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  1. Azis Jesika

    How much do you spend on games per year?

    10 bucks ... or less lol
  2. Azis Jesika

    What video game genre is your favourite?

    most of my favorite game is adventure
  3. Azis Jesika

    What is your favourite platform for games?

    playstation indeed
  4. Azis Jesika

    What video game genre is your favourite?

    it will be adventure for me ... one of my favorite is GOD OF WAR
  5. Azis Jesika

    Refereum With Growth Engine on XAYA

    btw , is there any way to know how much coin we already earn from the contest ?
  6. Azis Jesika

    Post an Address Here to receive some CHI for a Name

    Ceje5vZpQFFmKBxQqJSDEcdqAR7qjLHHmr wishing XAYA a great success Thanks

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