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  1. tyKiwanuka

    CHI Chimaera---->Xaya

    The first batch of presale CHI has been sent. If you didn't get your CHI by now, you were probably a bit late with providing your address and will get them with the next batch sent out. If you provided your CHI address in time (i.e. before November), make sure, your wallet is fully synced in order to see your coins.
  2. To make the Treat Fighter Open Beta Competition even more fun, here is a little side event: What will the exact score of the winner of the Treat Fighter competition be ? Post your guesses (e.g. 4000) here in this thread. Closest to the winning score wins and gets 500 CHI. If two or more users are equally close, the user who posted first, will get the prize. You can submit your entries until the competition starts on Nov 19th, 7 PM EST. Only one entry per user allowed. If a user submits multiple entries, he/she will be disqualified. I will contact the winner after the end of the competition via PM in this forum. Good luck everyone 😉 https://medium.com/@XAYA/win-up-to-5-000-chi-in-treat-fighter-competition-6356b4a99435
  3. tyKiwanuka

    About Treat FIghter

    For the moment it's just pay to play. The Treatfighter team is thinking about implementing a possibility to change your crystals back to CHI in the future.
  4. tyKiwanuka

    Show us some Treat Fighter screenshots!

  5. tyKiwanuka

    Poloniex HUC snapshot & coinmarketcap.com

    This is of course some legal term and not by choice. The team is not allowed to participate in any kind of "speculation". For a more sophisticated answer/explanation you would have to wait for Andy.
  6. tyKiwanuka

    How does the game wallet work?

    The short version is, that the game wallet is for playing games. For this reason the game wallet is not password protected (in contrast to the vault wallet). Since the game wallet is not password protected you should hold the majority of your CHI in the vault wallet. 1.) For the moment you can't. Games that include "Human Mining" will come in the future and then you can play to earn. 2.) You can send CHI from your vault wallet to your game wallet and vice versa. 3.) Treatfighter is playable for everyone for the moment. Soccer Manager Crypto is scheduled to be released by the end of the year (the beta that is). A third game is to be announced. 4.) For playing games you use the game wallet and have to invest some CHI. Syncing a game doesn't cost any CHI. To get a better grasp how the game wallet works, you can send 1 CHI there and download/play Treatfighter. A lot of things will be clearer then: http://www.trickyfast.com/treatfightersetup-9/
  7. tyKiwanuka

    Poloniex HUC snapshot & coinmarketcap.com

    What I meant is, that Poloniex now decide when the time is right to distribute the CHI to HUC holders. There is some work for them involved I guess to get everything right. In the end every exchange is free to list CHI. Xaya team will not actively pursue listing on exchanges as per the T&C (1.2): XAYA gives no guarantee or commitment as to any tradeable attributes of CHI and shall not endeavour to have CHI listed on any cryptocurrency exchanges. https://xaya.io/downloads/Terms_and_Conditions.pdf I think CHI will be listed on another exchange sooner or later and then the listing on CMC will follow.
  8. tyKiwanuka

    Poloniex HUC snapshot & coinmarketcap.com

    Snapshot CHI were sent to Poloniex and now it's up to them to distribute them to HUC holders, maybe write to their support and ask. Listing on coinmarketcap requires at least two exchanges, but CHI is only traded on Liquid for the moment.
  9. tyKiwanuka

    liquid exchange (Deposits CHI)

    I heard it is 50, but you should rather ask Liquid directly.
  10. tyKiwanuka


    You will have to download the QT wallet then (the .dmg file): https://github.com/xaya/xaya/releases There is no step-by-step guide for installing this wallet, but is shoud be pretty straightforward. If you have questions, feel free to post here. For backing up your wallet and creating a CHI address, see the links beneath. Backing up the QT wallet: Creating an address with the QT wallet:
  11. tyKiwanuka


    Hi Edward, 1) You need to download and install the Xaya wallet. I guess you are on Windows, so Electron wallet should be your wallet: https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases 2) You need to create a CHI address with the wallet in order to receive your purchase. 3) You have to submit your CHI address in the tokensale portal (http://token.chimaera.io/). Your coins will get sent to your address then. Here are two threads, that will be of some help to get through this whole process of setting up the wallet and creating a CHI address:
  12. tyKiwanuka

    Huntercoin Snapshot - Numbers

    You can find information on how to claim your CHI here: