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    Hey, I updated my page http://www.xaya-gaming.net with a new design. Stats are parsed as always by @DarkClaw. In preparation of starting my Xaya-Mining-Pool, I´m currently integrating a paper wallet generator and some more stats I hope everything is working as expected so I can release the paper wallet and pool software this weekend. SSL is coming back too 😅 Here are some screenshots: Regards
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    Hey, I can integrate the paper wallet generator on xaya-gaming.net 👍 I´m currently reworking the site. At least I think, this would be a good addition to the mining pool. (Currently fixing last issues) Regards
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    New Taurion Video: Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPLBKPYn1LI  Leave a like, if you enjoyed the video and feel free to comment as well. 
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    close enough. from the Xaya side, we are: pretty much all that, although from the Treat Fighter side Mike at tricky fast are working on that. I believe Daniel did 2 paper wallet additions to 2 currently available paper wallet generators. I think they are in his github. Just needs someone to host them if you are interested. This is what we are currently working on.: Taurion -front end and extra features in the backend Xayaships - Xaya game channels version of battleships for an example to game devs. Electrum Wallet (with name functionality)- will be used for android wallets, trezor etc and for the relay method of gaming on xaya. Relay Service for Taurion / SME (basically just running both those daemons on some VPS for now, combined with electrum wallet means no need to sync - enabling mobile games etc..). Website Overhauls - more clean, faster and no longer made for an ICO... bas is working on this now. Taurion Teaser video - currently in progress atm. Taurion Stories - Ryan is stacking these up for the lore and back story. Soccer Manager Backend - helping were possible with this.. Getting ready to release Xaya Electron 1.2 (which includes XID dapp by default - if on linux you can just run it seperately) - we need to create a Linux Electron build (and mac) as well soon. Should just work though. Thats'pretty much the focus atm
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