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    We hope everyone is having fun with Treat Fighter and developing some winning strategies. What we want to see are YOUR screenshots! Show us how you're doing in Treat Fighter and post a screenshot. I'll start... It doesn't matter if you've just started. Just post!
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    What video game genre is your favourite? If you don't see your favourite there, check Wikipedia here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_game_genres Check the sub-genres. You can choose multiple genres.
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    Tell us what your favourite platform for games is!
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    To make the Treat Fighter Open Beta Competition even more fun, here is a little side event: What will the exact score of the winner of the Treat Fighter competition be ? Post your guesses (e.g. 4000) here in this thread. Closest to the winning score wins and gets 500 CHI. If two or more users are equally close, the user who posted first, will get the prize. You can submit your entries until the competition starts on Nov 19th, 7 PM EST. Rules: Only one entry per user allowed. If you submit multiple entries, you will be disqualified. You are not allowed to edit your entry, if you do, you will be disqualified. You are not allowed to delete your entry and submit a new one, if you do, you will be disqualified. Those users who already posted before this task was added to the Growth Engine and want to get those points for the GE, you can post your entry again without being disqualified. These users are: DLCoates1, dannyvjp, Lemmon, kokopetra, Pharticus Maximus, Robkinsonn, Ryan, retlaw04, domob and Navinar. I will contact the winner after the end of the competition via PM in this forum. Good luck everyone https://medium.com/@XAYA/win-up-to-5-000-chi-in-treat-fighter-competition-6356b4a99435
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    We posted some "VR Party" blogs a while back. Each had a unique story with a cliff hanger ending. Which was your favourite? Part I - VR Party in a Decentralised Reality Part II - VR Party Like It’s 9999 Also, tell us your favourite part, even if you didn't vote for that story.
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    What brought you to crypto or XAYA? How do you see yourself inside of the crypto ecosystem? You can choose multiple options. Tell us YOUR story!
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    Got any screenshots? That's what we're looking for.
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    Age of Empires, Risk, Europa Universalis, etc. The one that would make most sense for xaya would be something like RIsk I think. But I have to say I still don't really get how this will all work...
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    The Crypto Games Conference went well, and everyone knows about XAYA. Here are some photos from the event.
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    Post an address in this thread to receive a small amount of CHI so that you can reserve/register/immortalise yourself in the XAYA Blockchain.
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    I am PCLord, obviously, all others are just lowly peasants.
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    Anno 1602, The Settlers, Fallout, Metro, etc... @DarkClaw I think every game is suitable that requires some sort of turns or single actions to be made ? Or think of game items
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    Hello Hello. Latest progress: If you didn't see we are starting to release some of the Lore and backstory for Taurion: https://medium.com/@XAYA/taurion-graduation-day-320641a8d1e2 Some more Taurion info here: https://medium.com/@XAYA/forging-a-decentralised-mmo-763fc4856eeb https://medium.com/@XAYA/taurion-youll-need-a-map-2dbff1b11dd9 - Backend Updates: Create Mulitple Characters at once (instead of 1 at a time) - not implemented in front end yet. Fame Computation As well as kill tracking (global decentralised leaderboard [cannot be faked]), you receive fame for kills - sometimes. The fame system works like so: Your name/account starts with 100 fame points. If you kill someone you take 100 of his fame points (unless he/she has 0 fame points because already killed) you then have 200 fame points. If you get to 1000 fame points you get to the next rank, e.g. Hunter Andy If you get to 2000 fame points you get to the next rank, e.g. Slayer Andy Once you are a slayer you can only get fame points from someone who is a hunter, slayer or the rank above. You can only get fame points from someone with a rank the same, below or above. Players with a high rank will find it difficult to get fame Fame is only cosmetic - but it shows you are "pretty good" at killing. It's possible but gets difficult the higher rank you are, to cheat and farm fame from alts.. but, this is all visible, so other players will know you are lame. It may be the fame system is slightly altered so that you get more fame from someone of a higher rank and less from someone lower. Attack Damage increased for start vehicles - so combat is faster for open alpha test/comp Weapon 1 which has a range of 1 hex now does 5 to 30 dmg per block Weapon 2 which has a range of 10 hex now does 1 to 20 dmg per block. lots of unit tests etc etc done also. Increase base Vehicle speeds to 3 hex per block. Prizes when prospecting for the upcoming Demo the follow prizes have been set (luck of the draw when prospecting): Gold, 2 available, 1/100000 Chance Silver, 50, 1/4000 Chance Bronze, 2000, 1/100 chance Prizes are still being decided on - may be chi or maybe in-game items. Front End Updates The New UI has been added to the Unreal frontend - still some tweaks to be added. The chat system now works Using XID with your human readible, cryptographically secure xaya account name, this will securely authenticate and log you on to the Xaya (temporary) XMPP server. This alone is worthy of being it's own project itself, and projects are actually running ICOs with this feature alone.... You will automatically join 2 channels Xaya and Taurion. Buildings have been resized and foundation textures changed (these are not currently in the gamestate so are just cosmetic). Each faction now has a unique starter vehicle (temp assets for now). performance improvements and lots of other stuff added. Music Tracks Added Sound Effects for selection (familiar oldschool RTS...) Check video here - excuse the names in the UI list - they have been transfered to their owners but are not yet filtered in the frontend.
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    Welcome the Soccer Manager Elite forum. Soccer Manager Elite (SME) is a new generation of soccer management simulator, developed in partnership with Soccer Manager LTD, built on the XAYA blockchain gaming platform. With over 10 years experience developing football management simulators in both single and multiplayer environments. Together we are bringing an enhanced edition of the successful game: Soccer Manager Worlds, which has seen millions of users build and maintain their teams over its 10+ year lifespan, competing against other real world managers. SME will feel familiar to managers from any management simulator background. With negotiations to buy and sell players and tactical decisions determining the success of your team. But this game isn't just about the managers! Teams are owned by shareholders. Manager contracts can be offered dictating wages, role limits (ability to buy and sell without shareholder permission) performance bonuses and contract length. Managerial candidates can be proposed by all shareholders to be agreed. Managers that don't meet the performance requirements set by shareholders will be at risk of losing the position and be replaced with a new candidate. Teams can be owned by thousands of players. Shares can be diluted. You can even be a majority shareholder and the manager. Only a limited number of clubs will be available to manage in one exclusive game world, "The Elite Championship". 620 of the world’s leading clubs will be available on launch, competing in a 5 tiered pyramid league system; As it runs on blockchain technology, it’s completely decentralised. No servers are required as it works completely P2P just like Bitcoin. The world carries on and cannot be shutdown by any third party. As the game code is open it’s provably fair and allows people to gain crypto currency through skill and teamwork. There is a fixed supply of the in-game currency which means the more players there are the more valuable it gets. This is a new era for gaming, and a new era for soccer management simulations. If you have any questions, please post on this board. Regards, SM Alex.
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    Our first post on our upcoming title. We've been hard at work on our in-house MMO and it's going to blow your socks off! A True Blockchain Game. This is what we see as real blockchain gaming: decentralised worlds. Although we are early in development, what we have now is already orders of magnitude more complex, more decentralised and IMO more interesting than any other blockchain games out there (not including Huntercoin). Think of Taurion as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation those that have been heavily discussed in the past, only this encompasses an entire game universe that runs totally autonomous and is unstoppable. The basics of the Decentralised Autonomous World - Taurion. A Persistent Sandbox MMO Massive Autonomous World with no servers. Cannot be shut down Prospecting / Mining - Human Mining - Earn Crypto / Assets by playing - (truly decentralised and provably fair asset acquisition) Strategy / Social / Alliances / Betrayal / Reputation Factions Trading / Market Place Building Crafting Transporting Hiring / Escorting Exploring Combat Training Vehicles And much more... How best to describe it? As mentioned in previous posts - CIV / Eve / Elite / Dune 2 / Huntercoin / - except on a planet. Taurion will also integrate Xaya ID XID. Xaya ID is a dapp that runs on XAYA and allows secure and trustless chat and communication in games based on XAYA, as well as many other non-gaming use cases. ---------------------- Where are we at now? (See our forums for updates as they become available.) 3rd March: Base Map Completed A Base Map has been designed that consists of approximately 64 million hexagonal tiles. (~8000 x ~8000) Dependent on vehicles movement speed (light vehicles are fast, heavy vehicles slow, and also some upgrades will increase/decrease speed), it could take from 1 day to months to traverse the entire map This map has obstacle layers that are not walkable It has been integrated into the backend code base (it's part of the Game State Processor) Graphic tweaks and areas will be added to the map over time Character Creation Base character creation has been implemented into the GSP and front end You can now create a XAYA name inside the game (e.g. p/snailbrain) You can now create a character registered to a name and select its faction Choose between 1 of 3 factions (red, green, and blue for now) Costs 5 testnet CHI Character spawns on the map Vehicle Movement Vehicle movement is implemented into the GSP and front end The game-state code supports movement of speeds from 0.001 tiles per block to 10+. In the testing version, this is fixed Speed in released game will depend on: Vehicle type Vehicle addons Player skill levels Vehicle debuffs (being slowed) Ground type (swampy? hard? sand?) Computes shortest path / avoids obstacles Vehicles in videos are placeholders for now. Combat / HP / Shield / Regen - All tracked in the gamestate of the game Basic Base Combat implemented in GSP (backend) and front end Each vehicle attacks the closest enemy (other factions ATM) - this computation alone would be too costly on other platforms (in a decentralised, autonomous way) Each vehicle does damage to the other vehicle each block. In the released version, damage is based on: Weapons Damage resistance against type of weapon used against Some small amount of luck (dice roll) Vehicle speed, complexity - a massive battle vehicle will have a hard time hitting a tiny fast vehicle, but if it does hit, it will do enormous damage Each Vehicle has Armour Health Points (shown in red) Each Vehicle has Shield Health Points (shown in blue) Shield HP regenerates over time When a vehicle dies, that character is removed from the game world (for now) We are happy to answer any questions thus far. https://taurion.io
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    Just a brief update here.,. initial Documentation taking a lot longer than expected, but, it's pretty much done and is going through some sanity checks. It will be going up on github so the community can request changes etc. Soccer Manager Crypto - slight delays on this to - private closed beta is due very shortly and the new site will be up for people to apply very soon. The game will be getting a name change Soccer Manager <XXXXXXXXXXXX> ProjectX has been given a name and we'll be revealing that shortly. We have movement and basic combat implemented in the backend (GSP) and in a sort of test format in the front end which is all working. We are really looking forward to releasing the details to the game - it's going to blow everything else out of the water.. - XAYA is much more flexible that we have let on and the potential for decentralised applications that are orders of magnitude more complex than smart contracts on other platforms is massive. Stay Tuned
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    Every crowd is different, but we'd like to know how the XAYA community spends on games. Vote for how much you spend, and tell us what you like to spend it on!
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    Treat Fighter is a collectible game where you gather resources (Candy), Cook up Recipes to create little Treat Fighters and compete with other players. Set in the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Canedoom, players take on the personas of mighty wizard Overlords who can collect Candies and Recipes by sending their Treats off on Expeditions, or to the Treat Fighter Tournaments to compete in battle against other Overlords' Treats. Generally speaking, Expeditions return more Candies and Tournaments return more Recipes. There are lots of rare Candies and Recipes in the Canedoom, and we will be releasing new batches (and removing old ones) every few months. Make sure collect them all! And of course Overlords can also Buy and Sell Treats on the Exchange. For the sake of clarity, we should explain that there is no interactive combat in Treat Fighter. Treats each have their own set of battle Moves and each Move has one of five Move types. Combat is decided via a rock paper scissors mechanic, based on Move Types. On the tech side, Treat Fighter’s unique design allows it to run 100% on the blockchain, entirely without servers, no matter how many players are playing the game. No servers means no downtime and uninterrupted gaming for players all over the world. Everything in Treat Fighter is built on and verified by the blockchain. Players have 100% ownership of their game accounts and assets with everything being tracked and verified via always-on, fraud-proof blockchain technologies.
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    We'll do a post on favourite games as well! So, was your fav RPGs?
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    About a week ago I made a post on this forum regarding calculating some basic mining stats and fellow Xaya fan casp0or offered to help me out in doing a front end for it. It is still a work in progress but we think it is ready for some public feedback. I heard for some reason our domain name is delayed so you can visit the site here for now. (2018/08/03: please use https://www.xaya-gaming.net/, note the "www" must be included at this point) At this point it provides basic info about the blockchain like block height, number of registered names, etc. It also shows a block by block chart of the difficulty for both NeoScrypt and SHA-256d algos and daily data on a number of stats like average hashrate, block size, etc. Beyond that there is also a mining calculator so you can estimate how many coins you could expect to mine by adding your miner to the network. Please share any criticisms and suggestions you have so we can improve on it. Of course, also let us know what, if anything, you find most useful about it. See attached for a screenshot: EDIT: Here is the current domain: https://www.xaya-gaming.net/ 2018/08/03: Please note the "www" must be included at this point, ie http://xaya-gaming.net/ will not be fully functional.
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    Hey, I updated my page https://www.xaya-gaming.net with a new design. Stats are parsed as always by @DarkClaw. In preparation of starting my Xaya-Mining-Pool, I´m currently integrating a paper wallet generator and some more stats I hope everything is working as expected so I can release the paper wallet and pool software this weekend. SSL is coming back too Here are some screenshots: Regards
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    New version 0.0.2 is now online Regards OLD MESSAGE: Hey, I just finished my Xaya-LibGame-Interface, written with NodeJS and Electron. I want to release this on Github, as an easy entry to xaya games, soon after I wrote a little tutorial/doc for it. My first example is a fully working "stone/paper/scissors" game where you can currently play against my server. PvP is coming next release, must debug the lobby system... You can download it on https://xaya-gaming.net/XayaJS-RockPaperScissors-0.1-win.exe as an installer or here https://xaya-gaming.net/XayaJS-RockPaperScissors-0.1-win.zip as zip file. Just install/extract the game and try to win. I´m using the cookie file from AppData so no need for an rpc-user or password anymore, but I implemented is as a fallback. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This game is my first example of how to build an app/game on the xaya-network with javascript. Here are some screenshots again: Regards casp0or
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    Big 4 Updates We have several updates for you. Soccer Manager Elite beta sign up is live Taurion update MMX partnership Blockchain Gaming Alliance Soccer Manager Elite You can now sign up to the SME beta program. Only a limited number of players will be able to participate, so act now if you wish to join. You can sign up here at the bottom of the page: https://soccermanagerelite.com/ SME is a blockchain-powered version of the popular Soccer Manager Worlds MMO. However, this takes soccer management to entirely new levels of ownership and live action. Never before has any game offered this level of intensity in this exclusive player-driven game world. You can own part of a club, propose and vote for managers and sign new players. Or even let your managers have free reign to do as they please. You can even be a manager. But you’d better do your job right or you’ll get sacked by the club owners (other players). As a manager, you’ll need to set the right tactics to dominate your opponents as well as scout and bid for players to improve your club’s team. Skill trumps luck, so the competition is real. Powered by the XAYA blockchain-gaming platform, SME is an MMO that runs without servers. It works in a decentralised P2P fashion and is like no other manager game before it. Check out more information on the forum: https://forum.xaya.io/forum/22-general/ Taurion Update Taurion development is coming along very well and we expect to have a competition style demo ready in around a month (more info coming soon). There’s lots of work going on under-the-hood for the core game, and the GUI is looking beautiful with translucent controls. Here are some screenshots and artwork. Check out the latest development update here: https://forum.xaya.io/topic/520-taurion-april-2019-development-update/ MMX Partnership XAYA has partnered with MMX and we’ve been working to help bring new functionality to their platform. Specifically, we’ve been working to integrate human readable .luxe addresses for use with Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses, which aren’t human readable. Minds + Machines Group Limited (MMX) is a leading domain registry centered around geographic, professional occupation, consumer interest, outdoor activity, and generic top-level domains, e.g. .london, .law, .cooking, .yoga, .fishing, .vip, etc. The company has partnered with the lead developers of the Namecoin blockchain and XAYA platform to develop an “easy-to-use naming solution that will integrate human readable .luxe addresses with bitcoin alphanumeric addresses in a fully secure and decentralised fashion.” (source) XAYA is proud to partner with MMX in order to help bring their customers new functionality that integrates traditional domain names with blockchain technology. MMX will add in functionality for .luxe domains to contain special data, such as Bitcoin addresses for payments, contact information, and other data. This data will be stored on the XAYA blockchain while .luxe-enabled wallets and applications will read that data and provide secure and seamless integration of .luxe domain names with blockchain technology. Blockchain Gaming Alliance We are proud to announce that we have joined the BGA, an important industry association for games that incorporate blockchain technology. http://blockchaingamealliance.org/ The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) is a coalition of game and blockchain companies committed to advocating for blockchain technologies within the game industry since it offers significant opportunities for innovation. The BGA provides an open forum for stakeholders to share knowledge and collaborate on research which fosters new ways to create, publish, and play games. By joining this industry organisation, we hope to help push blockchain gaming into the mainstream where both game developers and gamers can reap the benefits of blockchain technology. Further, membership may help boost the profile of the XAYA platform and make it more visible for developers looking to create truly decentralised blockchain games. ### https://medium.com/@XAYA/big-4-updates-fdd3393c66cb
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    Hi everyone! Just a quick update on the status of Treat Fighter. We're still working through the backlog of bugs from the beta competition. Hopefully we will have another build out soon. At that point, we will consider doing another beta competition to make sure there are no more sync bugs before the real release. Thanks for your patience! Mike
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    Another update: We are still working on "real" blockchain games at the moment, and they are coming..... Soccer Manager Crypto > Soccer Manager Elite We are still working with Soccer Manager to get out the beta. So unfortunately you still need to wait. The game design has changed massively and it's going to be really exciting. It's also being rebranded - and the new name for the game is: Soccer Manager Elite. A bit of unreleased information - The Game will only allow up to 300 Managers of the teams... BUT... the game is still playable by 10000s+. We are hoping to get some information out how this works as soon as we are able. For now - patience is required There will be no other game like this. ProjectX > Taurion We've been working full blast on our in house full on MMO and more information can be found out about it here Please check it out. We are really excited about it (about playing it..) - So much information hasn't yet been released in that post but it's going to be amazing. Treatfighter Tricky Fast are keeping everyone updated whilst working on UI fixes and are hoping for a release of the first blockchain game on XAYA. You can keep up to date on the Treat Fighter forum section. XayaID XID We've finished the first implementation of XayaID. You can read the readme here > https://github.com/xaya/xid In a nutshell - his allows for the creation of secure IDs on XAYA to login to websites, games, chat systems and more. We have already implemented this into ejabard opensource XMPP server. https://www.ejabberd.im/ This will allow for secure real-time chat (and other things like trading and more..) in and out of games using your XayaID. It will also allow for encrypted end to end chat using Xaya's blockchain for security and human readable names along with the scalability of XMPP. You will know that the person you are talking to IS that player and with encryption, your plotting and plannings won't be eaves dropped.. Group, faction, global chats.. ejabberd is used by large players in the gaming space, such as CCP for their chat system in Eve Online. Documentation We've updated the XAYA Docs / Tutorials - > https://github.com/xaya/xaya_tutorials/wiki Keep an eye on this thread for more updates.
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    This is just a quick update on where we are at starting 2019: Basic Initial Documentation for building on XAYA. This is currently slightly behind schedule by about a month. Ryan is currently rewriting the initial documentation for building games on top of https://github.com/xaya/libxayagame, which is made up from general technical info both for game dev on blockchain and game dev using the xaya library, and - getting-started tutorials for the C++ developers (using Daniels mover example), C# developers (using C# wrapper around libxayagame and C# port of Daniels mover example), and additionally, C# Unity example which is essentially both front-end and back-end for the example mover game. Repo is currently private. He has also provided an example of the Mover basic game example and code. It is just a crude example and is meant to be ripped apart. Totally decentralised. screenshot for the Unity Demo: We are hoping to have this documentation up in a week or 2. GAMES: As we have always tried to hammer down - XAYA is really designed for "REAL" proper games, not for simple asset storage kittie clones. From our experience and what we believe - there isn't a lot of purpose for using blockchain for gaming unless the game is totally decentralised and uses the blockchain as it should - because if you have to trust a 3rd party server you may as well not be using blockchain at all. Of course it does help with being able to trade items / assets. Soccer Manager Crypto. We have been working very closely with Soccer Manager to integrate their match engine into a XAYA GSP which is now complete. There is still some way to go before a full world is running but we are hoping to have some form of closed beta before the end of January and you'll be able to apply for the closed beta soon (maybe in a couple of weeks). This has been also delayed for around a month. The Soccer Manager team have just released their single player version SM19 that has been in the top 5 Sport games on Google Play for a while with over 40k downloads a day. Building on from their success we expect SMC to be one of the best and most complex blockchain games created. The GSP (Game State Processor) will be completely opensource - although is currently being developed in a private repo. Project X (dummy name). We have started development on our in house Game. Fully decentralised... we are keeping this one under wraps for a bit longer but we should have more public released details in the coming weeks. We have been planning and designing this for a couple of Months and we were hoping to release information then. The game is being developed on Unreal Engine. Without giving too much information away - the best way to describe it would be a Mixture between these games: CIV (Civilisation) EVE Online Dune 2 Huntercoin Here is very early screenshots with some test assets - as with SMC - This game will be totally opensource - (except the frontend - at least initially). Treatfighter. Tricky Fast Studios are now working on fixing some hopefully final bugs for their implementation of their Treat Fighter Game onto XAYA. Tricky Fast have created a great example of what is possible with Blockchain Gaming. It's completely autonomous and decentralised and they did most of this with almost no help from us, no documentation and without the libraries we have now released. Although this means there have been more issues with game state forks than if they used what we have now, it has provided a great learning experience for ourselves and Tricky fast. It's probable they will be running another beta competition in the coming weeks before it's released fully. Other Stuff. As we do everything in house - we are working on graphics for project x, web design, stories / lore, game design, support, testing, planning and all the administrative tasks that come with it. We are very passionate and enthusiastic about the project which means we'll always be here to make this a success - and as XAYA IS an opensource project we definitely welcome the help the community is putting into the project and we are always open to suggestions and ideas from you all. Apologies if sometimes there is sometimes a lack of updates on where we are at - but rest assured we are going full blast Happy New Year to you all and lets make this the good one
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    Hi Everyone: The planned Hardfork is coming up - block 440k ~3.5 Weeks. (from today - 27/11/18) For windows users, you can download the Electron wallet v1.1 https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases/ For Mac/Linux/Windows users who want to use the QT/XAYAd https://github.com/xaya/xaya/releases Update ASAP Hello Everyone. as already planned - there will be a hard-fork coming soon that will: The nonce values of main block headers no longer need to be zero (this allows/fixes the issue for mining pools with statum). The block intervals are changed and made algorithm-dependent: Neoscrypt targets 40s and SHA-256d two minutes after the fork (for an average that is still 30s per block). The block rewards are increased to 10 CHI on testnet and mainnet after the fork. For testnet, that is the (arbitrary) value we will use. For mainnet, the value will be changed when the actual fork height becomes known, so that we can calculate the correct value. Testnet has now been forked - so anyone interested in setting up a pool for Neoscrypt can test on there if needed. Once we set the mainnet values we will update this post. Unless you want to test you don't need to do anything at this stage. https://github.com/xaya/xaya/commit/f31f6a378e185256ea13cc929910d30c83916b8f
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    New Update! @DarkClaw has provided me with some new data You can now use Xaya-Gaming.net, to view the current and future block reward. In addition to this, we also provide the coin distribution tables from @snailbrain below the block reward. Quick-Link --> http://www.xaya-gaming.net/#blockreward (now working on the pool I try to finish the block header script now, to start mining)
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    RolePlay (Might and Magic 7, Fallout 2, Planescape)
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    Great job, this is huge.
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    We're pleased to announce that there will be ads in Taurion, but they won't be typical ads like you're used to. These ads are for players. That's right. YOU! THE PLAYERS! will be able to sell billboard advertising space above your own buildings! Now how'd ya like us? Here are a few examples of ads for F2Pool: We hope that you enjoy this new aesthetic on Taurion.
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    LIVE TAURION MAP We've just released a live Taurion map application here: https://taurion.io/live-maps/ This will let you view the whole map quickly and easily.
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    The battle end with Ehprati win! Final result: Start:17:21 End: 0:17
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    Indeed it is. I do not know the reason for this particular event, but we discussed in the team internally and will try to find more miners interested in SHA256-d merged mining. Especially from my point of view, that is a much higher priority than working on the GPU mining aspects.
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    Would be interesting to know if Tristan put it in the contract when he sold Poloniex to Circle to settle certain tasks. And to know if this was one of them or not. I would assume based on their backpedaling that it's not. But you never know. Seems strange they would agree to do it and then not. Maybe Poloniex is struggling to stay afloat? I was a major trader there for years and stopped awhile ago. I would have been wiling to trade there again but they seem all screwed up these days on their morals and direction. They just ignored me even though I basically helped build their infrastructure with my fees. So kinda lame to ask for one favor and get ignored after years of support. That's my take right now. I would be willing to pursue them on social media and elsewhere. I likely will this summer if it's not resolved. It's a small stack of CHI for me there but like sorji said -- Principle. -- Although I will add that I will be spending more time trading and buying more CHI, promoting Xaya, and helping out where I can than focusing on some lost and confused exchange.
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    Two exchanges = Coinmarketcap listing I have made the submission to them.
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    The Huntercoin snapshot was done based on balances on the blockchain. If your coins were on Poloniex, then they were likely moved (by Poloniex) from your deposit address to some of their internal wallets, and their wallet addresses are where the snapshot CHI have been sent. It was said at the time and many times since then - the only way to really control your coins and be sure to get your CHI was to hold the Huntercoin yourself. With coins held on Poloniex, it is up to them to distribute the CHI. So far they always promised to do that, but we have no control over if/when they really do it. The best you can do is to open a support ticket with them and ask about it - the CHI have been sent to their addresses already quite some time ago, so they just need to distribute them now.
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    Since Xaya is not just a blockchain project but a platform for blockchain games, we are not only working on the core blockchain infrastructure but also additional layers that make it easy to develop fully decentralised games. The first step in this direction is the game-specific ZeroMQ interface we designed, whose main parts are already implemented and tested in the Xaya Core daemon. Using this interface directly, however, still requires messing around with potentially unreliable ZMQ notifications and handling of blockchain-specifics like reorgs. Thus, we are also building libxayagame: A library that interfaces to the core daemon through the ZMQ interface and handles all the blockchain-specific processing. This makes it super easy to develop fully decentralised games on the Xaya platform, without any prior blockchain experience or knowledge. All you have to do to implement a game is to provide functions that implement your game rules; namely by computing a new game state from the old state and a set of moves. The library then handles all the rest for you. This is still very much a work in progress with lots of missing pieces before it can be used in production, but it can already be used in development and early testing. So if you are interested in developing a game on Xaya, I strongly encourage you to take a look at libxayagame and the integrated example game "Movers". It can probably save you a lot of messing around with ZeroMQ, blockchain reorgs and other stuff.
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    New Block-Explorer version online? I merged the Block-Explorer into the Xaya-Network-Info website. You can now view all data on one website. The "Raw Transactions" and "Script" tabs still missing because I want to build a whole new layout for these. Next, I add more Network-Info plot images and a more detailed "stats history" table with new data from user DarkClaw. OLD-TEXT:
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