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  1. New Taurion Video: Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPLBKPYn1LI  Leave a like, if you enjoyed the video and feel free to comment as well. 
  2. It was block 1,680,000: https://xaya.io/huntercoin.pdf
  3. tyKiwanuka

    Starting on Xaya

    In the support section of this forum, you can find a lot of valuable help regarding the wallet, f.e. here: https://forum.xaya.io/topic/238-how-to-and-video-help/ There is also the Xaya Wiki page, which might help with your first steps with the wallet: https://github.com/xaya/xaya_tutorials/wiki/Electron-Help If you have questions, just open a thread in the support section or use an existing one. For playing games (there is only the one DarkClaw mentioned above for now) you need CHI in your wallet - in your game wallet to be precise. With those CHI, you pay for transaction fees and are able to buy the respective game currency. In the case of Treatfighter, you exchange some CHI for Crystals inside the game (just two clicks, don't worry) and can do various things with those Crystals. For getting CHI to your wallet, you need to create an address within the wallet, where CHI can be sent. A tutorial on how to create an address can be found in the links above. Once you have created a CHI address, you can PM me your address and I can send you some CHI for testing. Maybe create a game wallet address first, so you don't have to send CHI from vault wallet to game wallet afterwards and can start playing directly. To switch between game and vault wallet, just use the dropdown menu on top of the wallet.
  4. If you have confirmed your e-mail, you finished your application for the beta. There is no date for the start yet, we are all waiting 😉
  5. Someone from the team can give you a more detailed and sophisticated answer later on, but the realtime happens via game channels, which are yet to be implemented. Those 30 seconds is the block time for the Xaya main chain and games running only on this main chain are not realtime. https://www.ledgerjournal.org/ojs/index.php/ledger/article/view/15
  6. Most exchanges have a minimum deposit though, not sure how much it is with Liquid/BitMesh. For testing purposes you can also send CHI from your vault wallet to game wallet. Use the dropdown menu on top to switch between these two wallets. Create a new address in game wallet and copy it. Go to your vault wallet afterwards and just do those steps I mentioned above.
  7. Afaik there is no tutorial available, but the process is pretty straighforward. If you want to send your CHI to an exchange like Liquid/BitMesh you need a CHI deposit address from them. In your (Electron) wallet go to the "send" tab and paste that address you got from the exchange into the "Pay to address" field. Double-check if the address correct and nothing got lost with copy&paste. In "Amount Value" just put the amount of CHI in you want to send. Afterwards just click "send". It might take some time, until the exchange will credit your deposit afterwards. You can check your transactions in the transaction tab in your wallet. If you are unsure, send a small amount to the exchange first and see if everything is fine.
  8. No, all good. You can do whatever you want with your CHI without sacrificing the bonus offer. If you participated in presales, you will also get your SME coins regardless of what you do with your CHI. They will get sent to the same address that your CHI were sent, so make sure, you still have access to that (presale) address.
  9. CHI is currently traded at https://www.liquid.com/ and https://bitmesh.com/. You can trade your CHI back to other crypto or fiat there if you decide to do so. With Liquid you have to do KYC in any case, with BitMesh only if you trade with fiat, no need for KYC for crypto to crypto trades there. You will be able to use your CHI to play games. For example if you want to play Soccer Manager Elite, you will need to purchase SME coins, which can only be done through CHI.
  10. I think this is (or could be) prevented by the fact that shareholders have to agree with 51% majority to transfers above a certain sum. So the manager can do smaller transfers without the permission of the shareholders, but not big ones. He can of course still buy lower tier players for lets say 3x value that they actually have, but he won't get away too often with it, before he gets sacked by the shareholders. In the case of a manager owning 50%+ of shares, he is not restricted by the other shareholders though.
  11. There won't be an ICO for SME. The price for SME coins will fluctuate, as they are not pegged to CHI. Afaik there will be no other possiblity to get SME coins other than with CHI.
  12. It should arrive immediately. Spamfolder checked ?
  13. From @Yoyodyne in the other thread: I would like to know how will CHI (the native currency of Xaya) be incorporated into the game? What roll will it play in Soccer Manager Elite? And how will the "Soccer Manager Coin" tie in with CHI and/or SME? Just wondering how the currencies of both projects will be used in the system. Thanks! MOD EDIT: SEE ANSWER IN THIS THREAD
  14. I'll start with two questions: What will be the total supply of SME coins ? How can I imagine the initial sale/distribution of shares of each of the 620 teams when SME is released ?
  15. If you have any questions regarding Soccer Manager Elite, please post them here. Questions, that were anwered in telegram: Will SM token price fluctuate or fixed in CHI ? Fluctuate, it's not pegged to CHI. Will SM tokens only be purchasable using CHI? Or will there be an option to get it through fiat? No problably not, you will need to get SM coins with CHI.
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