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    The RPC shows the actual amount of coins in circulation, by going through the UTXO set. So it would show if people created coins out of thin air.
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    I'm not voting there. My vote is for whatever make most sense in development to push Treat Fighter forward. I want to see Treat Fighter be successful, so whatever makes most sense for TF has my vote. We all knew that it was beta testing, so... wherever the cards may land, they land. Beta on any mainnet is risky. We all know that and were willing to play along. (I do treasure my Bronze Treat Fighter though. I'd like to keep that. I gave away my CHI winnings to other players. It was only that precious, rare Bronze Treat Fighter that I wanted.) But, if I have to sacrifice that for the future advancement of TF... let it be. Do whatever gets TF to a final release! (But I do dearly love my Bronze Treat Fighter!)
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    After updating to 1.1.1a make sure to delete the old blockchain and resync.
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