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    What video game genre is your favourite? If you don't see your favourite there, check Wikipedia here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_game_genres Check the sub-genres. You can choose multiple genres.
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    Tell us what your favourite platform for games is!
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    Age of Empires, Risk, Europa Universalis, etc. The one that would make most sense for xaya would be something like RIsk I think. But I have to say I still don't really get how this will all work...
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    Post an address in this thread to receive a small amount of CHI so that you can reserve/register/immortalise yourself in the XAYA Blockchain.
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    I am PCLord, obviously, all others are just lowly peasants.
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    Anno 1602, The Settlers, Fallout, Metro, etc... @DarkClaw I think every game is suitable that requires some sort of turns or single actions to be made ? Or think of game items
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    Treat Fighter is a collectible game where you gather resources (Candy), Cook up Recipes to create little Treat Fighters and compete with other players. Set in the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Canedoom, players take on the personas of mighty wizard Overlords who can collect Candies and Recipes by sending their Treats off on Expeditions, or to the Treat Fighter Tournaments to compete in battle against other Overlords' Treats. Generally speaking, Expeditions return more Candies and Tournaments return more Recipes. There are lots of rare Candies and Recipes in the Canedoom, and we will be releasing new batches (and removing old ones) every few months. Make sure collect them all! And of course Overlords can also Buy and Sell Treats on the Exchange. For the sake of clarity, we should explain that there is no interactive combat in Treat Fighter. Treats each have their own set of battle Moves and each Move has one of five Move types. Combat is decided via a rock paper scissors mechanic, based on Move Types. On the tech side, Treat Fighter’s unique design allows it to run 100% on the blockchain, entirely without servers, no matter how many players are playing the game. No servers means no downtime and uninterrupted gaming for players all over the world. Everything in Treat Fighter is built on and verified by the blockchain. Players have 100% ownership of their game accounts and assets with everything being tracked and verified via always-on, fraud-proof blockchain technologies.
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    We'll do a post on favourite games as well! So, was your fav RPGs?
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    About a week ago I made a post on this forum regarding calculating some basic mining stats and fellow Xaya fan casp0or offered to help me out in doing a front end for it. It is still a work in progress but we think it is ready for some public feedback. I heard for some reason our domain name is delayed so you can visit the site here for now. (2018/08/03: please use https://www.xaya-gaming.net/, note the "www" must be included at this point) At this point it provides basic info about the blockchain like block height, number of registered names, etc. It also shows a block by block chart of the difficulty for both NeoScrypt and SHA-256d algos and daily data on a number of stats like average hashrate, block size, etc. Beyond that there is also a mining calculator so you can estimate how many coins you could expect to mine by adding your miner to the network. Please share any criticisms and suggestions you have so we can improve on it. Of course, also let us know what, if anything, you find most useful about it. See attached for a screenshot: EDIT: Here is the current domain: https://www.xaya-gaming.net/ 2018/08/03: Please note the "www" must be included at this point, ie http://xaya-gaming.net/ will not be fully functional.
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    RolePlay (Might and Magic 7, Fallout 2, Planescape)
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    Great job, this is huge.
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    Hello, I´m proud to announce that I finished big parts of my work on xaya-gaming.net. For now, I can only maintain the network stats from @DarkClaw But he managed to get the trade data from liquid.com so I can display them on xaya-gaming.net. (this is a "work in progress" and more data are added over time) Regards casp0or
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    IMPORTANT Do not forget to Backup your wallets. Lost coins, passwords cannot be reimbursed in anyway (even if it's our fault) XAYA is Opensource software and you are free to check and contribute to the project as you wish. XAYA Electron Wallet installer (recommended) - (Windows) When you install you will get a publisher not verified warning - this will be rectified in a following update.. Windows Installer : https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases Source : https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/ XAYA QT / Daemon / CLI : If you prefer the good old QT you know what you are doing (but lacks some features), then use this. You should maybe use the qt if you wish to hold onto your coins for a while as the electron wallet matures. Windows and Mac Binaries : https://github.com/xaya/xaya/releases Source : https://github.com/xaya/xaya/ Build instructions are identical to Bitcoin Core - more information is in the readme. XAYA Spec Docs : https://github.com/xaya/Specs
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    The following video walks through how you can create your own CHI address to receive CHI. Click here to view it on YouTube. Enjoy!
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    Hey all, We are slow rolling into Open Beta. ANYONE can play during this new Beta phase. We just need to increase the number of players to try and flush out any lingering critical issues. You will need the Xaya Electron Wallet and of course some CHI. You will also need the latest Treat Fighter client, which you can get here. Please post any bugs here or in the Xaya Telegram channel. The game will be reset AT LEAST once (meaning you lose progress and purchases), before true Open Beta commences. The full Open Beta phase will include CHI prizes for top players. Stay tuned for dates and details! Thank you and we hope you enjoy, Jon
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    1.Download XAYA Electron Wallet and install it. https://xaya.io/downloads/XAYA-Electron-1.0.0.exe Type any Address Label and click INSERT to create a address. 2.Back up wallets The XAYA electron wallet creates 2 wallets (VAULT + GAME), and after you have encrypted your VAULT you should backup both wallets. Copy "C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Xaya\wallets" to a safe place, and don't forget your ENCRYPTED PASSWORD. 2.Download ccminer and unpack it. https://github.com/tpruvot/ccminer Click "releases", and download "ccminer-2.3-cuda9.7z" and unpack it. 3.Create "Run-XAYA.cmd" file Open "README.txt", delete all the text, paste text below and save it as "Run-XAYA.cmd" in the same dir. ccminer-x64 -a neoscrypt -o -O __cookie__:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Note: 1. If the name of file ccminer.exe is not ccminer-x64, you need to change it to the other. 2. You need to change "__cookie__:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" to yourself. You can find it in the file "C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Xaya\.cookie", open it and copy the text. 4.Click "Run-XAYA.cmd" Have fun...
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    For users having trouble setting up their wallet, here is a little guide for Windows with the Electron wallet. Screenshots are with german language, sorry for that. Go to https://forum.xaya.io/topic/25-xaya-downloads/ and download the XAYA Electron Wallet. After downloading, start the wallet by double-clicking it. You should get some warning then: Click on “Further information” or whatever it says in your language. There should appear a button, which you click. There will most likely be another warning, where you allow changes made to your computer (e.g. click “yes”). Next step is to accept the license agreement and choose the direction where the wallet should be installed. Afterwards the installation process starts. At the end of that it should look like this: Click on finish, then the wallet will start. Wait for the wallet to be fully synced, this should only take a few moments for now. You can check the progress with the green bar: When both numbers at “Block Progression” are the same, your wallet is fully synced. You will now have to encrypt your wallet by clicking on “Encrypt Wallet” top right. Make sure you choose a safe password and most important backup this password somewhere save (so you will never lose it). After the encryption process has finished, the wallet will shut down automatically. Restart the wallet. You will now have to backup your Vault wallet and Game wallet. Only with those backups and your password you are able to recover your coins in case something bad happens. You can find the backup feature by going to "settings". Just click those two buttons on the right hand and put a name for the file in. You can for example make a folder "walletbackup" and in there a folder called "vault" and a folder called "game" and save the files as wallet.dat in each one (make sure to not mix things up). Store everything in a safe place. When everything is backed up properly, you can now create an address. Click on “unlock wallet” and enter your password. Now go to “receive”, so you can create a CHI address. This starts with entering a label. You can basically put anything in there, it’s just for you to better recognize certain addresses if you have a lot of them. After having put in the label, click “insert”. It should look like this now: Here is a short video from Ryan on how to do it: You can now use this address to receive your bounty or presale CHI by copying it into the bounty or tokensale portal. Please note, that you are not yet able to withdraw your CHI from the tokensale portal. Withdrawal of all your coins is not allowed until the main sale. FAQ Why is there a vault wallet and a game wallet and what is it good for ? There's a very good reason for this. To play games, you need to focus on the game, and not constantly entering a password every 30 seconds. The game/wallet.dat wallet facilitates this. This is where people should keep a small amount of CHI in order to play the games they like. The vault/wallet.dat is meant to keep valuable assets or larger amounts of CHI in that are locked behind a password. So, you have enhanced security there. This is for your own protection. (credit to Ryan) How do I reserve my favourite name, username, handle oder nickname on the Xaya blockchain ? See this video made by Ryan:
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    Final 1.0 is coming soon 👍 Wait for the announcement on bitcointalk.org 😁
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    New Block-Explorer version online? I merged the Block-Explorer into the Xaya-Network-Info website. You can now view all data on one website. The "Raw Transactions" and "Script" tabs still missing because I want to build a whole new layout for these. Next, I add more Network-Info plot images and a more detailed "stats history" table with new data from user DarkClaw. OLD-TEXT:
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    Can't wait to play the game. Will be my first experience of gaming on the blockchain! Something a lot of people will be saying soon.