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  1. On 6/17/2019 at 7:33 PM, Ben Cohen said:

    auction huose for selling candy and recipe,

    That's something we've thought of doing for sure. 

    exchange for crystals to chi fixed price or exchange rate in game.

    This is not something that would work with the game economy unfortunately. 

    and make the auction house or all the game with only chi coin or crystals but make it possible to exchange to CHi

    We do plan to eventually allow people to exchange fighters for CHI.

    collection after missions (collact all) must be option

    This will be available in the next release! (Coming very soon!)

    and relly every action taking CHI FEE is this RELLY THIS HIGE 0.003 for almost every move i do what the F dont do it take fee from crystal convertion to chi and the other way + take fee for seling on auction house take fee for registering toturnument but not 0.003 its tuu mutch do it 0.00005 it will be ok

    Unfortunately we don't have any control over this other than trying to batch up moves as much as possible, which we do.



  2. On 3/13/2019 at 4:10 AM, Davit Nazarashvili said:

    What is backward compatibility?

    Basically, if we change anything with how the game processes player actions and don't limit it to happening after a future block, everyone who resyncs with those changes will end up with a different game state from anyone who doesn't have the new version of the game. Unfortunately, even tiny changes can have a pretty big effect over a number of blocks. It's very much the butterfly effect here.


    I made two changes in the latest version. One was to make it so that new accounts weren't written to the database until they had done something in the game that was verified on the blockchain. The other was to limit the sweetness of treats to the maximum. Both of these were bugs we discovered during the last beta competition. I didn't limit those to happening at a specific block, so when you sync with the new changes, they've effectively rewritten the history of the game and therefore the state is different. This usually comes with people losing fighters. This is obviously not something we'd do once the game is live, but since we're still in beta and planning to reset soon anyway, I didn't add the complexity of limiting those changes to newer blocks.


    Hopefully that answers your question!

  3. 8 hours ago, tyKiwanuka said:

    As long as TF is officially still in beta, I think there is no problem, if you lose some progress. BUT people don't know, that TF is still in beta and they don't know, that there will most likely be another reset.

    So there needs to be a little information on the TF download page and then all good for my liking.

    Good idea.. We should definitely make sure to make it clear that there will be a reset for the next competition. Our current plan is to go between bug fixing and competitions until there are no more sync issues. At that point, we'll leave beta and release for real.

  4. 2 minutes ago, DarkClaw said:

    Is it the same filename? I have TreatFighterLinux022419.zip.

    In "About" I see: 664930 - Treat Fighter v022419 - 120FA6BB384DD8D4C5C83C5D6E610041

    That's what I see as "latest version" here: http://www.trickyfast.com/treatfightersetup-9/

    Hmm ok, that's not good.. Can you send me both databases? (TreatFighter.sqlite) I don't know where it lives on Linux, but in Windows, it's in c:\Users\[your user]\AppData\LocalLow\Tricky Fast Studios\Treat Fighter



  5. Hi everyone!

    With the latest version, there were a couple of backwards incompatible changes made. Unfortunately, what this means is that some things that happened in the past now didn't happen which causes a ripple effect through the history of the game. Since we're still in beta and are planning a reset before we do another competition (which will likely be soon!), I didn't put in code to stop this from happening (which is what we'd do after beta). If I release another update with that code, then anything that happened between the last update and then could be reversed. What do you guys prefer?

  6. 14 hours ago, DarkClaw said:

    And it finally synced. I see a totally different leaderboard than on my linux pc for some reason

    Are you on the latest version with your Linux PC? I updated that version along with the Windows one the other day.


    20 hours ago, DarkClaw said:

    I got this error when trying to install on windows 7:

    The drive or UNC share you selected does not exist 

    I was able to install via command line by navigating to the folder containing the setup.exe and running:

    TreatFighterSetup-9.exe /DIR="C:\TreatFighter"


    I definitely haven't seen that one before. Was it trying to install to C:\Program Files?

  7. On 3/2/2019 at 11:13 AM, DarkClaw said:

    I think it is freezing up: You can see xayad shows block 637,273 but treatfighter shows 637,260. Also, earlier when I bought the crystals, etc it didn't update until I restarted.

    Actually, just now I restarted treatfighter and now my treat is ready right away. So I think the game gets stuck on the last block when it starts up.

    Reminder: This is the linux version.



    Yes, sometimes it is updating but for a lot of stuff (end expedition, etc) I need to restart it. I can see xayad doing stuff in the background in response to eg starting to cook a treat, but sometimes it just gets stuck in "prepare" mode.


    That sounds like you need to have zeroMQ enabled in your wallet. I think there's a compile option and maybe a config option, but it's been a while since I've looked at that since it's built in to the windows wallet automatically.

  8. 22 minutes ago, DarkClaw said:

    In the game I see I have the highest prestige at ~2,500. But on the block explorer I see a number of players making moves recently that show up as 0 prestige (tied for rank 19) on the board.



    Hmm.. That definitely seems like a problem. I will say that one change in the latest version (making it so treats can't go beyond max sweetness) did cause some backwards incompatible things to happen which made some moves that happened in the past invalid, but unless those users aren't on the new version, this sounds like there's some issue. I'll check it out asap.

  9. 15 minutes ago, DarkClaw said:

    Nice. I need to try this again but switched to linux for my main pc in the meantime. Is the plan to be only windows forever?

    You're in luck! There is a Linux version downloadable from the same link above! It hasn't had a ton of testing, but it does seem to work for everyone who has tried it.

    We'll eventually have an OS X version as well, but that isn't ready yet.

  10. Hi Everyone!

    There's a new version of Treat Fighter out this week! You can get it off the official website!

    Release Notes:

    • Cache local names for 10 blocks
    • Speedups for CHITrigger, processing new blocks, database hash generation, sql queries
    • Fix issue where inventory was created in the live db even when pending and therefore would be out of order and cause hash mismatches.
    • Don’t allow fighters to go above Super Sweet.
    • Remember last scroll position even on infinite scroll lists
    • Remove some log spam

    Expect more releases as we continue to fix bugs and work up to another tournament!


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  11. Hi everyone!

    Just a quick update on the status of Treat Fighter. We're still working through the backlog of bugs from the beta competition. Hopefully we will have another build out soon. At that point, we will consider doing another beta competition to make sure there are no more sync bugs before the real release.

    Thanks for your patience!


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  12. On 11/2/2018 at 11:05 AM, DisgustingHuman said:

    the current block must be the same as the wallet, current block get stuck and don sync, to sync i need to close and open the game again to get the current block.



    Hmm. Have you tried using the Electron wallet? Maybe the version you have doesn't send the signal that a new block came in. We've only tested with the Electron wallet.

  13. 1 hour ago, DLCoates1 said:

    So to confirm, all 3 links are updated to the current version? Also, another suggestion, claim all button for expedition.

    Yeah, all the links should be updated. I tested them earlier.

    Totally agree on the claim all button. That's on our radar as well.

  14. 1 hour ago, DLCoates1 said:

    Suggestion btw, if it hasn't already been suggested and/or is currently in the works. Allow users to get rid of recipes they can't use/don't want for extra candy/crystals. I'm currently sitting at #1 in the tournament, my roster is full, and I'm nearly full on recipes. Don't want to lose prestige with the tournament currently running to make room.

    Yeah, we should have added that when we added deconstructing fighters. However you can deconstruct or sell a fighter and then cook one of your recipes for now. This will probably be one of the first few post-launch features. Don't want to risk breaking anything right now.

  15. 10 hours ago, DLCoates1 said:

    Occasionally gets stuck on "Registering" on tournaments. Also gets the random "Leave" button on tournaments you're not entered into.

    Just saw your messages on telegram and responded there. This is definitely not expected behavior, and is most likely a bug.

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