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  1. Tricky Fast Mike

    Treat Fighter Status

    Hi everyone! Just a quick update on the status of Treat Fighter. We're still working through the backlog of bugs from the beta competition. Hopefully we will have another build out soon. At that point, we will consider doing another beta competition to make sure there are no more sync bugs before the real release. Thanks for your patience! Mike
  2. Tricky Fast Mike

    Need opponents for testing

    We just released an experimental Linux build! You can try it out here!
  3. Tricky Fast Mike

    Bug Reports

    Hmm. Have you tried using the Electron wallet? Maybe the version you have doesn't send the signal that a new block came in. We've only tested with the Electron wallet.
  4. Tricky Fast Mike

    Show us some Treat Fighter screenshots!

    We hope to get an official Mac build out soon. Playing in a VM may work though!
  5. Tricky Fast Mike

    The Slow Roll to Open Beta!

    Yeah, all the links should be updated. I tested them earlier. Totally agree on the claim all button. That's on our radar as well.
  6. Tricky Fast Mike

    The Slow Roll to Open Beta!

    I've updated the downloads at the link in the first post to point to the latest version. Please update when you can since there was a game sync bug that we fixed. Thanks!
  7. Tricky Fast Mike

    The Slow Roll to Open Beta!

    Yeah, we should have added that when we added deconstructing fighters. However you can deconstruct or sell a fighter and then cook one of your recipes for now. This will probably be one of the first few post-launch features. Don't want to risk breaking anything right now.
  8. Tricky Fast Mike

    The Slow Roll to Open Beta!

    Just saw your messages on telegram and responded there. This is definitely not expected behavior, and is most likely a bug.
  9. Tricky Fast Mike

    The Slow Roll to Open Beta!

    Not a secret, but we're still deciding. We will announce them asap!
  10. Tricky Fast Mike

    Bug Reports

    We'll be investigating the performance issues asap. However, can you describe what you mean by it doesn't sync? Is the sync screen stuck? Does it not show up? Whatever info you can provide will help us figure out what's going on.
  11. Tricky Fast Mike

    The Slow Roll to Open Beta!

    We've uploaded a new version. If you had previously been hit by one of the sync bugs we fixed, you may lose progress. You can get the new version here (same URL as before). If there are no more major bugs by the end of the week, we plan to start the last phase of the beta. That will involve a full game reset and about 2 weeks of playing. At the end of that, we'll give out rewards to the top ranked players!
  12. Tricky Fast Mike

    The Slow Roll to Open Beta!

    There's currently no way to do that on the first sync unfortunately.
  13. Tricky Fast Mike

    The Slow Roll to Open Beta!

    Unfortunately, I just tried a 32bit build today and it does not work. We will try to eventually get one working, but for now we don't have the resources to figure out what the issue is. Sorry about that!
  14. Tricky Fast Mike

    Bug Reports

    Oh! Ok. Well, the good news is that issue will be fixed in the next build, which should be out in the next day or so!

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