bronze: 2 CHI per participant Stage 2 (300k CHI): Tier payout Elite: 994.30 CHI per participant Diamond: 394.30 CHI per participant Gold: 144.30 CHI per participant Silver 57.34 CHI per participant Bronze: 11.75 CHI per participant Stage 3 (200k CHI): Tier payout Elite: 971.90 CHI per participant Diamond: 571.90 CHI per participant Gold: 214.76 CHI per participant Silver: 20.59 CHI per participant Bronze: 7.05 CHI per participant Stage 4 (100k CHI): Tier payout Elite: ? Diamond: ? Gold: ? Silver: ? Bronze: ?
  6. tyKiwanuka

    Hard-Fork - Update before Block 440,000

    Tbh I can't help with Ubuntu 😉 You would have to wait for @snailbrain to chime in.
  7. tyKiwanuka

    Hard-Fork - Update before Block 440,000

    Did you use the correct download link ? https://github.com/xaya/xaya/releases
  8. tyKiwanuka

    Hard-Fork - Update before Block 440,000

    Are you already on 1.1.0 version ? If yes, just wait, it says "connecting to peers" and that might take some time.
  9. tyKiwanuka

    Hard-Fork - Update before Block 440,000

    Where are you stuck ?
  10. tyKiwanuka

    Having dramas with Electron v1.1 and CCMINER

    Not sure, if it's possible that you are stuck on the wrong fork (don't think so), but you can choose to delete the chain in settings and resync. Make sure you have your wallet properly backed up though in case something goes wrong.
  11. You can try to use the "DELETE CHAIN" button in settings section and let the wallet resync, maybe this will help. And don't forget to have proper backups, but I think you have already.
  12. Since you told in telegram, that you are on version 1.1.0 and are fully synced, I would imagine, that you are actually in a different wallet, i.e. one that doesn't contain that mentioned address. You should check, if you can find that address in the receive section of your wallet.
  13. tyKiwanuka

    Add new exchange?

    As you might know, Xaya team is not actively pursuing being listed on exchanges as per the T&C. There have been some efforts from community members to get listed on other exchanges (without KYC preferably), but so far without success to my knowledge. I think it would be no problem to list CHI even on some bigger exchanges, but you know what it costs to get listed there. From the ICO results you can see that Xaya can't throw around with money. Not being an ERC20 token has some disadvantages sometimes too 😉 I think it would be good to have some place to do some OTC kind of trades. Don't know, if this forum is the right place for that though and if @snailbrain would approve. A more chattish-environment with the possibility to do group chats would be more suited imo. I could do some escrowing as well if needed.
  14. tyKiwanuka

    Wallet stuck synchronizing

    You can try this while waiting for someone from the team having a look at your debug.log.: https://forum.xaya.io/topic/89-wallet-stuck-synchronizing/?page=2&amp;tab=comments#comment-5196
  15. tyKiwanuka

    Wallet stuck synchronizing

    Have you already been waiting for a longer time for the syncing to start ?