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  1. Ryan

    problems with the Xaya portfolio

    The solution is to change the default program for VBS files. On that file, right-click and choose Properties. On the "Opens with:" line, click Change... Choose "Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host" and click OK. If you need to browse, the file location is: C:\Windows\System32\wscript.exe Once you've changed that, you should be good to go.
  2. Delays in software development is the rule and not the exception.
  3. Ryan


    It looks like you did follow the directions in the email as I can see an email address that looks like it belongs to you. Those coins will be sent in a few days. We just need some more people to have time to do the same as you did from the email.
  4. Ryan

    [POLL] Tell us about YOU!

    People come from all walks of life, so it will be interesting to find out about others.
  5. Ryan

    [POLL] Tell us about YOU!

    What brought you to crypto or XAYA? How do you see yourself inside of the crypto ecosystem? You can choose multiple options. Tell us YOUR story!
  6. Ryan

    Pick your party!

    Burnt pizza anyone?
  7. Ryan

    Pick your party!

    We posted some "VR Party" blogs a while back. Each had a unique story with a cliff hanger ending. Which was your favourite? Part I - VR Party in a Decentralised Reality Part II - VR Party Like It’s 9999 Also, tell us your favourite part, even if you didn't vote for that story.
  8. Ryan

    Anyone finding any blocks mining?

    People are mining. Whether or not it's worth it is really their decision. Many may be HODLing. It's probably best to have a read here: https://github.com/xaya/Specs/blob/master/mining.md That explains the mining model.
  9. Ryan


    🏆🏆🏆 **WALLET & CHI ADDRESS** 🏆🏆🏆 💰💰💰**GET A WALLET**💰💰💰 **WINDOWS (Electron):** https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases **MAC OS X (QT):** https://github.com/xaya/xaya/releases **LINUX (Ubuntu):** https://forum.xaya.io/topic/59-guide-building-xaya-on-ubuntu/ 📈📈📈**GET A CHI ADDRESS**📈📈📈 **WINDOWS (Electron):** https://forum.xaya.io/topic/43-video-how-to-create-an-address-with-the-xaya-electron-wallet/ **MAC OS X/LINUX (QT):** https://forum.xaya.io/topic/70-how-to-create-an-address-in-xaya-qt/
  10. Ryan

    which wallet to use?

    Both are hot wallets. Cold storage is different. But essentially for your question, yes. Both can be used to play games, but it also depends on the developer and whether they make it possible to use both. It's possible for a developer to only use 1 of QT and Electron.
  11. Competition information is here: https://medium.com/@XAYA/win-up-to-5-000-chi-in-treat-fighter-competition-6356b4a99435 The game will be available tomorrow at 7 PM EST here: http://www.trickyfast.com/treatfightersetup-9/ You'll of course need the XAYA Electron wallet available here: https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases
  12. Ryan

    which wallet to use?

    Hey Icon! Hopefully I can shed some light on that for you. There are 2 XAYA wallet software programs: XAYA Electron wallet XAYA QT wallet They both have different wallet structures. The QT wallet is the simplest. It follows the same structure as Bitcoin and Namecoin. That is, on any platform, the wallet is in the datadir under "wallets". The wallet is named "wallet.dat". This is true for the XAYA QT, Bitcoin QT, Namecoin QT, and many, many, many more cryptocurrencies. The Electron wallet is a bit more complex, but is still pretty easy. Inside of the "wallets" folder, there are 2 more folders: game.dat vault.dat Inside of each of those there's a "wallet.dat" file. We have several tutorials -- both text and video. You can find the list here: You can find more help there. I recommend these: I think they may help you. If you have questions after checking those out, please post and we'll try to get you an answer ASAP. If you also hit us up in Telegram and tell us about your forum post, we can respond faster. Cheers!
  13. 100k is a lot of points! I don't know if people will be able to get that high. We'll see though.
  14. WHOA! That's a freaky awesome bet! Ok... I'm going to say 25,000. 25,000 I can do 4k easy. This competition is going to go way above that. I'd even say that I'm betting low there.