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    Yes, I will add separate chat font size slider later on. "when the log in the game, whether should display account type" only '/p' names are used in game, so account selection just filters all names by '/p', you are not allowed to select other ones and they are not in the list
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    Race version of repair Taurion_0.0.1.3 The question remains Case: when you enter the game, through the keyboard TAB bring up a large map, click on the left upper corner of the map and in the top right corner of the smallest area, this will lead to the game down. I have two computers, the same problem. Don't know other players have such problem? Four Angle has a problem, I do not know if my computer configuration is low. Two is the same problem, downtime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YN8TcrU0hg&feature=youtu.be
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    I think polo will never pay users what they owe! They are on the verge of death! In this regard, there is no need to wait and hope and certainly not write to support. We need to think about blocking those CHI that were transferred for use to the polo in order to avoid a dump in the future!
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