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    New version 0.0.2 is now online Regards OLD MESSAGE: Hey, I just finished my Xaya-LibGame-Interface, written with NodeJS and Electron. I want to release this on Github, as an easy entry to xaya games, soon after I wrote a little tutorial/doc for it. My first example is a fully working "stone/paper/scissors" game where you can currently play against my server. PvP is coming next release, must debug the lobby system... You can download it on https://xaya-gaming.net/XayaJS-RockPaperScissors-0.1-win.exe as an installer or here https://xaya-gaming.net/XayaJS-RockPaperScissors-0.1-win.zip as zip file. Just install/extract the game and try to win. I´m using the cookie file from AppData so no need for an rpc-user or password anymore, but I implemented is as a fallback. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This game is my first example of how to build an app/game on the xaya-network with javascript. Here are some screenshots again: Regards casp0or
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    Brilliant good work.. you'll be able to do that in a game channel soon
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    I added a link back to https://github.com/domob1812/WalletGenerator.net/tree/xaya or should I use the original one?
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