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    28/38 rounds played in closed alpha. SMC coins will only be tradeable/purchaseable when the game is released afaik. It's best to join Discord to keep track with the progression, although there is little information too Some quotes from Discord: snailbrain10/04/2019 when this season finishes we'll be looking at inviting people then snailbrain10/17/2019 there has been several fixes, and some more bugs to fix too snailbrainYesterday at 6:00 PM no, it won't be december no updates yet, still in closed alpha atm
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    The first competition finished on Oct 15th: https://medium.com/@XAYA/claim-your-taurion-prizes-7534b40981ff Now the team is working towards the next competition, which will have more gameplay, while people can continue test-playing without a competition running: Andy - xaya.io, [16.10.19 16:31] we'll release a tech demo again with lowered cost to test, just 1 chi, and add the new features one by one Andy - xaya.io, [16.10.19 16:32] such as mining, inventory, killing and stealing stuff, they wil be bext
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