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    Your balance should show up at some point during the syncing process. It depends in what block your CHI transactions are. If they are in block 300,000 for example, you will see your balance when your wallet is synced up to block 300,000.
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    My problems with this are: 1) It is pretty difficult to have high quality discussions in the chats, so people with the most to contribute may just not bother. Ie the community is possibly selecting for "not tech-savvy" members. 2) The chats are not getting indexed by search engines, so a lot of info is hidden away from people just looking up xaya. 3) You need to possibly sign up and dl an app to even look at the info in the chats, which is a higher barrier to entry than just checking out a forum via your web browser. Anyway, what do you think about my suggestion to mirror the chats somewhere?
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