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    The Crypto Games Conference went well, and everyone knows about XAYA. Here are some photos from the event.
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    Hello Hello. Latest progress: If you didn't see we are starting to release some of the Lore and backstory for Taurion: https://medium.com/@XAYA/taurion-graduation-day-320641a8d1e2 Some more Taurion info here: https://medium.com/@XAYA/forging-a-decentralised-mmo-763fc4856eeb https://medium.com/@XAYA/taurion-youll-need-a-map-2dbff1b11dd9 - Backend Updates: Create Mulitple Characters at once (instead of 1 at a time) - not implemented in front end yet. Fame Computation As well as kill tracking (global decentralised leaderboard [cannot be faked]), you receive fame for kills - sometimes. The fame system works like so: Your name/account starts with 100 fame points. If you kill someone you take 100 of his fame points (unless he/she has 0 fame points because already killed) you then have 200 fame points. If you get to 1000 fame points you get to the next rank, e.g. Hunter Andy If you get to 2000 fame points you get to the next rank, e.g. Slayer Andy Once you are a slayer you can only get fame points from someone who is a hunter, slayer or the rank above. You can only get fame points from someone with a rank the same, below or above. Players with a high rank will find it difficult to get fame Fame is only cosmetic - but it shows you are "pretty good" at killing. It's possible but gets difficult the higher rank you are, to cheat and farm fame from alts.. but, this is all visible, so other players will know you are lame. It may be the fame system is slightly altered so that you get more fame from someone of a higher rank and less from someone lower. Attack Damage increased for start vehicles - so combat is faster for open alpha test/comp Weapon 1 which has a range of 1 hex now does 5 to 30 dmg per block Weapon 2 which has a range of 10 hex now does 1 to 20 dmg per block. lots of unit tests etc etc done also. Increase base Vehicle speeds to 3 hex per block. Prizes when prospecting for the upcoming Demo the follow prizes have been set (luck of the draw when prospecting): Gold, 2 available, 1/100000 Chance Silver, 50, 1/4000 Chance Bronze, 2000, 1/100 chance Prizes are still being decided on - may be chi or maybe in-game items. Front End Updates The New UI has been added to the Unreal frontend - still some tweaks to be added. The chat system now works Using XID with your human readible, cryptographically secure xaya account name, this will securely authenticate and log you on to the Xaya (temporary) XMPP server. This alone is worthy of being it's own project itself, and projects are actually running ICOs with this feature alone.... You will automatically join 2 channels Xaya and Taurion. Buildings have been resized and foundation textures changed (these are not currently in the gamestate so are just cosmetic). Each faction now has a unique starter vehicle (temp assets for now). performance improvements and lots of other stuff added. Music Tracks Added Sound Effects for selection (familiar oldschool RTS...) Check video here - excuse the names in the UI list - they have been transfered to their owners but are not yet filtered in the frontend.
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    Hey, I updated my page http://www.xaya-gaming.net with a new design. Stats are parsed as always by @DarkClaw. In preparation of starting my Xaya-Mining-Pool, I´m currently integrating a paper wallet generator and some more stats I hope everything is working as expected so I can release the paper wallet and pool software this weekend. SSL is coming back too 😅 Here are some screenshots: Regards
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    操他妈的乔顿人。不骗你,说真的,我恨他们。狮子星是燃烧的第8层地狱,而乔呆(Jodies)则是入侵这个地方的恶魔。虽然,对于他们被困在那里,我感到非常遗憾。这地方是这颗行星的地狱口。我很高兴我住在这里而不是狮子星,而且没有乔呆(Jodies)。 狮子星的旋转轴和旋转速度真“奇葩”。奇葩到能使行星的一侧永远对着太阳——Ayre。行星的另一侧则是永恒的黑暗。“奇葩!”在他们愚蠢的全息娱乐宣传上,更多的只有乔呆(Jodies)传上来的宗教类的瞎扯蛋。 可想而之,在环绕行星周围的可居住的区域薄带堆满了垃圾。那得有多脏?我确信,光在他们如何“演变”或”退化“过程中起了很大的作用。 我很高兴我们没有永远陷在那里。 我看到一个家伙在全息视频上吹牛逼说,磁熔岩池实际上能让乔顿人更牛逼、更强壮!然后,他附上了一些关于狮子座熔岩池周围的磁场如何使乔呆(Jodies)精神进化的阴谋言论,关于磁学和脑化学的一些垃圾。狗屁不通。他们就是畜牲,谁都知道。不提他们在重工程上的成就的话,他们已成为一种野蛮人了。 别误会我的意思。虽然有些海滩看起来很漂亮,”黄昏“地带很适合蜜月旅行者,但是,反正也到不了那里,谁在乎呢?此外,这些地方仍然停滞在永远相同的所谓“自然”照明条件下。 我从新闻中看到一些乔顿邪教城突然疯狂地屠杀对方。奇怪的是,这些消息在太阳网上删除得很快,但我还是保存了一份副本。 但是,这让我想起了另一个来自行星背面的故事,黑暗中的一个村庄,我忘记了它的名字。其中一个吃蘑菇(mushroom eater)的地方,那些鸡奸犯疯了。谣言说那里有一个食人族邪教,没有人试图阻止它。 有很多阴谋网站挖得很深。我看到一个消息,关于Baron Vostok表演某种神秘的仪式,献祭和吃自己的新生儿!因为非常恶心,我没有读完。谁知道谣言是否属实? 我不是为Baron Vostok找借口。他绝对是一个嗜血的混蛋,谁会这样做?难以置信。如果是真的,他们需要清除他。我不知道他们是如何生活的,假如他们知道可能会被他们自己的朋友和家人献祭!离奇。我永远无法理解他们。弱肉强食?他们真疯狂。 他们排名前10位的全息娱乐节目中有3场是竞技场战斗。动物在那里被打死,他们就欢呼!他们忘了有时候人也会被吃掉或撕成碎片。这些节目在排行榜上排名靠前,并在太阳网上传播。“道德进化”我滴妈呀。他们是纯粹而简单的掠食者。说真的,操他妈,乔呆(Jodies)。 这就是那里发生的事情。至于那些阴谋理论,我认为磁熔岩池确实与他们的道德指向有关,但不像大多数乔呆(Jodies)想的那样。狮子星“天然”适合人类吗?不是的! 上帝,我迫不及待地想要完成训练,到达金牛星,然后暴抽这些个傻瓜。谁关心前10个全息娱乐节目中有一半是乔顿人的。操他妈的。 来自翠星的RainSerpent425在Xayanet上的咆哮贴。 翻译:币圈思想者 https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/K0h-QaC4nVFk9gVyGBSCSw
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    Indeed it is. I do not know the reason for this particular event, but we discussed in the team internally and will try to find more miners interested in SHA256-d merged mining. Especially from my point of view, that is a much higher priority than working on the GPU mining aspects.
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    Hey, I can integrate the paper wallet generator on xaya-gaming.net 👍 I´m currently reworking the site. At least I think, this would be a good addition to the mining pool. (Currently fixing last issues) Regards
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    You can also use the same method for invisibility.. so people don't know where you are. e.g. you enable your "cloaking device" in Taurion, and then all your moves are encrypted (you are invisible).. it may last something like 100 blocks. If you don't reveal the key before 100 blocks you automatically die.
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    Fuck Jodons. Really. I mean it. I hate them. Lionis is the fiery 8th plane of Hell and Jodies are the demons that infest the place. Still, it’s rather sad how they got stuck with being sent there. The place is a hellhole of a planet. I’m glad I live here and not on Lionis, even if there were no Jodies there. The spin axis and speed of rotation of Lionis is just “perfect”. Perfect so that 1 side of the planet perpetually faces its sun, Ayre. The other side of the planet is in perpetual darkness. “Perfect.” Just more religious bollocks the Jodies push in their stupid holotainment propaganda. Consequently that trash heap of a planet has its habitable zone running in a thin band around it. How messed up is that? I’m certain that light has played a big part in how they’ve “evolved” or devolved as the case may be. I’m glad we didn’t get dumped there for eternity. I saw one fellow ranting on in a holovid that the magneto-lava pools actually made Jodons better and stronger people! Then he linked to some conspiracy stuff about how the magnetic fields around the lava pools on Lionis forced greater moral evolution in Jodies. Some garbage about magnetism and brain chemistry. Bullshit. They’re animals and everyone knows it. Forget their heavy engineering accomplishments, they’ve become a sort of feral human. Don’t get me wrong. Some of the beaches look nice, and there are nice “twilight” zones for honeymooners, but there’s no way to get there anyways, so who cares? Besides, those places are still stagnant in perpetually the same so-called “natural” lighting conditions. I saw on the news about some Jodon cult town suddenly going mad en masse and slaughtering each other. Weird. That disappeared from the solarnet pretty fast, but I managed to save a copy. But that reminds me of that yet another one of those stories from the back side of the planet, in the darkness, that one village, I forget the name of it. One of those mushroom eater places. Those buggers were mad too. Rumours have it that there was a cannibal cult there and nobody tried to stop it. There are lots of conspiracy sites out there that get into it pretty deep. I saw one about Baron Vostok performing some kind of occult ritual and sacrificing and eating his own newborn child! I couldn’t finish reading as it was pretty sick. Who knows if the rumours are true though? I’m not making excuses for Baron Vostok. He’s an absolute, bloodthirsty bastard, but who would seriously do that? Unbelievable. If true, they need to get rid of that. I don’t know how they live knowing that at any time they might be sacrificed by their very own friends and family! Bizarre. I’ll never understand them. Eat the weak? Feed the strong? They’re nuts. And 3 of their top 10 holotainment shows are arena battles. Animals actually die there and they cheer it on! Forget that sometimes people get eaten or ripped to shreds. Those shows top the charts and go viral on solarnet. “Moral evolution” my ass. They’re predators pure and simple. Seriously, fuck Jodies. That’s what happens there. And as for those conspiracy theories, I think the magneto-lava pools do have something to do with their moral compass, but not like most Jodies think. That Lionis is in any way “natural” for humans? It’s not! God, I can’t wait to finish training, get to Taurion, and smoke some of those scumbags. Who cares if half of the top 10 holotainment programs are Jodonite. Fuck ‘em. ### A rant post on Xayanet by RainSerpent425 from Verdis. ### Find out how you can get to Taurion at https://taurion.io/. ### Want to know more about the benefits of blockchain for gaming? Visit https://xaya.io Join the conversation: https://twitter.com/XAYA_tech https://www.facebook.com/XAYAtech/ https://t.me/xaya_en https://medium.com/@XAYA/taurion-f-jodons-969db51bf9af
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    当太空探索部长Jethus Issac登上礼台,并走向指挥台发表毕业典礼的主题演讲时,礼堂里死一般的沉寂。最近,关于金牛星(Taurion)以及谁将被首批选中出征探险的消息甚嚣尘上。他们已完成了金牛星(Taurion)准备培训,自己的毕业班会被选中吗?今天的典礼正全太阳网(solarnet)广播,每个人都寄予殷切的希望。 “一万年还是十万年……这又有什么关系呢?重点是,从大逃亡(The Great Exodus)开始已经过去很久了。 地球现在千疮百孔,虽然她曾经光彩夺目,但是,现在已不适合居住,并且很快将无法居住。原因已经不重要,虽然今天仍有学者在争论真正的问题起因。 在这场大逃亡中,延续人类族群最大的希望就是逃离这个垂死的星球。很多人会被留下来尽他们最大的努力拯救地球。这将花费很多年重新利用从月球,泰坦和太阳系中其他基地的资源打造将我们所有人带到这里的大飞船。 永别了,地球!永别了,太阳!我们将开往12个似乎可以‘居住’的行星。 不是每个人都将逃离。地球上的资源越来越少了,许多预定的舰队未能抵达这里。此外,虽然低温舱能保证大多数人在长途旅行中的安全,但是维持低温舱5000年有效工作,时间显然太长了。我们失去了很多同胞,我们只能祈祷,愿上帝怜悯他们。我们对他们的牺牲至以崇高的敬意。 但是,现在我们确实在很久以前就抵达这里了,或者,至少是到达我们确定的星系中的3个家园(House)。对于剩下的9个家园,我们仍然一无所知,也没有办法找到它们。 家园乔顿(Jodon)坐落于狮子星(Lionis)上,这是一个邪恶的火山世界,星球的一侧永远面对着它的太阳。几个世纪永无休止的艰辛生活条件将乔顿人锻造成冷酷无情的人。 家园鲁勃(Reubo)坐落于一个太阳系附近的水瓶星(Aquarion)上,由于行星表面95%被水覆盖,鲁勃人靠不断地创新与变革克服资源的稀缺。 我们自己的家园埃弗拉蒂(Ephrati)坐落于翠星(Verdis)上,她郁郁葱葱,植被茂密,她的美丽是地球上任何东西都无法比拟的,同样她的危险也同样无与伦比。人们每天都在庆幸自己能从有毒的植物,有毒的生物和庞大的野兽中生存下来。然而,多年后,我们埃弗拉蒂人逐渐从我们的环境中学习,并发展出了长期的生存技能。 虽然在狮子星、水瓶星和翠星上都可以生存,但她们资源贫乏。当然,她们可能拥有大量的资源,但还不足以真正重建如曾经我们引以为傲的地球一样的文明。 数千年过去了,每个家园都保持着自己的状态。贸易无法盈利,他们如何能够证明旅行花费的合理性? 你可能已经听说了,一年多以前,从附近的太阳系侦查到了一个奇怪的信号传输。它强大,清晰,显然来自某种形式的高级智慧的文明,而且无法被破译。 在我们的3个家园之间的远程通信已经远远超出了我们正常的媒体,闲聊和全息娱乐节目。 这颗行星绕着一颗褐矮星在等离子体鞘内运行。传递信号给我们的是一个自然怪物,需要进行实物调查。 各个家园已派遣了探测器,并且已经确定这个星球富含矿物质,燃料,金属和其他急需的资源。这些资源能用于兴旺、繁荣,甚至取消燃料定额配给制。 一旦整理和处理了探测数据,就会发送侦察员。他们发现的东西会震惊所有人。他们发现了一个大型的,精致的,古老的建筑,被某人或某物留在那里。该建筑仍然可以使用,并且里面的空气可以呼吸。 但是这座建筑的大厅才是最具有重要意义的。它装饰着华丽图画,雕塑和无法解读的文字。所有这些都是无法解读的,除了一个用旧地球古老的发音写成的“金牛星(Taurion)”之外,因此我们将以它命名这个星球。 但是,除了繁荣之外,金牛星(Taurion)还有足够的资源让我们重建旧的大飞船,但这次将采用更高级的技术。 星际航行是我们所掌握的技术,新开发的,虽然仍然是理论上的光变换引擎将使找到其他9个家园,或者至少发现它们,这非常有可能。 在数千年之后重新团结人类的机会就在我们脚下。 今天在我面前的女士们,先生们,你们已经了解了我们将创造这个新的,美好的未来。你们已经在思想上,精神上和身体上准备好了,冒险出发并开始了大探索(The Great Quest)。 我们将收集所需的资源。 为了在银河系内航行,我们将修复旧的大飞船。 我们将使用新技术提高旧飞船的速度,以便在几周内完成曾经需要几千年的航行。 为尊严而战! 为荣誉而战! 为家园而战!”Issac部长咆哮道。 “而你......”部长停顿了一下,改用一种更低沉的口气说道:“你将征战金牛星(Taurion)。” 沉默打破了。 学生们欢欣鼓舞,鼓掌,站立,吹口哨,在空中挥动手臂,吟唱他们家园的名字——埃弗拉蒂(Ephrati)。是的,这是一个充满自豪,荣誉和责任的时刻,他们将征战金牛星(Taurion)。 有关金牛星(Taurion)的更多信息,请访问https://taurion.io/ 想进一步了解区块链游戏吗? 请访问 https://xaya.io 加入社区: https://twitter.com/XAYA_tech https://www.facebook.com/XAYAtech/ https://t.me/xaya_en 文章翻译作者:币圈思想者 文章链接: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/0irQiG65f4URl0ueP9E-2Q
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    New Taurion Video: Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPLBKPYn1LI  Leave a like, if you enjoyed the video and feel free to comment as well. 
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    Is there a current roadmap anywhere? Stuff I am waiting for: Next release of treat fighter Soccer Manager Elite beta testing Taurion beta testing Hardware wallet integration (trezor, etc) Android wallet Paper wallet site (ie, like www.bitaddress.org) Game Channels Extras: for poloniex to release airdrop coins (up to poloniex), and add more analysis to xayadata.com (up to me). PS. I'm not sure why xaya-gaming.net is down again, hopefully casp0or will fix it soon because I do find tracking the blockchain stats to be very useful.
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    close enough. from the Xaya side, we are: pretty much all that, although from the Treat Fighter side Mike at tricky fast are working on that. I believe Daniel did 2 paper wallet additions to 2 currently available paper wallet generators. I think they are in his github. Just needs someone to host them if you are interested. This is what we are currently working on.: Taurion -front end and extra features in the backend Xayaships - Xaya game channels version of battleships for an example to game devs. Electrum Wallet (with name functionality)- will be used for android wallets, trezor etc and for the relay method of gaming on xaya. Relay Service for Taurion / SME (basically just running both those daemons on some VPS for now, combined with electrum wallet means no need to sync - enabling mobile games etc..). Website Overhauls - more clean, faster and no longer made for an ICO... bas is working on this now. Taurion Teaser video - currently in progress atm. Taurion Stories - Ryan is stacking these up for the lore and back story. Soccer Manager Backend - helping were possible with this.. Getting ready to release Xaya Electron 1.2 (which includes XID dapp by default - if on linux you can just run it seperately) - we need to create a Linux Electron build (and mac) as well soon. Should just work though. Thats'pretty much the focus atm
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    Hello! I don't know much about blockchain game programming- only have some experience with c/c++... but I'm interested in this subject and would like to understand how it works. So my question about that: A blockchain game needs to know the position of every unit on a map- the players units and the enemy units, so that it can compute whether 2 units come close enough for a fight. So every node, I think, needs to have this information, although not all information should displayed for the player. Because in every game, there is information that the player is not allowed to have. This would be the information about the position of enemy units, or parts of the map that he has not discovered yet... so how can you prevent that this information is extraced from the node by someone with advanced computer skills. The blockchain prevents changing the game state to your favour... can it also prevent someone to write a 'cheating tool' that shows you all enemy units on the map? Is there a simple answer to this question or does this fact mean you can only implement blockchain games, where every player is allowed to have all the information of the whole game, like chess or risk, where you can see all your own and all the enemy units? Perhaps I ask this question because I don't understand how blockchain gaming works in detail, and there is an easy answer to this question... Regards, Chris
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    What you are talking about is the situation that Alice (actually for a variety of reasons) might just stop responding to Bob (or might refuse to send a next valid move). That's the core issue solved by game channels. Basically, Bob would then post the state of the game on chain, and through that prove that he won (but read the paper if you are interested in the details).
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    I've also just very recently started working on game channels (finally!). Together with the core framework, we will build a battleships-like game as the tech demo / initial example. For that, we also use hash commitments to ensure provably fair gameplay without the need of any central servers. You can find some preliminary informations about how that game will work exactly in our repository. (This is still heavy under development, though.) In general, hash commitments work very well to do all kinds of things between a known set of players (e.g. a game channel game). For determining random events in a full game world (like disasters in Huntercoin), however, things look a bit different. I've recently written a paper about that as well, using an entirely different approach.
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    Hi, I created a little test-game yesterday "rock-paper-scissors". It was my concern too, that the player can view his opponents move. So I decided to encrypt the moves with AES and a secret only visible by the player submitting the transaction and the server. After both have made their moves, the server running my JavaScript-Xaya-Libgame implementation decrypt the hash and insert the real move into the DB, as well as sending it to the players. Regards
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    That is a very good question. In some sense, you are right that you have to design games in such a way that it is ok for everyone to have all the information. However, there are still ways to implement hidden information. For instance, using a "commit / reveal" scheme. For instance, you may want to give players the ability to set "traps" on a hidden location on the map that then attack someone who comes close. You can implement that by having players publish a (salted) hash of the location when they set the trap; this ensures the data is "fixed", but the location itself cannot be determined from it. Then if someone gets in range, they can publish the preimage (real location), and it can be verified that it matches indeed the hash they published previously (so they are not claiming a trap to be in a wrong spot). This is of course a very basic design, but you can build more sophisticated game features with this (or similar) concepts as well.
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    It is, they use the same underlying pubkey hash and just have a differing base58check version. You can use the script in contrib/namecoin/convertAddress.py to do the conversion. Also, contrib/xaya/huc-snapshot contains some data for the snapshot.
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    Check out the hourly/daily charts here: http://xaya-gaming.net/ There is a gap because no sha256d blocks were being mined. Looking closer I see it was in between Date: 2019-04-26 07:50:31 GMT Block: 787082 Date: 2019-04-28 09:11:30 GMT Block: 791311 So for about 49 hours 20 minutes no one was mining sha256d? I spot checked a bunch of blocks using the official explorer from that period and they were all NeoScrypt, so do not think the problem is on my end.
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    It seems f2pool had some technical stuff they were doing. One advantage of the dual algo is blocks continue to come in As @domobsaid we are working on getting more pools to merge mine.
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    My RTX 2070 with some slight overclock is around 1200kH/s Yes, I think so too. Regards
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    Latest setup and upgrade to match Taurion
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    Sounds very cool. My impression is that this game will be like Alpha Centauri, is that correct?
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    8x Gigabyte P106@4.4M@75%TDP Those used card buy at very low price at $60 each.
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    Most people here, I presume, also bought into the ICO for speculative purposes. So if you sell now you free up capital but you risk missing out on potential profits when prices rise and buying back in at a higher price (or lower). Make sure you understand what you're doing.
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    Hey, I was building a Eth-Game and I´m finished now. (www.TokenWarriors.net) Next, I want to start developing for the xaya-network. 👍 And now I have some questions before I start to do so. First up I did not know how to develop a game for the xaya network and my initial question is: Should I use a server or only a client for the user? Second I think I need a server at least to hold an old game state if the blockchain reorg itself. But then I could do all the calculations on my server and only present the last game state to the client. 3. How would I implement a fight between two player units and one dies? - one player starts to attack another player's unit and to do so he creates a transaction into the xaya-network with /g { "gameName":{ "unitName":"#unitID#", "action":"#attackID#", "target":"21-35" } and then I´m stuck ... Where should I do the damage calc and how could I return that the enemy or the player unit has died? Or should the game client just hide the dead unit and allow no further turns to be made with it and if a player invokes a new transaction even if the unit is dead, nothing should happen in the game client? Regards casp0or
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    Thanks, this was the answer I was looking for. So I build a client where all stuff happens👍 I found the tutorial after I wrote this 😅 Regards
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    My nam is thae su
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