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  1. Most likely your wallet wasn't fully synced before you made the transaction. Just let the wallet until it's fully synced, your tx should get confirmed then sooner or later as well. For more and faster support, you can join the Xaya Discord: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  2. Yes, just wait, it can take a bit
  3. Looks like it's syncing, no ?
  4. Hi there. You might want to join the Xaya Discord channel, there is a bit more action than here https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  5. See this thread for your question: https://forum.xaya.io/topic/1186-does-elite-cost-money/ You might also want to join the Discord: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  6. No KYC for withdrawals up to 0.5 BTC/day.
  7. A 1% share in a first division SME team found in Taurion competition was bought for $100 by another player.
  8. I think it was just someone trolling tbh.
  9. https://forum.xaya.io/topic/1186-does-elite-cost-money/?tab=comments#comment-10763
  10. This forum is only for Soccer Manager Elite and it hasn't been released yet There is no support for the other games from Soccer Manager here. You would have contact SM team directly with your issue.
  11. Yes, you can own shares in as many teams as you want.
  12. As a manager the costs of playing are negligible as you only have to pay for transaction fees. On the other hand you will get a wage from the shareholders. To become a manager, you have to be appointed by the shareholders and it won't be easy to get to manage a team without having shares (at least in the beginning until you have made yourself a name as a good manager). Buying shares doesn't mean your money is lost though, it's an investment. The shares fluctuate in value depending on the success of the club you have shares in. You might be able to sell them with profit later, but there is also the risk of the value going down, if your club is doing bad. How much money you would likely have to invest isn't known yet, as the prices of shares still haven't been revealed.
  13. You can update yourself by sending a few CHI: http://xayadata.com/
  14. No dev here, but afaik your wallet has only one private key which is saved inside your wallet.dat and all your addresses and those you create in the future are linked to that private key. Imagine that being not the case, you would have to do a backup every time you create a new address. And since it's best practice to use a new address for every incoming transaction, it would be very weary to do a backup all the time afterwards. The wallet also creates new addresses on its own. If you have 50 CHI on an address and send 5 CHI from that away, the remaining 45 CHI will get sent to another address as well. The wallet manages all that for you and you don't notice. In general, your once made backup of game and vault wallet and the password will guarantee you access to your CHI forever, no matter what. And it's the same for a thief that has your backups and probably the password. If you have a very strong password and the thief doesn't have it, your CHI are still somewhat safe, but a bad feeling remains. So I would just create a new wallet and send the CHI there to get rid of that headache.
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