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  1. 1. I contact their support regularly, but this does not give the desired result! 2. I am more than sure that they will not keep their obligations! There are so many crying cries from users who owe money to polo, but he is not even trying to make excuses !!! They pretend that nothing is happening!
  2. You did not understand me! I am also a supporter of the project and I have been in the project since February 4, 2014. I also need to get coins from Polonix. So that we do not swear, re-read the post again. If it does not reach the second time, read more until you understand!
  3. I think polo will never pay users what they owe! They are on the verge of death! In this regard, there is no need to wait and hope and certainly not write to support. We need to think about blocking those CHI that were transferred for use to the polo in order to avoid a dump in the future!
  4. This network speed has not been for a long time, just network statistics do not work in the pool. According to my calculations, 5000-5500 CHI But in general, you are right!
  5. You have a typo there! -a algo If i write (-a xaya) - Answers that is not true algo If i write (-a neoscrypt) - All balls are reject If i write (-a neoscrypt-xaya) - Answers that is not true algo Thus, I understand that you have a typo in the first post and that something does not work. Although I look at the statistics, you have one solo miner. All of the above tried to run and marked with a solo, the result is the same!
  6. OSYA

    Xaya bug?

    I'm still not working! Maybe I should do something extra? In addition to the new synchronization.
  7. OSYA

    Xaya bug?

    After restarting the client, I received an error. After deleting all the files associated with the program, I install everything from the very beginning. After installation from the first start, everything runs smoothly! I close the application, replace the files wallet.dat and run. Returning to the same error. debug.txt
  8. OSYA

    Bug Reports

    During the passage of the expedition, does not allow to collect the award in one point (there were other fees in this location) After I click on "Claim Rewards." everything freezes (does not freeze) in the background spinning the mill and moving textures. Button "Claim Rewards" when you move it moves, but nothing happens! After restarting the client, I can continue the game. If I click on "Claim Rewards" I have to restart the client.
  9. With pools came up with something?
  10. What are the rewards if not a secret?
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