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  1. We'll be investigating the performance issues asap. However, can you describe what you mean by it doesn't sync? Is the sync screen stuck? Does it not show up? Whatever info you can provide will help us figure out what's going on.
  2. We've uploaded a new version. If you had previously been hit by one of the sync bugs we fixed, you may lose progress. You can get the new version here (same URL as before). If there are no more major bugs by the end of the week, we plan to start the last phase of the beta. That will involve a full game reset and about 2 weeks of playing. At the end of that, we'll give out rewards to the top ranked players!
  3. There's currently no way to do that on the first sync unfortunately.
  4. Unfortunately, I just tried a 32bit build today and it does not work. We will try to eventually get one working, but for now we don't have the resources to figure out what the issue is. Sorry about that!
  5. Oh! Ok. Well, the good news is that issue will be fixed in the next build, which should be out in the next day or so!
  6. That window will have the option to automatically do that in the next release. However, for now, you will want to close the game, then delete C:\Users\[you]\AppData\LocalLow\Tricky Fast Studios\Treat Fighter\TreatFighter.sqlite and then restart the game. Do you have any info on how it got into that state? Was your wallet still syncing? Did you exit the game while it was syncing and then restart it? This error should generally never come up in the first place, so I'm curious how you got it to happen. Thanks!
  7. I think I answered you in Telegram, but the current build is 64 bit only. I'll look at getting a 32 bit build out if it can be done without other changes.
  8. We'll be looking at the performance issues shortly. I'm not sure what you mean synchronize the blockchain with the wallet. When syncing, it grabs each block from the wallet and updates the game state based on any moves that players make in that block. There are some speedups that were added to the wallet after we built the game which we will work on taking advantage of after launch. It's too late in development to make any risky changes. Thanks, Mike
  9. We will eventually allow selling fighters for CHI. However, keep in mind, we will be resetting the game a couple of times during the open beta, so anything you do now may be lost anyway. That's also why the price of crystals is so low at the moment.
  10. That's an interesting idea! Something to consider after launch. Also a cool idea we can consider after launch. This is already slated for a post launch feature. We are being careful not to add any features right now so as not to add any bugs before launch. What extra parameters would you like to see? Have you tried clicking the button on one? It pops up a window with more info.
  11. We should probably add some sort of visual indicator that you can scroll those. The account selection drop down is equally confusing once you get more than 4 accounts.
  12. We will look at integrating the faster version post launch. We are being careful not to introduce any possible sync bugs before launch.
  13. Can you scroll those by the mouse wheel or dragging with the left mouse button?
  14. Yeah. We plan to distribute pre-sync'd databases in the near future for anyone who wants to skip the sync process. There may be newer RPCs that we can use which should streamline the process. That's something we'll investigate post-launch. It should. It will complain when you start it and then give you the option to change the settings. Mostly for Windows permissions. We initially had it save to the install dir, but some versions of Windows wouldn't allow it to write there.
  15. Quick note.. Please make sure your wallet is totally synced before starting Treat Fighter. It looks like at least one person did not do this and is now out of sync from everyone else. We're looking at how to detect this and prevent the related issues, though it's a bit tricky.
  16. The database is in c:\Users\[you]\AppData\LocalLow\Tricky Fast Studios\Treat Fighter\TreatFighter.sqlite We will probably have it automatically do delete and re-sync in a future update. For now, we don't want to so that people can send the databases to us to debug.
  17. If it's not going out of "Preparing to Cook" after ~4 blocks, try closing and re-opening the game. We're in the process of fixing that one.
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