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    I was pretty surprised to see xaya show up in the tradingview news feed when I was checking BTC. No info that people here didn't already know about though. Link went here*: https://sludgefeed.com/xaya-teases-new-blockchain-game-built-on-unreal-engine/ * FYI: NoScript throws a XSS warning for that site:
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    Xaya been added in icoholder as telegram posted yesterday: https://icoholder.com/en/companies/xaya-15323 I also vote and sutmit the xaya in b. today in China, but the team ask me to paid 2 ETH for Liquid Exchange API update,it's pending as below with uncomplete infomation: https://b.today/coin/xaya/
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    if it works perfectly, thank you very much
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    The solution is to change the default program for VBS files. On that file, right-click and choose Properties. On the "Opens with:" line, click Change... Choose "Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host" and click OK. If you need to browse, the file location is: C:\Windows\System32\wscript.exe Once you've changed that, you should be good to go.
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    I'll be willing to buy up to 10k CHI at 0.000005 BTC (.05 BTC total). Post here if interested and we can figure out the safest way to do the transaction. Also, to mods: is it possible to create a trading sub-board?
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    First, converting to mBTC (I find it easier to read): NMC = 0.199 mBTC HUC = 0.003 mBTC CHI = 0.005 mBTC According to our stats (http://xaya-gaming.net/), despite it being a new coin there's 47 million chi already in existence. About 10 million of those are currently held by the xaya team. So lets say 37 million available for trading. In contrast, there are about 23 million HUC, and 15 million NMC. Meanwhile HUC and CHI prices are about the same and NMC is ~50x higher. But there are only 1.3 million in the liquid cold wallet and 1.1 million for sale on the order book (~2%). Also, on polo I see about 650k NMC (~4%) and 7m HUC (~30%) on the books. I see two ways of looking at it: Looking at overall supply, if there were equal demand, we'd expect HUC to be ~ 2/3 the price of NMC and CHI to be 2/3 of HUC (~40 % of NMC). Using NMC as the basis: NMC = 0.199 mBTC HUC = 0.134 mBTC CHI = 0.087 mBTC Using the number of coins on order books as a measure of sell pressure (not sure if NMC is on other exchanges though), we would expect CHI to be ~ 60% the price of NMC and HUC to be ~10-15% of those two. Once again using NMC as the basis: NMC = 0.199 mBTC HUC = 0.020 mBTC CHI = 0.119 mBTC So if we ignore the demand I can kind of see what you are saying (CHI should be with in a factor of 2 of NMC), but as we can see from the NMC/HUC price disparity that is ignoring a huge factor... Also, not sure why the richlist on the site isn't updating, so here is the most recent showing what I am talking about (top 15): address current first_in last_in first_out last_out note 1 0000000000000000000000000000000000 175,839,877 285,633 318,785 NA NA Burned coins 2 DHy2615XKevE23LVRVZVxGeqxadRGyiFW4 7,680,271 0 338,223 1 338,223 Xaya team: Premine (10% final supply) 3 chi1qah5cwrswaufmmutc7eduh453a6cpac5vupwrkd 2,317,538 285,732 502,250 285,931 502,250 Xaya team: Uncollected presale coins 4 CPR4dDAPSHYWBYr6nZMhoy4prkRA9WZxgf 1,500,001 253,261 277,680 NA NA <NA> 5 CXaB6a5qJ1W18kAn9PD1YbWJ6MXkEzpGLN 1,319,950 320,923 320,923 NA NA <NA> 6 CJwvs9JuqcskANChNinZZWzkcYhp4M2EB5 1,316,850 297,458 297,458 NA NA <NA> 7 CH7RjcL2FmF2Tu222abyv1tHx8bSnXH7y1 1,296,412 287,820 507,056 287,869 507,056 Liquid Exchange: Cold wallet 8 CRmn7rBsMg4VDEBu5nbRqwZxmaKj8jfNae 1,100,000 289,047 289,047 NA NA <NA> 9 CM9U2WGYxFuS26uuqGCfJH8HqqEyNnpPvj 900,245 289,047 289,047 NA NA <NA> 10 CaS7G5pDmbk2gKeG7GMT7NyoAYQ1xpQ6Xh 799,950 299,111 299,111 NA NA <NA> 11 CXY12KC6xw2SokjUuWFCvJZCXU64Aeoeqc 760,001 45,171 250,608 NA NA <NA> 12 CRy3N9y1zXTWqPXXdavYUkL3AJavzbEmpF 618,015 277,669 301,105 NA NA <NA> 13 CNbWcG1JQUvtNdduGG7NArnTTKVtkimD6s 574,048 265,415 271,559 271,555 271,593 <NA> 14 CcmUfvfFhT2RszPoczW4E9reD9EiaFo3zG 568,799 285,604 285,604 NA NA Received HUC airdrop 15 chi1qzpeqgsgcw7q9hrysa89d5u7z56wgs3sg5aj6an 555,520 315,731 422,812 315,854 422,812 Xaya team: Bounty address
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    Mods: This one should probably be moved to trading as well.
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    lol, maybe I have found the issue with the diffTarget 🤦‍♂️ used the calculated diff number instead of the nbits for the specialPoW diff field... maybe this will work Now I have to wait for the next block to be found
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    🤯 wow, did not know, that the bounty is this high Ok 😅 then I hope, that I can fix this today
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    Good to know, please let us know as soon as done.. there is another pool working on this and almost done. There is a bounty for the first stable pool the other pool is this one: http://bsod.pw/
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    We will reserve some unsold CHI for these Bounties - keep an eye on this thread XAYA Core Bounties : Mining Pool Bounties: First NeoScrypt Mining Pool running stable - 20000 CHI Second NeoScrypt Mining Pool running stable - 10000 CHI Get additional sha256d (bitcoin.. etc) Mining pool to Merge Mine - 10000 CHI Security / Exploit Bounties : Find a serious exploit in XAYA Core and we'll award 100000 CHI an example would be stealing someones name or duplicating CHI. There should be no such exploits but the bounty is there Electrum Wallet / Server - This was on our todo but we are now offering a bounty for it to speed up development. Setup Electrum wallet and server - all needs to be on github and working. There is no need to add name functionality. This has been done pretty much with namecoin by JeremyRand here > https://github.com/namecoin/electrum-nmc It just needs to be modified to work with XAYA and you will need some help from @domob for some PoW differences. We should be able to create our own servers with your guide and build from your source from github - 40000 CHI
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    Maybe there will be enough of these to deserve devoting a thread to it, but for now just one: "Block Progression: 193370/193370" needs some separators. Ie, "Block Progression: 193,370/193,370 " I guess it could be a github issue too but a thread here seems like it would be more accessible.