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    Backend Updates (Taurion GSP): Logic / Integration Tests God Mode Admin commands (for testing) Minimum Damage Weapons now have a minimum and maximum damage. Front End As shown in the Video (also lots were added to the previous video which was also last month, but will ignore those for this post): Character UI Window Added ability to see "House" for each character You can now create multiple characters with 1 tx Added some temporary purple pending circles for when characters name is pending Added BAR to show how much of the 2KB name_update limit is used up Allow hold control to multi-select Added Multi-select (in Char UI Window too) on the map by holding control + clicking. Added ability to multi-select by dragging a box like in RTS style games Changed Hexes to small arrow/triangles to show when moving and the direction Added land bridges to some parts of the map. Changed the Flags to some 3d object when a region is prospected. Added Turrets to vehicles that should auto face whom they are attacking. Vehicle stats update from the gamestate now (hexes per block, and HP regen per block, weapon dmg etc) Added ability to enter IP addresses of each daemon. You can use an IP for the GSP that is stored on some external server - this is half way for light clients (mobile devices / console / steam) so they don't need to download the blockchain. Fixed bugs + performance optimisations.
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