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  1. After about an hour, it worked itself out. Of course, right after I post this. Feel free to delete this post.
  2. Edit: SOLVED Hi there, I am having trouble with getting my wallet up and running from a backup, I've had since July of 2018. I have not used XAYA in that timeframe. My issue is that I downloaded the windows wallet and it works fine. Until I shut it down, switch out both .dat files and boot it up again. After I do that, block progression is permanently stuck at 0/0 and the bottom right, next to the green box says "chat stderr" most of the time except it will occasionally flicker to another message so fast that I can't read it. Any solutions for this?
  3. As far as choosing the right miner, I got that already. Are you saying the URL line should look something like this though? Ccminer -a neoscrypt -o -O Simon:Cbkjo8LXz6wBb4p4Ji3QZp3XfVi33DV6F7 I tried the above to no success, also tried removing some of the prefixes to see if that worked, but nope. I'll try the daemon bit next. Let me know if I frigged up that URL line though
  4. Hey guys, I've got a few pieces of hardware to mine with. My pc has a 1080 and I have a WIP mining rig with a 1070. I also have 3 Antminer S9s. I run awesome miner to make the GPU stuff easier and keep an eye on the S9s. I haven't really figured out how to get Awesome Miner to cooperate with the instructions I found here. I could install Ccminer separately, but then I lose a lot of the benefits of using Awesome Miner. In short... Anyone figured this out? I'm not that adept with the software admittedly. Side note, can you use an S9 to mine XAYA? I read that bitcoin miners work, but I doubt it applies universally since you're using sha256d.
  5. Anyone know how to set this up on awesome miner?
  6. FusedHelios

    Hey There

    Hello, Little about myself... I generally go by Fused Helios online these days. I run a cryptocurrency education channel on YouTube called PIVX Class sponsored by PIVX. I also volunteer time helping PIVX behind the scenes. Outside of the crypto sphere I work with a startup trying to create an E-Foil board to be released on Kickstarter. My roll with them is CAD modeling and 3D printing of prototype parts. I also am a director in a not-for-profit corporation working to build a makerspace in my home city. Why I'm here... Always been a huge gamer. Have some theories on gaming becoming a regular income for a lot of people as the job opportunities in the real world dry up.When I first heard of Chimaera I got super excited and jumped on with the first public round of pre-sales. I also have been trying to teach myself Amazon Lumberyard to make some games. Just for fun, but I'm hoping to one day maybe take a crack at the kit that (now) XAYA is creating. We'll see, I get the feeling it will be beyond a hobbyist to play with, but one can dream! Depending how things shape up with XAYA and the community attached, I hope to be a part of it. Maybe even find some ways to work with you guys like I do PIVX. Time will tell!
  7. Hey there, I thought I would add to the thread here that wallet backups do not work for me on 1.02. Tried messing with several things to no luck. The error was as follows: Permission Error {"message":"Error: Wallet backup failed!","code":-4,"name":"o"} I'm plenty familiar with manual backups, so I'll be fine. Just thought I'd say something.
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