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    I did not claim that it was the team that sold the coins. I suggested that only team members can have such an big amount CHI (the investor will not sell so cheaply - I speak as an investor). So someone could not stand it and gave up)). But I'm ready to hold CHI and buy for 200 sat. since the project is promising and a profit wait ahead of us. Good luck to us and the project))
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    omg... someone just sold about 800 k (!!) of CHI on Liquid- they are worth 1,6 BTC that made the prize drop to 200 satoshi.... the one who got the CHI can say a big "thank you" to the seller now!
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    I interpreted adamgud's post as a more funny/sarcastic one. Afaik he is long time supporter of Xaya/HUC, so he knows the team as honest, reliable, fair and not trying to make money on the back of the community. I am no dev btw and not part of Xaya team, just helping out a bit
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    yes, adamgud stated that a team member sold his coins... so if you know everything that you and the other developers know, there is no reason for a sell that has to do with the progress of the xaya project...? I for my part currently don't know a cryptocurrency that is more promising than CHI. Because Chi is one of the most undervalued coins on the market in my opinion.
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    Maybe someone who doesn't follow the development. Maybe he also needs money badly for real life things or wants to buy another crypto that is even more promising than XAYA There could be lots of reasons.
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    Not listed on any exchanges for now, so you would have to find someone in private/OTC.
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    someone from the team sold. could not stand the voltage))) ready to buy for 200 sat - but no offers...
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