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  1. Yes, I will add separate chat font size slider later on. "when the log in the game, whether should display account type" only '/p' names are used in game, so account selection just filters all names by '/p', you are not allowed to select other ones and they are not in the list
  2. Hmmmm, I think it would be smart to release also Debug Build too, because this Crash Log has not enough information to understand, what is going on. Do you have enough RAM memory? (more then 3GB at least?)
  3. Thing should not happen in the latest build (not out yet), but still need to confirm. Thanks for the report
  4. Hmm, true. Maybe some of the map image has wrong rotation
  5. Aha, interesting. Need to check for upper-case additionally
  6. Hey! User needs to set username and password, if he uses xaya.conf file. So its a good idea to always provide UI input to enter those and use for authentication. By default, user will not user xaya.conf. So you then should read %appData%/Xaya/.cookie file, which has those variables in format username:password, automatically. Then its transparent for the most of the users.
  7. Hey guys, we are aware of the problem now, and trying to fix it. This seems to be problem with namecoin or bitcoin upstream, so I can not fix it immediately today. I will let you know here, once we have a solution. If you want to make your wallet work right now, you have to either use Windows username without any special characters, or specify custom directory for the wallet data, which has no special characters in its path.
  8. It is fine, no need for debug.log anymore. I was able to reproduce this error on my virtual machine with russian windows version installed, and so I am trying now to find some remedy for it
  9. Hey, guys! This evening I will update the wallet with several recovery options and will let you try the new build. Sorry for all the troubles you are having Друзья! Сегодня вечером я добавлю пару опций для восстановления кошелька, посмотрим, помогут ли они. Судя по ошибкам, нужно просто пересинхронизировать базу данных. Я дам здесь ссылку, как будет готово
  10. I am PCLord, obviously, all others are just lowly peasants.
  11. In the log files, there is: I would probably just remove datadir folder (except the wallets) and re-sync hfrom scratch
  12. RolePlay (Might and Magic 7, Fallout 2, Planescape)
  13. Can you sent me your debug.log file to konstantin@xaya.io? it under C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Xaya, or submit it here
  14. SOmething is off. If you don't have possibility to share whole datadir, would help if you at least sent debug.log file. Also, what antivirus are you using? And what is your username on the system?
  15. Hi! When you say 'long', how long is that? I tried now, it took me around 20 minutes to sync. I am on 100MB connection. For the 2GB size, that is odd, as mine is 300mb. Is it possible for you to zip whole folder (excluding wallets data), upload to the google drive, and share the link with me? I need to look into what happened in there.
  16. Ok, this is not funny, work you dumb *****
  17. Ok, really, I am going to be the real one
  18. Hey I am correct one, buddy
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