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    What you are talking about is the situation that Alice (actually for a variety of reasons) might just stop responding to Bob (or might refuse to send a next valid move). That's the core issue solved by game channels. Basically, Bob would then post the state of the game on chain, and through that prove that he won (but read the paper if you are interested in the details).
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    I've also just very recently started working on game channels (finally!). Together with the core framework, we will build a battleships-like game as the tech demo / initial example. For that, we also use hash commitments to ensure provably fair gameplay without the need of any central servers. You can find some preliminary informations about how that game will work exactly in our repository. (This is still heavy under development, though.) In general, hash commitments work very well to do all kinds of things between a known set of players (e.g. a game channel game). For determining random events in a full game world (like disasters in Huntercoin), however, things look a bit different. I've recently written a paper about that as well, using an entirely different approach.
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    Hi, I created a little test-game yesterday "rock-paper-scissors". It was my concern too, that the player can view his opponents move. So I decided to encrypt the moves with AES and a secret only visible by the player submitting the transaction and the server. After both have made their moves, the server running my JavaScript-Xaya-Libgame implementation decrypt the hash and insert the real move into the DB, as well as sending it to the players. Regards
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    You can also use the same method for invisibility.. so people don't know where you are. e.g. you enable your "cloaking device" in Taurion, and then all your moves are encrypted (you are invisible).. it may last something like 100 blocks. If you don't reveal the key before 100 blocks you automatically die.
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