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    Short update - upcoming public tech demo/competition.. and more
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    Electricity upgrade recently(can use maximum 70kw) and airflow optimization for my small xaya farm。
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    We are looking for someone to build the front end for Xayaships in Unity. Although this is something we can do ourselves we'd like to try to get the community involved. This should be great experience for understanding how games work on Xaya and also game channels themselves. We have created the art - so in all it should be splicing the graphics, connecting to the daemon(s) (xaya and xayaships daemon) and managing the lobby. All communication is done by json rpc and the backend code (executable) will already be written/ready. In all it should not be a too difficult of a job. Here are some of the screens..
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    Xaya Ships is the first implementation of Game Channels on the Xaya platform. It's purpose is to serve as a template for developers to build their own games around game channels. You can read about the game here: https://github.com/xaya/libxayagame/tree/master/ships It is still in development.
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    Watch XAYA tech lead Dr. Daniel Kraft explain Atomic Transactions and the benefits they bring to blockchain games. Direct link. #BlockchainGames #BlockchainGaming #VideoGames #Crypto #IndieGames
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    Hey, I wrote an article about the xaya-network and the current games in development on publish0x.com. There you can get cryptos for reading an article. If you want to read it, here is the link 😉 https://www.publish0x.com/xaya-gamingnet/did-you-know-xaya-gaming Regards casp0or
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    Yes, these payments are the "fees" for creating characters in Taurion. Those fees go to the team, in order to fund further development - thus they are paid to the premine address (which is a secure, multisig shared address between us).
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    Soccer Manager Ltd is developing a groundbreaking new game. Their trademarked football management game is being built directly on blockchain technology, and the results will blow your mind. EDIT: Soccer Manager Crypto has been renamed to Soccer Manager Elite Soccer Manager Crypto is a provably fair, decentralized, massively multiplayer football management game. This is the first game of its kind, and it’s nothing short of revolutionary. In a provably fair game, players are automatically protected from cheating. A single set of rules is universally enforced. There are no more hackers. Decentralized means the game runs serverless and can scale to take on any number of players and leagues. No more restrictions on how you can play and who you can play with. By combining these two elements, Soccer Manager Crypto provides a real Play-to-Earn gaming experience. Players have verifiable ownership of all their in-game assets. They can trade them for other virtual assets or sell them for real world cash. Play-to-Earn gaming will make freemium gaming as we know it obsolete. Players are no longer burdened to keep shelling out money the further they progress in a game. The opposite is true — the more they play, the bigger the earnings. Soccer Manager Crypto will work just like older versions of the game. Players have upkeep and needs that must be addressed while you expand your stadium and grow your fanbase. League matches take place twice a week, with each match being determined over the course of 60 to 90 minutes. Friendly matches and tournaments, however, can take place at any time. Players challenge opponents directly and compete for SMCs (Soccer Manager Coins). Unlike existing games, this blockchain-based approach provides gamers with a real transfer economy. In-game currency, players, stadiums, and more are fully and verifiably owned by the players for transfer, trade, or sale. For the first time ever, gamers will experience an environment where every success they achieve carries a real-world value. Are you ready? Disclaimer: The above information is tentative and details are subject to change.
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    The total amount of coins not know yet but whether its 10000000 or 100000000000000000 probably is just cosmetic. Share distribution : it should be some sort of bidding / auction - but that has not been finalised. It's being built as a normal manager game first for testing (and beta testing) and the shares feature will be added last.
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    Welcome the Soccer Manager Elite forum. Soccer Manager Elite (SME) is a new generation of soccer management simulator, developed in partnership with Soccer Manager LTD, built on the XAYA blockchain gaming platform. With over 10 years experience developing football management simulators in both single and multiplayer environments. Together we are bringing an enhanced edition of the successful game: Soccer Manager Worlds, which has seen millions of users build and maintain their teams over its 10+ year lifespan, competing against other real world managers. SME will feel familiar to managers from any management simulator background. With negotiations to buy and sell players and tactical decisions determining the success of your team. But this game isn't just about the managers! Teams are owned by shareholders. Manager contracts can be offered dictating wages, role limits (ability to buy and sell without shareholder permission) performance bonuses and contract length. Managerial candidates can be proposed by all shareholders to be agreed. Managers that don't meet the performance requirements set by shareholders will be at risk of losing the position and be replaced with a new candidate. Teams can be owned by thousands of players. Shares can be diluted. You can even be a majority shareholder and the manager. Only a limited number of clubs will be available to manage in one exclusive game world, "The Elite Championship". 620 of the world’s leading clubs will be available on launch, competing in a 5 tiered pyramid league system; As it runs on blockchain technology, it’s completely decentralised. No servers are required as it works completely P2P just like Bitcoin. The world carries on and cannot be shutdown by any third party. As the game code is open it’s provably fair and allows people to gain crypto currency through skill and teamwork. There is a fixed supply of the in-game currency which means the more players there are the more valuable it gets. This is a new era for gaming, and a new era for soccer management simulations. If you have any questions, please post on this board. Regards, SM Alex.
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    Stats are down for some reason. I won't be able to fix it until like next week unfortunately. EDIT: The richlist is on the same machine. It failed to update too. It showed the "updating..." page but then didn't work. So its still running but something is crashing it. EDIT2: Yea, looks like its crashing because the bitmesh order book is now empty and I didn't plan ahead for that. Sorry about that, nothing I can do at the moment.
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