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    Classic cup and handle forming on poloniex. HUC looks poised.
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    For my own take on this issue, it may make sense to "defend" a name by claiming similar names, but only up to a point, after which it becomes impractical. For example, it may make sense to register the following: user User USER But beyond that I don't think it's practical as you can get into situations like this: us3r Us3r US3R u53r u5er etc. Then, you also have the following situation: " user" "user " etc. My guess is that games should filter what they consider "illegal" names, e.g. names that begin or start with a space or that contain quotes, etc. I rather doubt that people will register exhaustive defenses against similar names, so bloat will not likely be an issue there. It's not practical, and games will most likely filter for what they consider illegal names. Or, perhaps in other words, just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean that you SHOULD do it. However, that's my own personal take on it. How things bear out in reality remains to be seen.
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    Date: 2019-04-07 Source: Mytoken Highlight: BTC move up to $5000
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    On Liquid -- Looks like the line at 1000 satoshi is becoming a bit better defended. And there are not many coins to go through at this rate to reach 2000 satoshi. About 200k coins. Maybe by the end of April we will reach the wall at 0.00002000! Total asks are about to fall under 1 million coins soon possibly. At 1,030,000.
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    Sounds very interesting. Groundbreaking stuff. But just to see if I'm getting this right, it will be safe to say that this will be a very competitive envoirement unmatched in previous games and less focussed on the leisure part of gaming and more like a real world simulator? The aim here is to make money as opposed to other soccer manager games which are played with the aim of entertainment (doesn't mean it can't be entertaining ofcourse)? So it becomes more like a virtual profession? I suppose it all depends on how players will value the teams, soccer players and managers.
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    Also, there are currently ~1.1 million chi on the exchange order books while current total supply is ~48 million. So you can use that as a lower bound (~2.3 %).
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    Sure, I'll add this to the site eventually. It'll become more of a priority if the site gets a donation, plus the richlist is like a week out of date.
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