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  1. Doxy48

    Xaya Wallet Ver 1.1.1 Stuck sync

    Thank you, it seems that deleting the chain did the trick.
  2. Doxy48

    Xaya Wallet Ver 1.1.1 Stuck sync

    Hi there, despite having the latest version, for the last few days I encounter a similar problem. Frequently, but not always, the number of connections is shown as 0. Synchronisation is stuck at block 530176.
  3. Doxy48

    Wallet stuck synchronizing

    Thanks. Although I have not done anything yet, somehow now it is working, I have 6 connections and blocks are coming steadily. 😀Thanks for the help anyway. 👍
  4. Doxy48

    Wallet stuck synchronizing

    Oh, I forgot. The number of connections is 0. Is this the source of the problem? How can this be solved?
  5. Doxy48

    Wallet stuck synchronizing

    I have a similar problem. Downloaded and installed latest version (1.1). Block download is stuck at block 437606. I have no problem with the net connection, and no firewall issues either. The wallet itself does not report any error. I wonder what could be the problem.
  6. Doxy48

    How much do you spend on games per year?

    I only bought some old classics, except for those I tend to spend nothing on games.
  7. Doxy48

    What is your favourite platform for games?

    I've nevere owned any consoles, so I play almost everything on PC, except some phone games occasionally.
  8. Doxy48

    What video game genre is your favourite?

    My favorite genre is definitely strategy, I sometimes also take a look at rpgs.

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