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    We need your crypto addresses in order to send your prizes to you. If you do not give us your address by the February 10th deadline, you will forfeit your prizes. To give us your addresses, you must enter them in Taurion. To do that: Update to the latest version of Taurion, v0.4.3+ Open the Taurion game with your Xaya name Click the Address icon in the left side menu You will see the widget where you enter your crypto addresses Click the ETH tab then paste in your Ethereum address and click the submit triangle to enter it You will see a "DONE" message in the input box If you won a BTC prize, click the BTC tab then paste in your BTC address and similar for Zenzo's ZNZ coin Close the crypto address widget To see the address that you entered, you can open the crypto address widget and click a tab to see the address there. (You may need to wait a block or 2 for it to be mined into the blockchain.) REMEMBER: You MUST have completed this BEFORE the deadline or you will forfeit your prizes. For Taurion in-game assets prizes, i.e. light vehicles, light cannons, and medium vehicles, your prizes will be sent to your Xaya name (Taurion account) when the full game of Taurion is released. You do not need to take any special action there.
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