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    RolePlay (Might and Magic 7, Fallout 2, Planescape)
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    XAYA is launched now on https://bsod.pw It's still in testing mode but working nice for now Use this miner https://github.com/xaya/ccminer/releases/tag/v0.1 -a neoscrypt-xaya -o stratum+tcp://eu.bsod.pw:2534 -u wallet -p x
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    So far bitmesh has about ~10x less volume and liquidity than Liquid and is 2x as volatile.
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    Two exchanges = Coinmarketcap listing I have made the submission to them.
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    Hey all, We are slow rolling into Open Beta. ANYONE can play during this new Beta phase. We just need to increase the number of players to try and flush out any lingering critical issues. You will need the Xaya Electron Wallet and of course some CHI. You will also need the latest Treat Fighter client, which you can get here. Please post any bugs here or in the Xaya Telegram channel. The game will be reset AT LEAST once (meaning you lose progress and purchases), before true Open Beta commences. The full Open Beta phase will include CHI prizes for top players. Stay tuned for dates and details! Thank you and we hope you enjoy, Jon
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    1.Download XAYA Electron Wallet and install it. https://xaya.io/downloads/XAYA-Electron-1.0.0.exe Type any Address Label and click INSERT to create a address. 2.Back up wallets The XAYA electron wallet creates 2 wallets (VAULT + GAME), and after you have encrypted your VAULT you should backup both wallets. Copy "C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Xaya\wallets" to a safe place, and don't forget your ENCRYPTED PASSWORD. 2.Download ccminer and unpack it. https://github.com/tpruvot/ccminer Click "releases", and download "ccminer-2.3-cuda9.7z" and unpack it. 3.Create "Run-XAYA.cmd" file Open "README.txt", delete all the text, paste text below and save it as "Run-XAYA.cmd" in the same dir. ccminer-x64 -a neoscrypt -o -O __cookie__:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Note: 1. If the name of file ccminer.exe is not ccminer-x64, you need to change it to the other. 2. You need to change "__cookie__:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" to yourself. You can find it in the file "C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Xaya\.cookie", open it and copy the text. 4.Click "Run-XAYA.cmd" Have fun...
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    As with Bitcoin and most other blockchains, miners can freely choose what to include and not to include in their blocks. So in theory, someone could send transactions without any CHI attached and get the mined, e.g. by paying the miners out-of-band (maybe with BTC or fiat), or by including some game-coin transaction to them instead of CHI. But I think there are strong reasons why that is not going to happen any time soon (nor will it happen with Ethereum): A game would need to be really popular for that to happen, because the miners themselves need to run the GSP for it and also be interested enough in it to actually accept payment in the game coin directly. While not impossible, that's certainly extra effort for them (much more than simply running Xaya Core on their system). Paying in game coins is likely a lot less efficient than paying transaction fees in CHI, since the latter is "better integrated" with the core blockchain and transaction structure. So accepting fees in game coins will likely increase transaction size and thus reduce the number of fee-paying transactions that miners could get into their block. Not just miners matter, but also relaying nodes. So unless either a large fraction of the network runs a modified client that accepts game coins for fees or users submit their transactions directly to miners, transactions won't even make it to miners if they do not pay CHI. For the first case, we would again need a hugely popular game as well as most people messing around with their Xaya Core installation, which seems even more unlikely than a miner doing it. For the second case, people also would need to spend a non-trivial amount of effort to figure out who the miners are that accept their game coins and how to submit moves to them directly. Even if some miners accept fees in game coins and you would eventually get your move confirmed, most likely it will take longer than if you paid CHI (unless 100% of miners accept the game coin, which seems impossible in practice). So you are at a disadvantage. With all those disadvantages, I simply do not see why people and miners would bother. If they have / earn game coins and want to cover fees with them, they can instead just sell them for CHI anyway and then use CHI. All those technical aspects aside, it seems that your main concern here is about the potential for CHI to increase in value due to demand. To be honest, I think that for that topic, usage of game coins for transaction fees is a very theoretical thought for now. 99.999% of CHI demand and potential price increase is likely just speculation - and if games are doing well, then that is a good first step independently of how those games actually use CHI.
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    Warning: please be sure to backup the original purse (game. Dat) (vault. Dat) (default wallet). Don't trust to a stranger remote or agent operation (must know the meaning of steps) Can try to scan before operation command (rescan) Case: applicable case (balance does not display or cannot be used) QT wallet has three wallet file: (game. Dat) (vault. Dat) (default wallet) The default address C:\Users\.....\AppData\Roaming\xaya Need to use the command: unlock password (walletpassphrase) To scan (- rescan) The private key export (dumpprivkey) The private key import (importprivkey) List the unused output (listunspent) Steps: 1, to confirm that have backup wallet. 2, lost balance confirmation place purse ((game. Dat) (vault. Dat) (default wallet).) 3, open the wallet QT choose file > open my wallet, "choose disappear balance wallet. FIG. 3 4, QT wallet decryption corner options wallet "balance of the purse.FIG. 3 5, May disappear, find balance of address: (1) find the transaction records through explorer website (recommended). https://explorer.xaya.io/ (2, through the QT wallet "send" inputs (need to set the output control option) FIG. 1 FIG. 2 (3, choose QT wallet "window" the console using the command listunspent (confirm the upper left corner of the purse)FIG. 4 FIG. 5 FIG. 6 6, in the console operation: if encryption, decryption, please (walletpassphrase < password > < time >) 7, in the console operation: the private key export (dumpprivkey public address) FIG. 7 8, (1, in the upper left corner to choose another purse in the console (recommended)) (2) close the wallet, delete the old purse, reopen the QT, open a new purse) 9, in the console operation: the private key import (importprivkey < > of the private key) step 7 to save the private key. After import automatically rescanning blocks, waiting for complete. FIG. 8 10, the balance should be shown correctly. Check whether use. FIG. 1 FIG. 2 FIG. 3 FIG. 4 FIG. 5 FIG. 6 FIG. 7 FIG. 8
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    We will reserve some unsold CHI for these Bounties - keep an eye on this thread Xaya Ships Unity Front End : XAYA Core Bounties : Mining Pool Bounties: First NeoScrypt Mining Pool running stable - 20000 CHI Second NeoScrypt Mining Pool running stable - 10000 CHI Get additional sha256d (bitcoin.. etc) Mining pool to Merge Mine - 10000 CHI Security / Exploit Bounties : Find a serious exploit in XAYA Core and we'll award 100000 CHI an example would be stealing someones name or duplicating CHI. There should be no such exploits but the bounty is there Electrum Wallet / Server - This was on our todo but we are now offering a bounty for it to speed up development. Setup Electrum wallet and server - all needs to be on github and working. There is no need to add name functionality. This has been done pretty much with namecoin by JeremyRand here > https://github.com/namecoin/electrum-nmc It just needs to be modified to work with XAYA and you will need some help from @domob for some PoW differences. We should be able to create our own servers with your guide and build from your source from github - 40000 CHI
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    Is the xaya team considering bounties for: 1) Mobile Wallets 2) Trezor support 3) Paper wallet generator (eg, https://www.bitaddress.org/) 4) Replace mention of bitcoin with xaya where appropriate in the help/etc (see: https://github.com/xaya/xaya/issues/77
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    suggest + bounty for setup mining pool top3
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    No, sry but I try to fix this today. One or two bugs are still remaining But I´m in a good way and think that I get this working today or tomorrow Regards
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    I added a link back to https://github.com/domob1812/WalletGenerator.net/tree/xaya or should I use the original one?
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    Latest setup and upgrade to match Taurion
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    ok, thank you! I read that somewhere in a forum as I remember... I'm looking forward to soccer manager elite coming out. There has never been anything similar! I'm glad to have invested here... it was worth every cent! xaya can grow for a huge factor I think! Great project!
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    Hey, I was building a Eth-Game and I´m finished now. (www.TokenWarriors.net) Next, I want to start developing for the xaya-network. And now I have some questions before I start to do so. First up I did not know how to develop a game for the xaya network and my initial question is: Should I use a server or only a client for the user? Second I think I need a server at least to hold an old game state if the blockchain reorg itself. But then I could do all the calculations on my server and only present the last game state to the client. 3. How would I implement a fight between two player units and one dies? - one player starts to attack another player's unit and to do so he creates a transaction into the xaya-network with /g { "gameName":{ "unitName":"#unitID#", "action":"#attackID#", "target":"21-35" } and then I´m stuck ... Where should I do the damage calc and how could I return that the enemy or the player unit has died? Or should the game client just hide the dead unit and allow no further turns to be made with it and if a player invokes a new transaction even if the unit is dead, nothing should happen in the game client? Regards casp0or
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    As you might know, Xaya team is not actively pursuing being listed on exchanges as per the T&C. There have been some efforts from community members to get listed on other exchanges (without KYC preferably), but so far without success to my knowledge. I think it would be no problem to list CHI even on some bigger exchanges, but you know what it costs to get listed there. From the ICO results you can see that Xaya can't throw around with money. Not being an ERC20 token has some disadvantages sometimes too I think it would be good to have some place to do some OTC kind of trades. Don't know, if this forum is the right place for that though and if @snailbrain would approve. A more chattish-environment with the possibility to do group chats would be more suited imo. I could do some escrowing as well if needed.
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    Hey guys, we are aware of the problem now, and trying to fix it. This seems to be problem with namecoin or bitcoin upstream, so I can not fix it immediately today. I will let you know here, once we have a solution. If you want to make your wallet work right now, you have to either use Windows username without any special characters, or specify custom directory for the wallet data, which has no special characters in its path.
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    The Switch is amazing. PC is definitely the way to go on most games though.
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    Hi guys, p/PandaBoss here. After playing TF for several days, I have some feedback regarding the game. I'm on Windows 10, running v112018. Game mechanics: - You've heard this one before on Telegram, but... We need to be able to destroy recipes! Or even better, to have the option of discarding them from the reward, if we don't want them in the first place. - Not too sure about this one, but I think players should be able to level up outside tournaments (from expeditions or cooking), maybe at a slower rate. Otherwise, one might get stuck if there are no opponents at the right level. Bugs: - Pantry: I noticed that, sometimes, sweetener recipes "jump" from the end to the start of the list and vice-versa. - Pantry: Scrolling through the recipes is glitchy when there's a sweetener recipe at the end of the list. Scrolling past this recipe takes you back to the start of the list. (Very annoying!) I think this only happens when the recipe is in status "Ready to cook". Features: - I'd really like to be able to toggle off the animations when switching screens. They're nice in the beginning, but after a while they start feeling like taking too long. Switching instantaneously between screens should be possible. - Roster and pantry: Would be nice to toggle the display between "cards view" (what we have now) and "list view" (like it is in tournaments and expeditions). - Roster: Some filters would be nice, e.g. filter by: on the exchange | in a tournament | on an expedition | sweetening | free. Also, don't make the filters mutually exclusive, i.e. maybe the player wants to see tournaments and expeditions both at the same time. - Roster: Sorting by remaining blocks would be useful. (I know it's not applicable for all treats, but maybe put those treats where it's not applicable at the end of the list?) - Exchange: Display transaction history. - Goodies store: Give us some sweetener bundles. That's all for now. Keep up the good work!
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    Hi, I'm really excited about the project, I'm really looking forward to it
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    Not sure if its relevant but I had an issue when I switched from win7 to linux (and also electrum wallet to qt, since there is no electrum for linux afaik). Electrum has game.dat and vault.dat, while qt only has wallet.dat. For testnet it generates a new wallet you''d need to figure out the path to and use (for me it looks like .xaya/testnet/wallets/wallet.dat) .
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    Normally there is a walk-through to get started, didn´t it show up for you ? If it did, just wait for your first fighter to be cooked and follow the instruction ?
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    You're both likely going to love Soccer Manager Crypto when it comes out later.
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    https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2274123.0 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1784048.0 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2328975 Also, why aren't there any regular updates on the sale progress? It makes no sense to me that this isnt a priority... When you give updates it becomes like a game for people to move the progress bar, as it is now it feels like nothing is even happening.
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    Afaik you can deposit and trade without KYC, it's just that you can't withdraw anything without KYC done.
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    Really for mining on a computer you are using for other purposes you should probably have at least two gpus. One for your monitor and one for mining. Eg, my gtx1060 is used only for mining and machine learning tasks, and I use another gpu for the monitors. This is on a desktop, though. I'd expect laptops that allow multiple gpus to be much more expensive and troublesome to maintain (overheating, etc). I'd say for mining something equivalent to the gtx 1060 is probably the minimum you should be getting if buying something new. Eg, this answer is pretty reasonable: https://www.quora.com/Which-laptop-is-good-for-mining
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    It's WORKING!! Thanks for your support.
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    Ok, not sure why you are missing some files there tbh. In the end backing up the game/vault wallet.dat should be sufficient, but I will try to get confirmation for that.
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    MAC QT Release - it has not been thoroughly tested - but it should be fine. If you do experience any issues - please post in the support section https://github.com/xaya/xaya/releases
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    Unfortunately this was an already known bug and a minor one. but if you send an address I can send 1 CHI that i mined myself
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    Here is my first go at some basic mining stats: # Date = starting date and time of the interval # nBlocks_target = Expected number of blocks if hashrate matched difficulty exactly # nBlocks = Actual number of blocks mined during the interval # nOrphan = Number of orphan blocks during the interval,ignored otherwise # propNeo = Proportion of total blocks mined by the Neoscrypt algo (vs Sha256d) # blocktime_all = Mean time between blocks ignoring algo # nVersions = Number of block versions present in the chain # neo/sha_size = Mean bytes used for each block # neo/sha_diff = Mean difficulty # neo/sha_blocktime = Mean time between blocks (due to inaccuracies can even be negative) # neo/sha_HR_target = Mean hashrate if hashrate matched difficulty exactly (MH/s) # neo/sha_HR_est = Estimated hash rate based on number of blocks mined + difficulty (MH/s) date nBlocks_target nBlocks nOrphan propNeo blocktime_all nVersions neo_size neo_diff neo_blocktime neo_HR_target neo_HR_est sha_size sha_diff sha_blocktime sha_HR_target sha_HR_est 1 2018-07-13 1856.233 1592 1 0.4648241 0.5825691 2 406.4203 1.1548465 1.2533108 82.66714 65.91163 1119.736 12607065581 0.7391041 9.024489e+11 8.284373e+11 2 2018-07-14 2880.000 2745 4 0.4987250 0.5247966 1 368.4916 0.9257287 1.0506087 66.26624 62.99895 1122.279 18461093719 1.0479893 1.321497e+12 1.262763e+12 3 2018-07-15 2880.000 2742 26 0.5000000 0.5251459 1 410.4362 0.7450879 1.0502674 53.33547 50.77981 1117.317 18630423473 1.0502918 1.333618e+12 1.269715e+12 4 2018-07-16 2880.000 2734 17 0.4970739 0.5265362 1 387.3937 0.6028167 1.0609762 43.15130 40.72404 1175.322 20386212184 1.0444848 1.459302e+12 1.393431e+12 5 2018-07-17 2880.000 2751 25 0.5001818 0.5235127 1 359.8438 0.5923297 1.0466449 42.40062 40.51614 1103.988 20440636568 1.0481091 1.463198e+12 1.397151e+12 6 2018-07-18 2880.000 2747 23 0.4998180 0.5242750 1 428.4625 0.7395400 1.0489318 52.93834 50.47523 1161.661 22799378726 1.0494178 1.632043e+12 1.557241e+12 7 2018-07-19 2880.000 2743 32 0.4998177 0.5250273 1 373.7907 0.8108523 1.0491004 58.04307 55.26184 1109.162 20748626130 1.0501822 1.485245e+12 1.415108e+12 Does anything look off in there? One thing I'm not certain about is estimating the hash rate. Based on https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Difficulty, I used a hashrate corresponding to difficulty = 1 for a chain targeting one block per minute of: 1e-6*(2^32)/60 = 71.58279 MH/s. To get the HR_target columns I then multiplied this value by the difficulty for each algo. To get the HR_est (estimate) columns I then multiplied the HR_target column by the ratio of actual to "expected" (nBlocks_target) blocks: neo_HR_target = 71.58279 MH/s * neo_diff neo_nBlocks = (nBlocks*propNeo) neo_HR_est = neo_HR_target* neo_nBlocks/(nBlocks/2) This result an estimate for Neoscrypt of ~ 50 MHS/s, which may make sense. Also, I cut off the first 33 from the histogram of blocktimes since some were very large.
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    Mining software often triggers malware warnings. You may need to set an exception for it in your anti-virus software. It's nothing unusual. If you see that in other software though, then that software may include a miner in it, which you probably don't want.
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    Thanks for the post, and an ideas are welcome.
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